Blood Lust

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Chapter 2

After changing into a pair of black leggings and a black hoodie, I pull my hair up into a messy bun while walking to the balcony. I decided to go barefoot so I would be able to feel as much of the earth as I could. Looking over the railing, I see security making their nightly rounds, knowing that if I don’t do this right, I will be caught. I bite my bottom lip softly and look around, trying to think of an idea, smirking when I see the century-old oak tree with branches touching the side of the house. Being as quiet as I can, I climb onto the roof and make my way over to the tree. I curse to myself when I see the branches touching the tree are too thin for me to climb on, then decide the only way to get on it is to jump. After taking a few steps back, I run and take a leap of faith towards the tree.

“Ah, shit,” I groan when land hitting my head on the trunk of the tree. What can I say, I still need to work on my landing.

“Did you hear that,” I hear one of the security guards say as he looks around.

“Nah, I didn’t hear anything,” he replies, then takes a deep breath, “and I don’t smell anything out of the ordinary.”

The other guy simply replies with a nod and goes back to patrolling the area, causing me to let out a deep sigh of relief. Once I make sure the coast is clear, I quickly climb down the tree and let out a soft smile as I feel the dewy grass underneath my feet. Then smile harder as I take off running to the bayou, the wind hitting my face, and the moon guiding my way.

It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. The sights of the animals sleeping with their families and the animals of the night alive, active. Smelling the sweet, yet sour blood that pumps threw their veins. I heard some vampires can survive off animal blood, I wonder if I could. Let’s not forget the colors, oh the beautiful colors. The darkness of the night sky creating a whole new shade of blues, greens, and purples that surround me. It is like a living painting. Rebecca would be disgusted with the sight, and Veronica would think it was a waste of time. Another reason why I felt so alone.

Veronica was hell-bent on turning me into a “proper lady.” It started when I first started showing signs of calming down after my transformation. After finally calming down from the burning in my blood, I was quiet. Unfamiliar with everything around me, these heightened senses. It felt foreign, I felt like an alien. It was not until I began drawing and painting that I started feeling like myself. It was when Veronica saw my talent that she started trying to train me, mold me into one of her trophies, like Rebecca. I was told many vampires possessed unique gifts or talents. They called Rebecca the Siren because of her voice, that beautiful singing voice, with the power to bring people to their knees with a single note. Veronica thought she could train my gift of art to turn me into a perfect gem that only she owned. I refused to give that to her, cutting off a piece of the soul I had left because of it.

I come to a stop when I reach the water, mostly in awe of the beautiful mixture of black and blues when I can thoroughly look at the night sky.

The stars now have my attention. They shine like the most unique gems scattered across a delicate dark fabric, but it is the moon that really takes my breath away. There is something so calming about the smooth, bright looking beauty that hovers above me. The full moon looks like one of those really smooth stones you find at the bottom of a river or the ocean. So unique and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I mean yeah, I have seen the moon from my room, but never like this.

A smile spreads on my face as I take off my hoodie and peel off my leggings, the air blowing against my skin as I stand there in my lace black bra with matching cheeky panties. Another thing I hated was that Veronica felt the need to assign me the color black. I have worn no other color since she changed me. The only complaint I had about it was that I was not allowed to pick it myself. Another choice she made for me without considering what I wanted.

I take a few steps forward before my feet are covered with the muddy water from the shore of the bayou. I bite my lip softly as I begin to get nervous, I start having doubts. Questions filling my head asking me if I should go back and if I made the right choice. Before I get too deep in my thoughts, I start running into the water. Diving in, the cooling water wrapping around me like a comforting hug.

I laugh as I swim around before floating in the water. The moon is bathing me in her beautiful light with the stars joining her. Any questions or doubts I had is gone, and this feeling of freedom fills my heart. A feeling I wished was not so foreign to me. I feel like she is blessing me, almost welcoming me like a baby in her mother’s arms. I close my eyes and let out a silent prayer.

“Please, allow some change in me and my surroundings to welcome more peace into my heart. Please,” I whisper to myself.

The sound of leaves crunching under what sounds like steady steps stop me from finishing. If I knew better, the sound of the footsteps served as a warning. They wanted me to hear them. I sit up, pushing myself under the water to where it stops at the top of my nose. My eyes met those of glowing amber hidden behind the trees. Those eyes are studying me, trying to figure out if I’m a threat or not. It comes out, one paw giant at a time. A wolf, a huge one. One with the fur of the darkest black, standing at what looks like 8 maybe 9ft tall. I continue to watch as its eyes go from studying me to looking at with curiosity. I continue to watch it as swim towards a surface slowly. When I feel the now familiar feeling of mud between my toes I stand up, causing its eyes to go wide before turning away. The moonlight shines off the water that still clings onto my body. My tall frame standing calm as the water begins to drip down my curves. I was not a big girl, just had a little extra meat on my bones. Just enough that it gave assets that Rebecca was jealous of, even though she never said it.

