Rogues Revenge

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Mitchel's family was brutally murdered in front of him. Now changed into the same monster that ripped his family away from him, Mitchel takes control of his inner beast, hunting down the man responsible. Controlling his thirst for blood, this rogue wolf will kill any enemy that gets in his way, or die trying.

Fantasy / Thriller
Tamara Watson
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Chapter 1

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The call from the flock of birds was heard before the thundering sound of hundreds of wings passed over head. Flying in an intricate pattern as the sun set behind me.

My family would have loved it here. Milly, my beautiful wife, with her unruly brown hair would have sat under the shade of the giant trees, engrossed in the next book she was currently reading.

The girls Ana, Mia and little Belle would have played chase or sang songs in amongst the flowers while I watched and laughed and tried to stop them from pissing each other off.

Slowly my eyes closed picturing their smiles once again, trying never to forget them. But all I could see was my wife, gutted like a wild animal. Blood soaking her favourite rug. Not one organ left untouched in her body.

Ana and Mia, huddled in the corner, still clutching onto each other yet neither one breathing. The tea set knocked over, red spilling as if from the tea party and not my girls.

Little Belle, still laying in her cot, as if fast asleep having her nap. Red now colouring her pink sheets.

Wiping my hand across my cheek, I stood, heading back towards the cabin I was now occupying. I had day dreamed enough today, I had a monster to hunt.

My eyes traced the woods as I made my way along the trail. I knew I wasn’t alone; knew I was being watched. It was the only reason I made myself stumble and trip along the winding path instead of shredding the skin from my body and running.

It had been almost a year since I had seen my family, their lives stolen from me by the beast roaming our planet. Before then, I was one of the many humans who believed wolves and other supernatural beings were just fantasy. A way for people to escape to another realm.

This was before the things of fantasy and imagination turned out to be the things of reality and nightmares. Taking me down into the murky depth where they all dwell.

Even though I was now a beast like them. I was never going to become the monster they wanted me to be. Even if I had to take myself out, I would. But not before I got my revenge. I will live this life even if it wasn’t worth living.

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