Nora: the Other Side Trilogy

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For a girl who does not fear much in life, 18 year old Nora Sands is just a little to adventurous . Nora finds herself in way over her head, and soon she finds herself running for her life. So what happens when the girl who doesn't fear much in life suddenly stops living? When Nora wakes up in a strange place known as The Other Side, she goes on an adventure where she makes new friends and gets into even more trouble. Nora and her new friends journey through the Other Side to meet with the king, so she can ask for guards to insure their safety. But When Nora discovers that she has a special skill, she's soon given a new job at Dark Keep castle, where she can put her skills to the test. But, when all is said and done, the real test will be whether she gets distracted by the King's attention or not. Friends will be gained, adventures will be had, romance with lead to distractions, and old enemy's will come back to haunt her. Can Nora and her friends survive in the other side or will the one thing Nora fears the most be the end of her?

Fantasy / Romance
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It hurts.

I knew what it was but I didn't care. Every breath I took made it hurt even more, but I still didn't care.

I needed to get out.

I needed to get away.

I was bleeding now, and in pain but i kept moving. He was going to catch me, it was only a matter of time before I either passed out from the blood loss of being shot, or end up making some dumb ass decision that leads me to a dead end.

The building that I was in was like a maze, impossible to figure out what hallway you were in because they all have the same boring grey floor and plain metal doors. The walls were all the same neutral color but I knew that this Hallway was new to me because there was a part of the wall that seemed to be ripped to shreds, but was probably just peeling from old age and water damage.

This insignificant detail might be what made the hallway different from the rest but it still didn't mean that I was going in the right direction.

I ran down to the end of the hall and saw that it opens into a large room with only one massive door on the other side of the room. It was a little different from the other doors. Where they were all just plain metal doors, this one was about twice their size and had spray painted patterns on it.

Since I paused to take in the room, my body chose that moment to take some time off from its adrenaline rush and let me feel how weak I had gotten just within the last few minutes. Guess that's what happens when you get shot. It hurts like a bitch, but at least it's a clean through-and-through, so I don't have to dig out a bullet.

This was supposed to easy!

I was only meant to be here for a few minutes, getting the information that I needed, then get out!

But no! He had to show up out of no where and find me snooping around in his shit!

Of Course when I saw the gun I started running! But apparently I wasn't fast enough since I'm now bleeding out in a crappy ass building in the middle of nowhere!

Ok, get your shit together and get the hell out of here!

I had to keep repeating that to myself as I moved across the large room to the spray painted door. With everything I had in me I was hoping it led to me getting out of here.

I reached it and went for the handle pulling on it with all that I had- which wasn't much at this point cause I was getting tired and the hole in my shoulder wouldn't let me move my arm without making me want to fucking scream!

Finally the damn thing opens and I'm able to step out into the cold ass night. Looking ahead of me, I see nothing but blackness. Only the small ring of brightness that one crappy light on the wall outside of the building was giving off, lighting up only about five feet past the door frame.

I moved out into the night only about three steps when I heard movement behind me and I knew I had taken to long to get my ass moving.

" You shouldn't have come here little girl! Now you only have yourself to blame."

That nasty slimy voice of his made me cringe as I turned around, only to come face to face with the barrel of a gun.

I opened my mouth to say something that probably would have a been a witty comeback, but then I got shot in the head.

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