“So you’re a male,” I laugh as I take a step back, creating more distance between us as I make my way towards land. The power coming from him has me on edge. So much so, I was prepared to run. If he attacks me, there is a small chance I will be able to make it out alive. He turns his head to me but keeps his eyes down. “Apparently, you’re a gentleman as well,” I tease as I stop walking away from him. When I do, he looks up at me, questioning why. The smell, it’s underneath his natural musk and the smell of nature around us. Lavender? I take a deep breath, taking it in. Honey? Lemon? Why does it feel familiar? I close my eyes and can’t believe what I’m feeling next. A new pressure growing between my thighs. Is this lust? I’m lusting after a wolf? Seriously?!?

I open my eyes and see that the look in his eyes has changed. Does he feel it too? Does he smell me? Biting my bottom lip softly as I squeeze my thighs together. Gasping at the added pressure to the growing heat between my legs. It’s not until I hear the sound of another wolf howling that I snap out of it. We both look in the direction the sound came from before looking back at each other. He nods his head in the other direction as if he’s telling me to go. I don’t want to. I want to know why I feel this strange connection to him. He nods his head again, this time with a sense of urgency.

I curse under my breath and begin running back towards the house, forgetting my hoodie and leggings. Random branches slapping against my bare skin as I get to the property lines of the house. I wait for security to move before making myself back to the tree and quickly climb up. After, I jump onto the roof and climb onto my balcony before going back into my room. After closing the door and locking it, I hurry into my bathroom so I can wash off the smell of the bayou and the trees. I turn on my shower before taking off the little clothing I had left. Maybe I can burn them before they return home. I step inside and sigh when the hot water hits my skin.

My mind begins to think about those eyes, burning amber eyes. Was that a werewolf? I heard Veronica talk about them, but I never thought I would see one. Are all of them that intense? I wonder what he looks like in his human form. Does he still have that same powerful vibe coming from him? Questions continue to flood my mind as I start to clean the smell of the outside world from my body. I finish my shower, trying to ignore the lust returning as I thought of him. There were too many questions that need to be answered for me to be distracted. Once the water is off, I grab my plush black towel and run it along my skin. When I’m dry, I head to my closet. I turn on the bright light putting the black room on display. A bonus of being Veronica’s blood child. So many designer clothes and shoes, every lover of fashion’s dream. This small room cost a fortune, and she was proud of it.

I put on some plain black panties and, you guessed it, a black tank top. When I’m finished, I brush my teeth and wash my face before I begin detangling my hair. I do two french braids before grabbing my wet bra and underwear, then start making my way to the fireplace in the great room. I turn the nob to the ivory fireplace, bringing the fire inside of it to life. The smell of cinnamon quickly fills the room as the firewood begins to burn. I say a soft prayer hoping that the scent of the mud and water from the bayou is covered by it. The nose of a vampire is good, but the one of an old vampire is excellent.

After watching them burn to ash, I turn the fire off before hurrying to clean everything I touched before my shower. Again, speed has its advantages. When I was done, I made my way to my giant bookshelf and started looking. Veronica gave me access to her black card. I mostly used it to order books. She saw how much I loved to read that one day, I woke to my bookshelf filled with old books. Some fiction and others non-fiction. She said they were both to entertain and educate me. It was one of the fewer gifts I was grateful for. I smile when I find the book I’m looking for. Lycanthropy: Werewolf Biology.

I open it as I walk over to my coffin and get inside. After turning on the light I have along the lining, I close the lid and begin to read. Doesn’t need the full moon to shift? Only the moonlight. Different ones have an effect on their strength. Those born under different phases are gifted with varying signs of strength. Others “blessed” with supernatural gifts can sense a wolf’s status, even those who haven’t shifted. Their blood parents and which moon phase they were born under, influence their status.

“Interesting,” I smile as my eyes begin to get heavy. I close the book, then turn off the light before getting comfortable. I trace the silver lettering along with the cover of the book. So, thick. So filled with history. Hopefully, it helps to explain more about the wolf I saw. The feelings I had towards him. The scent of lavender, honey, and lemon. So random, yet so familiar. Why can’t I remember? Tears fill my eyes at the pain of the missing memories. Hurt fills my dead heart. A drop of blood falls from my eye as I close then, attempting to get some sleep. Just as the sun began to rise.

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