Eternal Ruby - Short Story

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“Holy guacamole, who are you witch!?” A young woman is hiding from her people. Long ago she made a big mistake and she ran away. We find her hiding once again, but this time from two humans. This is the full story I based a webcomic on. The comic has the same name, it will be out in the end of june 2020 on Webtoon. Me and my friend have worked a lot on this together. You can find us both on instagram: @alishia_stardust and @arto_lr! Hope you'll enjoy this story! Sincerly, A.Stardust.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Eternal Ruby

The young woman hides behind a large stone, her hands are placed on her mouth trying to not make a sound. The grey moon dust on the ground makes her almost sneeze, almost. She pushes herself closer to the stone, praying not to be noticed. The engine had calmed down and the humans where now walking out of the rocketship. She hears by their footsteps that it’s two of them.

She hears the footsteps coming closer and her heart stops. The woman tries to control her breathing, red sparks are forming at her fingertips as she curses under her breath. Not a smart move, the human suddenly stops walking when it hears the sound. Then there’s a long, awful silence before the human astronaut stands before her. Going into panic mode she shields herself with her arms, and hands.

Red sparks are now flying towards the human at an alarming speed. The woman closes her eyes, feeling more scared than ever, knowing that the second human definitely will hear the impact. There’s a loud crash and she can feel sharp stone splitter land on her cheeks. She takes a deep breath and opens her eyes slowly. There is no longer a human standing in front of her, there's a red ruby statue.

Human number two is running towards the stone when the woman stands up, looking into the astronauts now red shiny eyes. They’re not full hate, spite and disgust as she was used to see. It was admiration. The human’s eyes were full of admiration. She’d killed the first creature who hadn’t been terrified of her. The first one to not want her killed. Well, at last not under the 30 seconds they had looked at each other.

“Holy guacamole, who are you witch!?”

The woman turns around to find the second astronaut looking back and forth between her and the dead human. She considers to try and communicate but decides that it’s not worth it, the human wouldn’t understand her anyway. In a few seconds it would kill her, not that that’s not what she’s worth. After the pain she’d bringed to her people and so many others. That’s why the woman raises her hand, letting the sparks flame up and scare away the human. No more dying today.

“Ooh, Frack!!” The startled astronaut says and rushes back to the spaceship. The woman watches as the engine starts and flames begin to form at the bottom of the ship. She pushes herself behind the rock once again, now a shelter from the wind the launch creates. There she watches the spaceship leave her alone. Wait, not all alone. She is left with the astronaut statue, still looking at her with admiration out of this world.

And it will forever do that.

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