A Garden Descendent

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In The Field

I walked into a field where it was filled with flowers. I sung a song that my grandma sing to me when i was just a little girl. As a sung the harmony, I saw this gem on the grass. It was just laying there itself. I wonder, what could it be used for? So, I picked up the gem and tossed it into a well, but when I tossed it a whole bunch a daffodils filled the sky. How? My mind was confused. I heard this voice, a powerful voice and it said to me, “Find your descendant before this world collapse”. I didn’t understand what he mean’t. So I cared less. The voice keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, until I decided to ask my parents. I asked my mom “Do we have descendants? My mom said,”Are you crazy? What are you talking about? I sent you to school to learn something good, not “descendants”. I walked away casually. I went to ask my “drunk”, he said, “Ay your fucking insane. Why aren’t dresses properly? Go get your mom to wash my laundry”! I walked out to the well, when I arrived, I saw a piece of clot. I picked it up. The cloth was very old. The voice said to me again,”The key to find your descendent. This is when I really need to work.

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