UNWANTED: Vile Academy

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The name had sounded completely ridiculous the moment David had received the admission card that morning. It was an unusually thick small piece of paper, no bigger than his hand, with the bold words inscribed in red upon the black background.

Individual Confirmed.

Welcome to Vile Academy, Ethan David Rogue

Student’s Registration has been completed.

Looking at the situation now, it seemed more realistic as the seriousness of it began to dawn on him. The silent treatment he had maintained with his parents continued even when his anger turned to shock, before changing to a slight fear as the distance between them and the city itself gradually increased more than it should.

How far are we going here?

Not enjoying the feeling as he looked out the window, watching the sparse trees that rushed past slowly become dense before turning into a shifting blur, and grimacing as the asphalt road eventually became a dusty path. His eyes widened as they drove into what looked like the school premises. He had been greatly disturbed by the fact that the school had been without a gate but his nerves were on edge as he was met with the many numbers of log cabins and few concrete buildings, reminding him of a rather large community living in the deepest part of the woods.

A very large community.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Is this even a school?!

The hairs at the nape of his neck bristled, prompting him away from the window as the young teenagers moving about stared at the car with such intensity, making him wish he could shrink into the leather of the front seat.

"'What is this place?' I am certain that is what you are wondering right now, Dave," Prudence said softly, killing the engine and sighing as she was rewarded with a scowl from David. "As I have said earlier, my connections have a limit. No other school will accept you and I am certain you will do fine here. Also, to be clear … this is not a boot camp, so relax."

"You shouldn’t even bother. The same thing will happen anytime soo –"

"Get out of the car, David," she hissed, turning her blazing grey eyes upon his.

David stiffened at her tone, tearing his eyes away from her sharp gaze and getting out of the car just in time to see the tall, slim woman dressed in a black conservative suit walk towards them.

Her short jet black hair fell straight around her oval-shaped face, complementing her beautiful olive skin graced by an upturned nose and bright violet eyes. Those eyes however, narrowed as they bore down on him, inspecting him like he was some strange organism that had decided to grace her feet.

David caught movement from the corner of his eyes and jerked, turning to the three students taking away his bags from the open boot of the car.


"Dave. It's okay," Prudence assured him, coming to stand before the beautiful tall woman, a smile forming on her lips as she turned her attention to Prudence.

David grimaced, eyeing the indifferent boys as they took away his bags before he moved, preferring to sit in the car. He watched his mother chat with the strange-looking woman, with her nodding at whatever Prudence was saying and glancing at David so many times he lost count, giving him a sinking feeling.

Those eyes.

Am I actually going to be stuck here?

Their conversation went on for a long while and with his thoughts trailing as to where his things had been taken, the woman turned her full attention towards him, with him ignoring Prudence as she bid him goodbye and left.

Watching the car until it was out of sight, the sinking feeling within him deepened and his hairs stood on end as the heat of the afternoon sun began to take effect on him, coupled with the pointed gaze the woman gave him.

The smile she had given Prudence no longer existed.

"You look just like her," she said flatly, turning on her heels to start walking.

A confused David stood fixed in place, until he had no other choice but to follow.

"I am Gertrude, the head of this fine establishment." She turned so abruptly that David instantly bumped into her, with Gertrude not seeming to mind or notice as she stood like a fixed rod, not even moved from her position by the solid impact.

Fine establishment, my ass.

"You'll follow me to my office and I will give you the schedule book which will give you information on your subjects and classes," she said, her slightly deep voice soft but disturbing to his ears. His eyes followed the neatly brushed hair, with not a strand standing out of place as her hair swished with the movement of her hair. "The school rules are also included and you will be able to get the basic –"

"And what'll you do if I break any?" David strained his tight lips, forcing a smirk as he struggled to hold the steely look she gave him.

If he wanted out of this school, what better way than to defy the –

David froze, feeling the cold chill that ran up his spine and the prickling feeling that crawled all over his skin as Gertrude beamed, her thin lips turning up in a sly smile as her eyes danced.

"Believe me, you would not want to know …."

