Blood Lust

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Chapter 1

I look at the wine glass filled with blood as I run my fingers along the side of it, my perfectly shaped, claw-like manicured nails scratching the bottom of the glass. Desperately wanting to switch this out for a glass of bourbon.

“Stop glaring at it and drink. You might hate the idea of feeding, but new vampires need to drink fresh blood. Since you refuse to feed on someone, this is the next best option,” I hear a light, smooth voice as Veronica entered the room. Veronica; my maker, my mistress, my new mother, whatever you want to call her, it all means the same thing. Her long, bone straight ice blonde hair pulled into a sleek bun and her tall, slender frame gliding into the room. Her blood created me, it runs through me. I am of her blood, her daughter.

“I’m not hungry,” I say as I continue to look at the glass in front of me.

“Your growing teeth say otherwise,” I hear an airy, cheerful voice says as Rebecca bounces into the room. Her freshly curled red hair bouncing in the wind as she walks over to the love seat across from me and in a flowing motion lays down with her body facing me with a broad smile on her face. I roll my eyes, not looking at the two older vampires in the room with me. “Listen, Lena, there is no need to starve yourself. If you really wanted to die, you would have already walked into the sun,” she continues causing me to turn my head and glared at her. Slowly, the cheerful grin she had on her face disappeared, and a slight hint of fear grow in her light green, round eyes.

“Rebecca has a point,” I hear Veronica say as she walks over and sits on the edge of the couch, causing Rebecca to move her legs and sit up. “There are easier ways to kill yourself than starvation,” she continues as she looks at some documents. Both of them dressed in the most beautiful silk robes money can buy. They are getting ready to go to another ball without me, they already have their hair and makeup done all they have to do is get dressed. Veronica sees the envy growing in my eyes as I look at them.

“Yeah, whatever,” I grab the stem of the glass and down the cold, thick liquid. The metallic and bitter taste coating mouth as I force it down. Apparently, Veronica has had me on the best blood for a growing vampire. “Done,” I place the glass down and stand up, wearing a black silk nightie that stops at my upper thigh. “You two have a nice night,” I say, then quickly leave the room before they can say anything.

I have been trapped in this house for five years, five fucking years. Looking at the same people. Doing the same things every day for five years. Newborn vampires have to be trained to control their new abilities, or they risk exposing the vampire community. Once we are turned, we do not remember anything about control, just the need to feed. The first thing I remember about being transformed is the burning feeling of Veronica’s blood spreading through my body as it blends with my own. Me screaming for what feels like hours as my mortality was being taken away from me, officially this time.

I also remember the feeling of a warm liquid touching my lips. It slowly runs down my throat, the bitter taste turning sweet and quickly becoming addictive. Using whatever strength I had, I remember grabbing the source of the delicious liquid and bringing it to my mouth and sucking on it hard. I ignored the cold flesh that met my lips as I feel someone cuddled me close and running fingers through my dirty, matted down hair.

“Slowly, sweetheart, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself,” I hear the soothing voice of Veronica. My vision is cloudy when I finally open my eyes, looking up at that vibrant icy blonde hair, then finally meeting those pale blue eyes that stared into my soul, they still do. She’s looking at me like a newborn baby, cuddling me close that I’m going to break, she felt like home. It wasn’t until I start feeling like my blood had turned into lava that I broke out of my daze. Starting out dull at first, then quickly turned into hell. I remember pushing away from her as the pain takes over. She turned me into a monster, and a part of me will always hate her for that.

I get to my room and quickly shut the door behind me. Trying to control my emotions as I walk over to my vanity mirror with bright lights around it as it is connected to a black and silver desk. My room is painted midnight blue with white trim and string lights hanging on the ceiling. It helps give the illusion of the night sky. My room was the only place in this mansion; I could breathe. I had a vanity big enough to fit everything I needed; makeup, hair products, and jewelry. Things I never seemed to use unless Rebecca wanted to dress me up like I’m one of her dolls. A bookshelf sat against the wall, next to a big black lounge chair that sat beside the tall glass doors that led to my private balcony. Lastly, a black coffin sits in the middle of my room. I loved my room and hated it at the same time, my private sanctuary was also my prison. Another reminder that I am locked away until I can follow their rules.

