A Garden Descendent

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A 14 year old girl named Primrose Foerstner wanted to know what descendent she descend from. She tried to ask her parents, her parents won’t listen to her. So Primrose decided to do some research based on her surname “Foerstner”. After doing all that study she couldn’t find anything information about her ancestor (descendent), until she saw a book on her desk that awaits her destiny.

Fantasy / Mystery
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In The Field

I walked into a field where it was filled with flowers. I sung a song that my grandma sing to me when i was just a little girl. As a sung the harmony, I saw this gem on the grass. It was just laying there itself. I wonder, what could it be used for? So, I picked up the gem and tossed it into a well, but when I tossed it a whole bunch a daffodils filled the sky. How? My mind was confused. I heard this voice, a powerful voice and it said to me, “Find your descendant before this world collapse”. I didn’t understand what he mean’t. So I cared less. The voice keeps repeating the same thing over and over again, until I decided to ask my parents. I asked my mom “Do we have descendants? My mom said,”Are you crazy? What are you talking about? I sent you to school to learn something good, not “descendants”. I walked away casually. I went to ask my “drunk”, he said, “Ay your fucking insane. Why aren’t dresses properly? Go get your mom to wash my laundry”! I walked out to the well, when I arrived, I saw a piece of clot. I picked it up. The cloth was very old. The voice said to me again,”The key to find your descendent. This is when I really need to work.

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