The Puppeteer

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Jay Jay is entranced by his warm brown eyes, there is something about them that draws her to him. He sends her on a rollercoaster of emotions, igniting her inner demon in the process. Join her on this journey as this master puppeteer works his magic and forces her to abandon her reservations and inhibitions and live beyond the realms of reality. Can this be real or just a dream, a fantasy created by her own twisted mind? Let your imagination free and visualise another world where anything is possible.

Fantasy / Mystery
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I smooth down my hair and straighten my dress, I take one last look in the mirror before I grab my keys and head out on the town.

As the taxi pulls up I see my girlfriends standing in line waiting to be let in, I quickly thank the driver and pay him the fair before exiting hurriedly and joining my friends in queue. As I reach them I notice the group standing behind them, my eyes landing on warm brown ones that send an unfamiliar warmth through my body. I manage to break out of my thoughts as Mona grabs my hand squealing “ oh my God Jay Jay, you finally made it. Time to par-tay girl", yeah she's already at least 2 sheets to the wind, this should be fun. I tear my eyes away from the warmth and follow Mona and the rest of the crew inside, I've never been to this bar before yet seems oddly familiar.

The lights blur around me as I move my body to the beat of the music, people spinning and writhing. A flash of blue brings my attention back to the now as I focus my eyes to the mesmerising colour in front of me and I realise that I am alone on the dance floor, the bodies dancing beside me only a moment ago now disappeared, to where I do not know. The blue moves closer to me and I am suddenly wrapped in a warmth only a lover can provide, my body alights in excitement and my senses kick into overdrive. I can feel it before I can see it. The warm brown eyes I was struck by earlier are now right in front of me, created by the warmth of blue, a rush of arousal hits me like a tsunami and the only thing I can hear is my own heartbeat as the brown eyes dance around me like music in flow, my body moves slowly to their rhythm. I feel alive, like I am the only one in the world, a world where anything is possible.

My head spins as I sit up and take in my surroundings, I am not in my room, I’m not anywhere familiar. This room is vast but empty, the only furniture is the bed I currently occupy and a lone wooden chair which is situated by the small window in the far corner. The walls are painted a bright red colour, like blood, the floors are unpolished and well worn, adding character but not charm.

I rise from the bed and notice I am naked as the cool air hits me like a wave but I am too curious to care right now, I walk to the small window and peer outside. The sun is high, meaning it's past the morning and the day is slipping away, I need to get home. I turn around and see a thick metal door beside the bed I was recently occupying and hurry towards it and attempt to open it but it's locked. Why is the door locked?

I pound on the door and yell out in the hope someone will hear me and come to let me out, after a few moments I hear the click of the lock as it is released and the door opens slowly. A pair or warm brown eyes peer around the door hesitantly, searching the room until they finally land on me and soon the rest of him appears, he moves slowly towards me and reaches out his hand to me as he is just a breath away. I feel a familiar pull as I lean towards his hand autonomously, almost as if I crave his touch. Although he barley touches me, his skin ignites as he runs his hand down my body, a trail of Goosebumps left in his wake. I am completely under his spell as he gestures for me to kneel before him, my body again moving on it's own and lowering to the floor, my eyes trained on his as they slowly turn the bright warm blue I remember from the night before and I am lost, I am his to do with as he pleases.

He is my master and I........I am his puppet.

I jolt awake, my body covered in beads of sweat, I'm in my own bed, in my own apartment, It was just a dream.

I sigh loudly and get up, my feet recoiling slightly as they touch the cold floor.

I sleepily trudge to the bathroom, as I pass it I take a quick glance in the mirror. My eyes are bloodshot and my hair is messed up in 20 different directions, my skin is paler than normal and looks almost leather like. As I stare at my reflection, images flash through my mind like a slideshow. The warm brown eyes, the static of his touch as his hands roam every inch of my body, a bright flash of blue and the weightlessness as my body is guided to his will.

I grip the side of the vanity, my knuckles white with tension, my breathing increases and my chest tightens. I suddenly find myself unable to breath, gasping for air, my hands clawing at my throat desperately but it's futile and soon the room spins and all I see is black.

I feel a hard surface beneath me, then a soft warmth as I am lifted from the floor gently. I don't need to open my eyes, i know it's him. My master, my love.

My eyes flutter open and i find myself again surrounded by red, i slowly rise and head ro the door, knowing it's most likely locked, i just knock 2 times softly and before long i hear the familiar click of the lock and his presence sends my senses crazy.

He enters the room, this time with confidence and grace, i kneel in place and await for his demand.

he circles around me quietly as if he is planning his next move carefully, my body heaves in his presence, craving his demands and control.

“ Stand" he demands. Without hesitation, my body succumbs to his will and stands, my head hung low, i dare not look at him. He moves behind me and i can feel his aura as it surrounds me, although i cannot see him. He glides his hand down my arm slowly, his skin igniting at the contact. My body tingles with anticipation as my eyes follow his hand as it moves lower down, my own skin now glowing but not as bright as his. My head is clouded my his scent and my body rigid with excitement, he shifts around me until he is in front of me again. He lifts my chin up with his finger until my eyes are now locked with his, they have turned blue and i know exactly what is expected of me. Without a word, i wrap my arms around his neck and move closer so our bodies are flush and there us no space between us. A spark ignites the room and i scream as the intense heat sears at my skin and envelopes me, but i do not scream in fear, i scream in ecstasy.

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