I look into my mirror and quickly notice my big, bright silver eyes. After five years, I still cannot believe this is me. My skin is smooth and radiant, clear of any imperfections. My jet black hair had perfect natural curls and soft pick full lips that went perfectly with my skin. My skin often gets compared to the perfect bar of chocolate. This seems to be accurate as almost every new person I meet looks at me like I’m something to eat. I close my eyes and try to remember if I struggled to look this flawless in my past, but I can’t. I can’t remember anything from when I was a human, and a part of me makes me sad because of it.

Veronica says that memory loss was a side effect of being turned, and I will remember things when the time is right. A part of me believes her, but deep down, something doesn’t feel right. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I can’t shake the feeling that she isn’t telling me the whole truth. Sighing softly, I run my fingers through my curls then walk over to my lounge chair, grabbing my journal as I go. Looking over the city lights as I take a seat, then look down at the black leather-bound book in my hands. The place where I write down my dreams, usually the same ones over and over again. My death, a beautiful woman, and a pair of scared-looking amber eyes. It’s like my dreams are trying to tell me something, but something is stopping them. Like I’m trying to remember, but my memories are being blocked or even erased. I was hoping that writing them down would help me find out the missing pieces.

I let out a soft sigh while reading, reliving my death only to be broken out of my daze when I hear the sounds of heels walking down the hallway. After quickly closing my journal, I rush to the bookshelf and put it away while grabbing a random book before rushing back to my chair. Right after I open it to a random page, someone softly knocks on my door. Incredible speed has its advantages sometimes.

“Come in,” I call out as I look at the book pretending to read it while Veronica enters the room. She walks over, wearing a beautiful off the shoulder red gown that hugs her slender frame and sits at the end of my chair. Crossing her ankles, like the lady she is, showing off the matching red heels.

“You’re upset,” she states, then lets out a soft sigh. “Selena, when will you understand that until you can control your anger, I am not able to let you leave this house.”

“I have control,” I try to say as she cuts me off.

“Last month, you threw a temper tantrum about the portrait I had an artist paint of you.”

“I didn’t like it,” I reply with a shrug.

“You set fire to the painting and tried to rip the man’s throats out. All I’m saying is that it’s been five years. I am not able to let you out of this house until I can trust you can control yourself. I may not have given birth to you, but you are of my blood. You are my daughter,” she reaches over and caresses my cheek softly and turn my face to make me look at her, “my blood has us bound together for eternity. I don’t want anything to happen to you, sweetheart.” My hard shell breaks down as my face soften.

“Yes ma’am,” I say softly, then move over and lay my head on her lap. She quickly begins to run her fingers through my curls, scratching my scalp softly in a way that instantly puts me at ease.

“Promise me you can show me that I can trust you and that you can control yourself, and I promise I will take you out.” I gasp and sit up, looking at her in shock, causing her to smile softly.

“You promise.”

“I haven’t broken one yet,” she says, earning a tight hug from me.

“Thank you,” I almost whisper, causing her to laugh softly as she hugs me back.

“You’re welcome, darling. Now I hate to do this, but I do have to go, the king hates it when people show up too late,” we pull apart, and she stands up, fixing her dress. She looks at me then leans down, kissing my cheek softly. “Try not to lay around depressed. There are plenty of things for you to do inside the house,” she continues as she heads toward the door. “Rebecca and I should be back around sunrise, I expect you to be in your coffin by then.”

“Yes ma’am,” I say with a soft smile and quickly earn one back from her.

“Goodnight, darling,” she says.

“Goodnight,” I reply as she shuts the door. I listen as I hear her and Rebecca leave the house, then walk over to my balcony, open the doors, and wait. I lean against the old iron railing as I watch the black, sun-proof limo head toward the lite city of Eastwick. After a few minutes, I leave my room and quickly run down to the kitchen. I promptly smile when I see the familiar face of the only real friend I feel I have, Dominique. She’s leaning against the counter, with a book in one hand, and an apple in the other. Her bronze, sun-kissed skin almost glowing under the light. Biting her small but plump bottom lip as she reads her book with anticipation in her almond-shaped hazel eyes. She was in her uniform; black pants and a matching button-down shirt. It hid her athletic yet curvy figure and her wavy auburn hair in a neat ponytail.

