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A mate is the most important person in a werewolf life. A mate can either break or make a person. This story is about the journey of two people who are bonded together by mate bound by fate. Let's see where their mate bond takes them.

Fantasy / Humor
Wolf Girl
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His P.O.V:-

I just came to check the patrolling of the border, I got information that human smell is mix with blood is found when a warm and pleasant smell hit me. It’s vanilla the sweetest smell of the world. I started running toward the smell but as the smell gets stronger I can even smell blood. Fear started gripping me, my mate is in danger. I started running in that direction. When I reached there, the scene made my heart cry and rip their heart out.

My mate, she is sitting on the ground injured. Four men are lying around her dead. I growl lowly yet deadly. I slowly walked toward her, her heart is still beating. When I came near her she opened her eyes and looked into my eyes (I am in my wolf form). I am mesmerized by her beautiful brown eyes which doesn’t have fear. I like it, my wolf said.

After long eye contact, she said “Mate”. Her injuries are not deep except one, which looks like someone strikes her with a knife. She closed her eyes and said in pain “Help me.”

She looks edible, my wolf said and licked his lips. You horny wolf can’t you see our mate is injured, I snapped at him. Yeah, I got it she is injured but I am also happy and proud of her, can't you see she killed 4 wolves alone. I ignored him I started licking her wounds as it will heal faster. She moaned in pleasure and I stopped there, “ don’t stop it feels good.”

Once I am done with licking I transform into my human form and carried her in bridal style toward my pack which is soon going to be our pack. Meanwhile, I contacted my gamma to take care of those dead bodies.

She opened her eyes a little and said, “Thank you.”

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