Blood Lust

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Chapter 3

I’m awakened by the sound of my coffin opening. The lights from the ceiling shining in.

“Good evening beautiful, it is it time to get up,” Dominique says with a noticeable happy tone in her voice. She always teased me about being an entertaining person to wake up. Peeling my eyes open slowly, I see her smiling down at me. Her wavy hair is down with a few strains pinned back to keep it out of her face. “Rough night?” she laughs before fully opening the lid for me then begins walking over to my lounge chair. She didn’t know the half of it. I tossed and turned all night, my dreams a mix of peace and despair—the memories of my murder combining with the new ones of the black wolf.

“What time is it?” I ask as I sit up and stretch out my arms, my shoulders’ popping as a reward.

“It’s 5:00 pm, and breakfast is being served, so you need to hurry and get ready,” she answers as she picks up my plush black robe and holds it open, waiting for me. I carefully step out of my coffin and make my way to her, yawning more than once. This earns a laugh from her. After I push my arms through the sleeves of the soft, warm fabric, I feel a hard hit on my arm. It was not hard enough to hurt, but defiantly hard enough for me to notice. I look down at the short woman with a questioning glance.

“Ow?” I question before closing my robe and tying a knot.

“Why the hell did you not tell me when you made it back? If I had not gone to sit in the great room, then Veronica would have seen the poorly burned remains of a lacy black bra that could only belong to one vampire in this house,” she almost growls at me. A smile spreads on my face, the irritated look on her face at times can be very entertaining.

“You could have said it was yours. That wanted to liberate the girls,” I tease as I make my way to the vanity and have a seat.

“Do not play with me Selena, you were not the only person at risk when you went out there. They know me, and you get along, which is why I am the main one who looks after you,” she states, putting her hands on her hips. She’s right. Dom was more like a big sister. She takes care of me and understands me better than anyone.

When no one could get me to drink blood, she came to me. Putting her life in danger by doing so. She began talking to me, not like I was the blood child of her boss or some monster, she spoke to me like I was just a friend to gossip with. I was irritated at first, but when she told me a story about how her mother once threw a shoe at her from hiding her vegetables under the rug in their dining room, I couldn’t help but crack a soft smile. Dom was able to talk me into drinking blood during a time when I had given up. She was there for me in a way that Veronica and Rebecca could never be.

“Okay, okay. I apologize, I was just so excited about everything: the sights, the smells. I feel like I was on autopilot when I got back as I kept replaying everything in my head, not wanting to forget anything,” I say, looking at her. I make my eyes big as a pout a little, “Do you forgive me?” She groans as her hands drop to her sides.

“Sadly, I do,” she answers, earning a bright smile from me, “I am happy to know that you enjoyed yourself. I cannot promise that it will happen again.”

“I know, I’m just grateful that you trusted me enough to let me go. Thank you,” I say, giving a soft bow of my head to show my gratitude.

“You do not have to do that,” she smiles, waving me off as she fixes the covers in my coffin. I see her freeze and pick up something. She looks at me while holding up the book I was reading last night. “Please tell me that this is just a random book you decided to read to learn about the other species of creatures out there,” she begs.

“Nothing happened,” I start to explain as she rushes over to me, throwing the book back in the coffin when she does. She kneels in front of me and says in a dangerously low voice. It was as if she only wanted me to hear her.

“You’re right, nothing happened. Do not tell me if it did unless it is your safety on the line. Veronica has the power to read my mind. If she found out that not only I let you out but that you saw one of them, she will kill me. So I know nothing, do you understand?” Dom asks, earning a soft nod as my answer. She nods then goes back to my coffin, where she picks up the book from inside of it subsequently closes the lid. As she walks over to the bookcase to put it back in its place, I start biting my bottom lip. I usually do that when I am curious about something I do not understand.

“Why is it bad for me to interact with them? Veronica says there hasn’t been an issue out of them in centuries,” I question.

“Werewolves are the only creatures out there that have the power to kill you with a single bite. You should stay away from them in general.”

“But why? If I’m not a threat to them, why should I stay away?” I continue as I watch her pick up random things around my room and put them away. I curse myself because I usually keep my room clean.

“Because they were created specifically to kill your kind and protect the human race. It is a long story that often changes depending on who tells it,” Dom says, looking at me. She sees the curiosity in my eyes before letting out a soft sigh. “If we get in trouble because we are late for breakfast, it was your fault,” Dom states, making me smile in agreement. After letting out a soft groan, she sits in front of me on top of the coffin.

“Okay, you’ve learned way before any of us were even a twinkle in our father’s eye, there was a war between Heaven and Hell. We also know that it did not end the way that Lucifer had hoped. Rather than continue the fight, it was agreed that Heaven and Hell would be locked away. This was to keep away from humans and allow them to live how God intended. That did not sit too well with the Lord’s fallen son,” her voice goes soft as her eyes glaze over. It was as if she remembered something, but she continues.

“Lucifer decided that he was going to test this free will and prove his father’s creation was flawed. He began experimenting on demon blood while using the Book of Creation; he was able to steal it from the sacred library. He used a spell to come to our world with his soldier Azazel, cloaking themselves so they could not be sensed by the angels who watched the world.”

“Azazel found a group of siblings who had nothing and a witch with a broken heart. He promised the siblings that if they drank, the liquid he offered them, all of their dreams would come true. All were pure of heart, and the potion made of demon blood turned those hearts black. They went from the children of God to Lucifer’s children, and they were proud of it. Lucifer had given them beauty and power unlike anything they ever saw,” she says softly.

“The Kendricks, royal family,” I realize as I look at her wide-eyed. I knew they were of the purest blood, but I had no idea they were literally the first vampires created. “What about the witch?” I ask, she flinches a little and continues.

“The witch was used to give birth to the creatures by using the spell from the Book of Creation. Lucifer did not know that light magic was also released to combat the evil because she was a virgin. She ended up creating creatures of light and dark. Many continue to worship her call her Mother. Even though she put good magic out there, it was not enough. The Kendricks discovered how to turn vampires, and the human race was almost destroyed. Those that remained prayed for a savior begged for one. On the night of a full moon, another set of siblings were selected, the Knights ironically.” She laughs softly before looking at me.

“They were leading the rebellion against the vampires who were now calling themselves rulers of the lands. The Goddess of the Moon blessed them with the power to destroy them. Another long and bloody war happened until a truce was made. A truce that didn’t last long. The Knights and their descendants were cursed after the very Christians that prayed for their help became afraid of them once things settled.” I gasp softly in shock.

“What was the curse?” I ask softly as my chest begins to ache. They were betrayed by the very people they fought to protect. The world just cased them out when they did not need them anymore.

“They are only allowed to shift into their wolf forms on the full moon, and when they do, many do not remember who they are. Their wolf takes over. Some innocent, others not so much,” she answers. It explains why I saw one last night. “Without the ability to shift, it was harder for them to survive. No witch has been able to break the curse.”

“What about the witch they call the Mother?” I question fully engaged, she smiles softly.

“No one knows, there are rumors. Some say that Mother was punished for trying to protect the good of the world. Others believe that she betrayed Lucifer, and he killed her. No one knows really,” she says before releasing a soft sigh. She stands up, “Now finish freshening up so we can head downstairs.”

I sit there in shock and awe, so many emotions and thoughts are running through my mind. So many questions I want to be answered, but Dom was right. We need to head down before Veronica comes. I don’t want her to get in trouble because of me. I stand and make my way to the bathroom, just as the flash of pained amber eyes flood my thoughts.

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