Namara’s Heart

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When Snowbound and Whiteout fell out of the sky, Namara was changed. Suddenly, King Alanche’s leadership choices didn’t seem right anymore. Too cruel, too cold. How could her kind bear it? But she knew that she couldn’t anymore. She couldn’t do it. Therefore, the Blizzard dragons had an ally. Things got dark and a looming, dark secret stalks them all. A secret that could change what the Shadowspirits thought of their king forever. That is probably why he decided to keep it; rebellion was not a word in his book. There was loyalty or there was death, and honestly, you cant kill an entire dragon kind single-handedly. As Namara finds out this secret, Snowbound and Whiteout start a plan to attack, and Alanche has an eye for the unusual Shadowspirit. It was getting hard. Namara is stuck between loyalty to her king and kind or doing the right thing. (To the Inkitt team) I am sorry for submitting and taking it back and submitting again, but it’s not saving the changes. I have to fix the entire thing. I promise, there won’t be many more changes from here on! Thank you!

Fantasy / Mystery
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One of the rare Shadowspirits. Unusually light, therefore sought out among the entire Shadowspirit kind.

King Alanche
King if the Shadowspirits. Made them into ruthless, evil beings. Hides a secret that could cause a rebellion.

Queen Anubis
Once the greatest queen in the Shadowspirit’s existence. Murdered by Alanche, who used the excuse of her age to cover it up.

Namara’s best friend and greatest supporter.

Wise dragon who knows everything.

Namara’s mother. On Namara’s side, but is working under Alanche.

Namara’s older brother. Fiercely protective of her, and would do anything to make sure she is okay.

Namara’s partner/coworker and friend.

Blizzard Dragons

Has the ability to see the Shadowspirits but is deaf of their sound.

Similar to Snowbound, but it’s the other way around. She can hear but not see them.

Frosted Fire
Snowbound’s mother.

Snowbound’s father.

Snowed Gale
Whiteout’s father.


The Hunter (Hunter)
A dark being

Moon of Fire (Fire)
Another dark being.

Darkest Night
Terror’s adopted son. Overseer of Hunter and Fire. Alanche’s corruptor.

Terror of the Skies
An old Shadowspirit legend says that he hunted them, along with his other minions. He was cast into the earth, using Darkest Night to hunt them once again.

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