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Ausra is a 19 year old princess in the Taren Kingdom.People say that she is spoiled and hasn't had a day of work in her life.Except her fate relies on her own hands . Ausra tired of being an idle pretty princess doll decides to change her image and find herself.She decides to join in the race for the throne and to be the new alpha . Her only problem is , how will she beat 5 men with powers and powerful dominate wolfs?Does she has powers ? Can her wolf out wolf them? Only the moon goddess will know.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

*1 week ago
“Today we shall rise . We will start the game the for the throne and pick the new alpha of alpha’s .“The former king screamed.“Yes king”,the packs of south and north chant in unison.“Now let the war begin!“.

It is now the day that the game for the throne officially starts . The new alpha and king of Taren will be picked in 6 months.This year I plan to join.

“You don’t actually plan to join right, especially since women don’t have powers . How will you be able to fight against your brother’s?” .My best friend Carper said frowning.

Carper my best friend since forever .We met at a pack run one day when I was 3 years old .It was my first official run with pack and to be honest I was terrified. When Carper saw me he helped me be less afraid making funny faces and jokes. At least they were funny when I was 3.

Carper is 21.He has brown hair with blonde at the tips. Olive brown skin , that I would die for. He is well built.With the perfect toned abs and a v line that would make any female go crazy. Last but not least piercing blue eyes that look through the your soul, that are now filled with worry.

“Carper don’t worry I will be fine , I can do this”. I assured him. Only getting a growl in return. Not the reaction I was looking for .

“Just because you say you will be fine, doesn’t mean you will be ok”.He growled. But I won’t change my mind , and I know he can see it.” Rose , please don’t do it”. He pleaded with me.

But I won’t budge. This could change my life . This could allow me to prove to my dad and the kingdom that I’m not just a princess or the pack daughter.

I dress in my black tights and matching long sleeve sports shirt. The fabric in the clothes are spandex , so I can move better. I put on my gadget belt that holds my light sword,a few daggers, taser, and a hologram phone and watch. I then place on my high knee boots . And to top it all off my leather jacket with a bow and arrows.

The arena
As soon as I come to the arena there are lots of people. If I had to estimate there are 60,000 wolf’s in crowd. So far there are only 2 out 5 of my brothers here. Christopher and izac.

Christopher is the second eldest, at the age of 25. He has black Raven hair, that is soft like silk ,that is cut to his neck .He has a prominent jaw line, straight nose and high cheek bones. He has a slender build standing 6 ft 11.
Christopher is probably my least favorite brother he’s a little.... arrogant.

Next is izac , the youngest brother at age 22. He looks way different than Christopher.He takes after are mom unlike Christopher. Izac has Sandy red hair that goes to his back, it’s like wool. We call it sheep hair. He has
light brown skin , that looks like milk coffee. He has a softer face that makes him look more like he is 19. He has green eyes that reminds me of grass. All in all he is probably the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Izac is the smart and quiet one in the family.

Something called me out of my thoughts. A noise coming from outside the arena. I decided to take a look since I’m early . When I go outside what I see is .......

What happens next in the series?
What does she see?
Please leave constructive criticism in the comments and tell me if you like the book so far.

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