His Blue Enchantress

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When a war raged between the supernatural beings that had occupied the Earth for centuries, God sent a gift, one that could help in ending the war and bringing peace. But what happens when God's gift accidentally enters the world of vampires? What happens when God's gift is given to the soon to be king as a present? What happens when the soon to be king finds out that it's a gift from the person he despises the most? Will God's gift be able to fulfill their purpose or will the world of vampires destroy them with their cruelty?

Fantasy / Romance
L. Amethyst.
Age Rating:


A gush of wind made the young vampire turn in his steps as he looked around confused and slightly alerted.

"Boo." he heard from behind him, turning around at a quick pace, he was about to fetch his sword from the scabbard but came to a halt when he noticed it was just his little brother.

"Mother said that you would take me to the stables today." the little boy said with a wide grin, excitement shining in his grey eyes.

"She indeed did, so shall we go now?" the young boy asked as he remembered his mother's words. He casted his eyes down at the little boy who was practically bouncing on his feet with excitement.

"Yes! Let's go, will you show me your horse as well?" the little boy asked, the amount of excitement his voice held made the young boy laugh. Ruffling the little boy's hair, he went towards the table where a large chalice sat, half filled with the metallic liquid. Chugging it down in one go, the young boy turned towards the little boy who looked at his brother with big, grey eyes, his eyes holding adoration and love.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" the young boy questioned with a small smile. His words made the grin on the little boy's face widen as he let out a hearty chuckle.

"Nothing, just that you are the best brother ever, Ariston."

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