A God's Chess Piece

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What happens when you get struck by lightning and die? A god appears in front of you and asks you to play a game of chess with him. Then, out of nowhere, he tells you that your death was a mistake and you can be reincarnated. As compensation, he grants you 3 wishes.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Pawn to E6”

The room was quiet except for the sound of breaths and the faint clink of the chess pieces in front of me. Both I and the little boy in front of me were engrossed in playing that time seemed to pass by unnoticed.


The concept of time does not apply in a place like this, I thought bitterly.

“Good move. Say, how many wins have you racked up so far?” the boy asked me with an amused expression mirrored in his eyes.

“Well if I win this round, a total of three” I answered nonchalantly.

The boy smiled. I stared at him.

“Knight to F5. Like what you’re seeing?”

What an annoying brat.

“I’m sorry but little boys aren’t my type. Bishop takes Knight. Especially little boys who keep losing on purpose”

He laughed. Thunder rumbled a few miles away but I heard it clearly. Again, I was in awe at how beautiful he was. He had white messy hair and a pair of ocean blue eyes.

What an annoying pretty boy.

It seems like he noticed my startled expression and tried to suppress his laughter.

“Oh dear, it seems that I wasn’t able to control myself. Do forgive me.”

“For surprising me with thunder or for accidentally killing me?”

His face looked guilty. Seriously, he didn’t look nor acted like a god at all.

I sighed.

I was originally an 18 year old, high school girl living peacefully in Lyon, France with my little sister. Our parents died when I was 16 so our grandparents took us in. I lived a pretty average life.

“Nothing in your life was average anyway so dying due to being struck by lightning was quite a fitting end for you, don’t you think? Pawn takes Bishop”

I glared at him.

Ok, I admit I didn’t have an average life. I didn’t have friends because I was too busy trying to survive and raise my little sister. My grandparents hated me since they thought that my I was my mother’s love child from another man. Whether it’s true or not really didn’t matter much to me anyway. When father was alive, he loved me. At the very least, that was one thing I was sure about.

Well, that and my talent for games.

“That excuse sounds pathetic. Pawn takes Pawn. I’m still a little angry at you”

I was about to go home from school when I got struck by lightning out of nowhere.

Imagine my surprise when the moment I opened my eyes, I saw this brat proclaiming himself as a god and that my death was an accident.

Still, he couldn’t just revive me.

My physical body was now incapable of living normally. If I were to ask him to revive me, I’d just burden my sister (and my grandparents would surely want me dead).

And so, a twisted turn of events led me here to play chess with this bored brat of a god.

“At this point you should just forgive me you know? Pawn to H3”

“If you died and met me and I’d tell you that it wasn’t your time yet but I accidentally fucked up so here you are, would you forgive me? Rook takes Pawn. Check.”

“I would. King to B2”

“Why? Bishop to F6”

“Because the god who fucked up might have something to compensate me with. King to C2”

I looked at him. Confused.

“This chess match does not compensate me in any way. Rook to D6”

“Well…King to B2”

“Queen to C5. Checkmate.”

“Ugh! You beat me again!”

“For the record I’ve only beaten you 3 times out of 17 games. It’s still your win you know?”

He laughed. This brat really doesn’t take things seriously.

Why is he a god?

“Well, what if I tell you that I can reincarnate you to another world? And of course as compensation, I’ll grant 3 wishes for you since you beat me 3 times now.”

My jaw dropped.

That was what those matches were about? I thought he was just bored.

“Reincarnate me to another world huh? And basically those 3 wishes are like a jumpstart”

“Well, you could say that. After all, the world you’ll be reincarnated as has magic”

“You mean like those in fantasy novels and games?”

“Well, something like that. So what’ll those 3 wishes be?”

Impatient brat.

“I can’t really wish for anything right now if I don’t have a clear picture of the world you’ll be throwing me at you know?”

His eyes held amusement in them. Well, great! A god actually takes me for a clown now.

“You’ll be reincarnated in a place called Altrea. It isn’t that different from where you live except that it has magic and it follows a noble hierarchy system very much like yours during medieval times. You’ll be reincarnated as a daughter of a marquis”

With a wave of his hand, the chess board vanished in an instant and was replaced by a puddle-shaped crystal.

The crystal showed an image of a young couple. Probably in their late 20’s. They were both beautiful.

“They also have a 4 year-old son. Well, he’ll be your older brother soon” He continued.

A kid ran towards them and hugged the woman. The father ruffled his son’s hair and was smiling widely while the woman crouched in front of the boy and kissed him on the cheek.

“They seem nice”

“Well, that’s the gist of it. Ready to make your wishes now?”

I bit my thumb – a mannerism I had whenever I was thinking seriously or when I was anxious.

“For my first wish, I want to remember my past life and the time I spent here with you”

“Ok so you – wait. What?!”

He looked so dumbfounded that I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

“You heard me”

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