•☆• •☆• •☆•

The setting sun highlighted her wispy red hair, its rays setting the spread out hair on fire, giving her light green eyes an eerie glow. David’s eyes trailed to the freckles neatly dotting her nose and cheeks, her tanned skin pulling out the beauty of her features.

David glared as she threw him a frown, noting her casual wear of knickerbockers, a turtle necked, long-sleeved black shirt and white sneakers. His frown deepened, recalling the rough break up he had gone through the day before.

She dresses just like that…

David paused, analyzing her as he got out of the building, wondering why the spotty chick was giving him such a fixed look.

Just to be sure…

"Are you the escort?"


David stopped, catching a hint of British accent from the way she spoke before casting a cautious look at the building behind him and pointing with his thumb. "The head there mentioned something about an escort to my cabin."

"Your cabin?" She raised a full eyebrow.

Did I say something wrong?

Gosh, stop being a sassy bitch and just do what you’re told.

From the look she had given him, David wasn’t very sure he was going to like this girl.

"Are you sure she mentioned an escort?" she asked him, hands on her hips.

A vein in his temple twitched as he stared, unable to recall half of the words that had rushed past Gertrude’s mouth. He had been too busy thinking of a way to leave as soon as possible … with minimal consequences; at least without having the Head give him a poisonous smile.

Something about it had worried him and he hated that feeling. There was no way he was going to remain here.

"Follow me if you want to live," she said after seeing his blank expression, her hair shifting with a slight swirl as she turned to walk away.

Wait, what?!

"You coming, new kid?"

David gritted his teeth, walking not too far behind. No one at his former school would have spoken to or even treated him like this, he knew for sure. This girl, however, did not seem intimidated by him at all. Even now that he wasn’t in the best of moods.

He spared glances at the groups of peers turning to stare at him as he passed by … watching till he was out of their sight. Resisting the urge to return their curious stares with a sneer, he focused on the girl before him, noting the rows of cabins that lined both sides and the bold numbers carved on each cabin.

Which school uses wood for its dorms?

He stopped when they reached a cabin with the number '22' imprinted with metal on the sturdy oak door. Releasing a frustrated sigh, he turned to the girl, about to ask why she was still there when she walked up the stairs onto the wide porch and opened the door.

"This is my room," she said as she walked in, with David rushing close behind her before she succeeded in closing the door in his face.

"What the hell?" He watched her close the door.

"Yours is opposite this front door," she continued, ignoring his incredulous expression.


"You heard me, right? I am speaking English and not any other language." She faced him, glaring into his dark grey eyes.

"Do you mean we share this …?” He spread out his hands. "… place?"

"Yes, we are sharing the same cabin, but not the same room. That is how it is. I am sure it must have been explained to you, but I do not think you look like someone who is able to process things well. Do not worry, I will not intrude on your privacy."

David stood dumbfounded, trying to fully grasp his situation.

The room was not small, neither was it too big. There was a bed at a corner with a night stand at its side, a tall cupboard built-in with a shelf and a wardrobe were opposite the bed at the right hand side of the room, with a large window in between, partly concealed by a parted curtain. Another window was positioned at the foot of the bed, and at the far end of the room beside the head of the bed, stood another door.

"That leads to your room." She pointed. "Have fun, cabin mate."

David looked at her before taking hesitant steps to the door, pausing as he noticed the one beside the cupboard.

"What –"

"That’s my bathroom. Yours is in your room."

"Hold up. We are actually sharing a room?"

"Yes, and it’s a cabin, not a room. Don’t be a disgusting pervert."

She walked to the shelf behind him, ignoring his glare as she took a book and went to lie down on the bed.

Choosing to save it, he went into the room that was supposedly his, walking into what was a complete replica of the girl's own. Unlike hers’ however, the second window was positioned at the end of his room … he had forgotten to ask for her name.

It’s not like it matters or anything.

He stopped, surprise and relief, flooding him as he saw his bags. Bending, he immediately began to unpack while making sure his things were still intact and not stolen.

He walked back to the door, finding a key at the keyhole before locking it and turning to the other door in his room which contained his own bathroom and toilet.

Walking back into the room, he went to the window beside his bed and saw the front rows of cabins behind his, wondering just how many were in the school.

At least mom was thoughtful enough to pack everything.


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