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17 year old Aurora Alden, nightmares of her parents death keeps troubling her until she meets Alexander Vlad, the most ruthless and brutal cold blooded hybrid (werewolf and vampire) and falls in love with him..... will she be able to tame the feared monster or is she just another prey for the last born of the Vlad siblings.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Nightmares

I woke up panting tremendously, my heart kept beating as if it was about to pop out of my chest, I could feel sweat drops amassing on my forehead and neck. “Another nightmare!;” for the past seven days I have been having the same nightmares of the night my parents died, I was just three years old then, it was a miracle I survived the fatal car wreck, my parents car somersaulted five times then flew over the bridge into the chilled winter river below, I felt myself drowning but then I felt a hand lift me out of water before I passed out but I couldn't figure out what saved me that night.

The horror of that night, which was fifteen years ago kept coming back to me anytime I shut my eyes for even as long as a minute at night, although I loved horror movies I couldn't bare the fright of the nightmares, it made me stay awake through out the night for the past seven days and every remedy I tried seemed futile

By morning, I sluggishly prepared for my firearm's license lessons; I had just graduated from college with a degree in Criminology to become a private detective and writer.

I penned down the nightmare from last night in my diary, went downstairs and met my Uncle at the dinning table with his sandwich filled with slices of bacon and a glass of milk. “Good morning Uncle John.” I said as I sat on the dinning chair and began eating my sandwich

“Are you okay?” Uncle John stopped eating to look at me.

“ fine.” I muttered with a nod

“But you don't look fine, is anything bothering you?” his voice coming out as merely a whisper.

I bent my face downwards to hide my stressed out eyes. “I have been reading a lot at night” I said, which wasn't entirely a lie cause that was how I spent my sleepless nights. I could sense that he wasn't okay with my answer but he just had to drop the questions, at least for now. I ate my breakfast while my uncle stared at me.

After eating I picked up my face cap which I wore to cover my eyes, by that time by uncle was feasting his eyes on the TV, then a news headline popped up; six men brutally killed by an unknown killer; their bodies were hard to identify all thanks to their merciless killer.

I greeted him goodbye to inform him I was leaving, and without waiting for any reply I left.

At the detective school which I attended, I was like a fatigue patient and my face cap couldn't hide that anymore, Luckily I had a loving and caring best friend- Ivy.

After the first lesson she stopped me before I got inside the learning hall asking. “I suspect there hasn't been any improvement?” I sluggishly nodded to her question.

“That settles it; you have to go home and get a lot of rest, I will handle the rest of your notes, I will come over later in the day to give you tommorow's worksheet and am not taking no for an answer” she said taking my books from me. I would have argued but I really needed that rest, so I accepted, I hugged her to show my appreciation cause I couldn't even hear my voice anymore and left.

I was strolling to where I would get a cab to take me home when I accidentally bumped into a young muscular 1.9m tall man with a well kempt jet black hair, nicely shaved chinstrap beard and cold sea blue eyes; I could feel myself drowning in as I looked at his eyes, I began to shake uncontrollably as the atmosphere around me grew tense. “Am really sorry” were the last words I could mutter before my eyes closed.

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