“You know this book totally has the wrong idea about vampires. I mean what the hell kind of vampire sparkles,” she says with her naturally monotone voice with Spanish light accents. She then looks at me “this is bullshit” she continues as she closes the book and tosses it on the counter. I laugh softly, walking over before grabbing the book as I jump on the island across from her.

“Oh come on, it is not that bad,” I say, looking at the cover, then opening it, taking a quick glance through it.

“Ha, don’t make me laugh. That book spreads the idea of pedophilia. That it’s okay for a man to stalk you and have control over your sex life,” she starts to rant then continues in Spanish as she finishes her apple, making me laugh more as I shake my head.

“Well, these stories are better than the real thing; so far, my life as a vampire has been shitty,” I say while putting the book down.

“Oh, don’t be sad, chica things will get better soon. I can feel it in my bones,” Dominique says, smiling.

“How’s the family,” I ask with a soft smile while she goes and starts cleaning the kitchen. She tells me about her brother being engaged before her and her family trying to rush her into marriage. I couldn’t help but feel envious of her. Dominique is human; she and her family are from Amaui, a poor country that suffers at the hands of greedy humans and the vampires that own them. They came over when she was about 4, so she still has a little of her accent after she learned English. Working for Veronica has its benefits. It pays well and doesn’t draw any unwanted attention to her family. Everyone has their citizenship except for her grandmother, and she’s too old to live on her own. Veronica makes enough money to pay for her grandmother’s medical bills with cash and save up for when she finally moves out of Eastwick.

When she is done talking, I give her a charming smile, causing her to look at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“Lena no, no hell no,” she quickly says as she puts dishes away.

“Oh, come on please, I will be back by sunrise. I just need for you to cover for me,” I beg with sad eyes. “Dom, if I don’t get out of this house soon, I am going to scream.”

“Your mother would kill me, literally.”

“She’s not my mother,” I growl softly as my hand balls up into a fist. My anger rising as I think about what she did to me. “She took me away from my family. I don’t even fucking remember them.”

“Veronica saved your life. You were stabbed, she found you, and gave you a second chance at life,” she says, walking over to me and looks me in the eye “people would kill to start over.”

“I’m not one of them,” I reply coldly as I don’t look away from her gaze. After what seems like forever, she lets out a soft sigh.

“Fine only if you drink two blood bags and promise to be back before sunrise,” she says, then freezes when I jump from my seat on the island and hug her tight.

“Thank you. Oh my god, I love you.”

“Selena, I can’t breathe,” she strains as she struggles a little against my firm grip.

“Oh shit,” I pull away from her, “I’m sorry.” She laughs softly as she rubs her side, then waves me off, signaling that its okay as she goes and grabs two blood bags from the cooler. I quickly feel my fangs grow at the sight of them, I didn’t realize how hungry I was.

“Do you want them warmed up,” she asks as she observes me. I shake my head and take the bags from her. Leaning against the counter as I take the tube from the top of one of the bags and start drinking it. I moan softly at the sweet taste of it as it cools my burning throat, finishing it quickly then get started on the other one. “You should start drinking more blood, preferably fresh blood. It can help you gain control quicker,” she says as she throws the first blood bag away.

After I am done with the last one, I lick my lips and shake my head.

“I will not kill a human,” I grab a paper towel and wipe off any blood that is in my hands.

“I’m not saying kill, just feed.”

“And what if I can’t control myself. I would have to live with that guilt, not you’” I basically growl as I throw the paper towel away. I hear a sigh again before the quiet sturs my guilt. “Listen, thank you for the concern, but I just don’t think I can feed on a human being. If I killed someone, I don’t know if I could really live with myself.”

“That’s understandable, but maybe the fresh blood is the key to you finally controlling yourself.”

“I’ll think about it, but until then I have a beautiful moonlit bayou to explore” I smile as I hug her again then rush back to my room. Unable to hide the smile on my face as this will be my first time sneaking out of the house in 3 years, the first time I got caught, and Veronica got a witch to bind me to the house. But, I discovered a weak spot. The spell didn’t work on me during the full moon. Tonight was the night I will finally be able to feel the fresh night air on my skin and have a better look at the beautiful night sky. Tonight I was going to have a small taste of freedom.

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