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A God's Chess Piece

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Chapter 1


Mornings in Altrea were beautiful. The sun didn’t hurt my skin and the breeze kissed my flushed cheeks lightly.

What a beautiful country

I stretched my limbs for a bit and faced the human-sized mirror I had in my room.


I was absolutely gorgeous.

Blue hair that was the same color as the sky on a clear sunny day, a small cute nose, pouty pink-tinted lips, and a pair of eyes that were a mix of blue and green.

I put both hands on my cheek.

Right, this is me now.

Anisha Luminire of the House of Luminire.

The sound of knocking snapped me out of my reverie. I hurriedly brushed the straying strands of my hair and opened the door.

Oh my!

Ains Luminire, my elder brother looks especially handsome today. We look similar but he has this sharp intelligent look in his eyes.

“Are you ready now, Nisha?” he asked.

I smiled at him and nodded. Today was my brother’s magic awakening ceremony.

Like what the brat god told me, in this world, magic exists and is divided into 3 classes.

Third class magic are the primary elemental magic: fire, water, earth and wind. This type of magic is very common.

Second class magic include: ice, thunder, light and dark. Unlike third class magic, second class is a bit rare and are harder to control since they require a higher amount of mana.

First class magic is the rarest among them all. It’s also known as divine magic.

“Are you nervous, brother?” I asked him.

“A bit but I’m more excited than nervous. After all, I’d finally be able to use magic like father and mother” he answered with gleaming eyes.

The magic awakening ceremony happens when a child reaches 12 years old. They will be brought to the temple and be granted with a middle name and their magic will awaken. It’s quite a simple ceremony but I heard that first class magicians that has been granted divine magic can sometimes talk to the gods themselves.

I wonder if I’ll be able to talk to that brat god again.

It’s been 8 years since I’ve been reincarnated to this world.

We arrived at the temple where father and mother patiently waited.

“You two finally arrived” my father, Ashton Lustre Luminire nodded. He was a second class magician controlling light magic.

I kissed him and mother in the cheek as a sign of my greeting while Ains nodded his head.

“My! Ains you look splendid! My designs really look good on you” my mother, Aina Gliae Luminire gushed. She was also a second class magician who controlled ice. She owns a boutique and loves to dress up Ains and I.

“Mother, everything looks good when brother wear it” I teasingly added.

Both father and mother laughed while brother just ruffled my hair. Well, I am my brother’s number one fan.

“We should go in, the priestess is waiting” my father said.

Upon entering the temple, my eyes were instantly taken by the large statue just behind the altar. It was said to be created from crystals and gems. It was breathtaking.

The only issue was it depicted god as an old man with a long beard and a stern, strict look on his face. He was the god known as Celes, ruler of the 9 major gods.

The exact opposite of that brat god who was actually really carefree and naughty in nature which I’m not sure which god yet.

When I came to this world, I learned that there were 9 major gods and those gods had a type of magic each. The names of those gods were also the middle names granted during the magic awakening ceremony in order to symbolize the magic they are bestowed with.

My parents and I were ushered to sit at the sides while my brother made his way to the front and bowed precedent to the priestess. I couldn’t really hear much from where I was sitting but after a few moments, I saw my brother being enveloped in a beautiful white light – which disappeared almost instantly that I thought I was hallucinating.

Finally, he stood up and made his way towards us. I stood up as well to meet him halfway and hug him. Our parents followed suit.

“Congratulations brother! You’re finally a magician”

“Yes, I am now Ains Lustrezeph Luminire” he proudly proclaimed.

Oh my!

Brother is really talented. His middle name “Lustrezeph” was a symbol that he was able to use 2 types of magic: light and wind.

I squealed in excitement while my mother hugged him. Father looked proud as well.

“Congratulations, son. It is quite rare for one to have two magic types” mother gushed.

“Soon it will be my turn. Look forward to it, brother!”

He smiled and patted my head.

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