Blood Lust

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Chapter 4

Jayden POV

“Do we have a lock on their scent?” I ask through the link as the feeling of the damped grass crushes under my paws as I run through the trees. The wind rushing through my black fur, my wolf awakened after its month-long slumber. It was relieving to know that he was still here, still in control.

“Not yet Alpha, the wild ones haven’t been spotted, and there haven’t been any reports of any signs of them,” my Beta Noah replies as he continues north towards the city. “The trackers are heading towards the beach and any other areas that may be populated.”

“Copy, keep up the good work. Let me know if any are spotted. Bring the wild ones back alive if possible.” I order as I head further into the trees.

“Yes, Alpha,” he answers with a lingering question in his voice.

“Ask your question, Beta?”

“Sir, what if they have killed someone?”

I stop, my chest moving up and down as I breathe slowly—the weight of the decision already laying heavily on my shoulders.

“If they have harmed a human who was no threat to them, the punishment is death. That is our law,” I finally answer. Noah is quiet for a moment. The similar worry and pain filling them at the thought of ending the life of a pack member because their wolf turned wild.

“Yes sir,” he says before the link goes quiet. As much as I look forward to this night, it also hunts my dreams. This curse, this stupid fucking curse. A curse that forces our wolves to sleep. They can only be free once a month and never know which version of them we will get. If we are lucky, we can shift and maintain standard control working with our wolf. Sadly, some of us were not lucky to be blessed with that gift. The most common being our wolves going wild. This is when the wolf is in full control as their human sleeps. Sometimes, it results in them just hunting in the forest and enjoying being in the wild. Their human usually waking up in a den their wolf created for them. Others who turned wild became violent. Their wolves angry and out for blood, usually human blood. They blame them for our pain and, in a way, want to take matters into their own hands.

Then there are those like me. I can shift and have the full power and control of my wolf, but I can’t talk to him, and it hurts me every single time. I haven’t heard from my wolf in five years. Not since that stupid choice I made got so many of our pack killed, including my parents. No one has to blame me for the vampire attack, I blame myself. My wolf blames me too.

I let out a sigh before I start running again, hoping a long run monitoring the wild wolves in the forest can bring him out. So far, no such luck. After a while, I begin making my way towards the bayou to get a drink to cool the growing burning sensation in my lungs. As I get closer, I slow down at what I see before me. What is a human girl doing so far out here? She begins to strip out of the leggings and hoodie she wore, my eyes widen at the sight of her. Her curvy body barely covered by her black lace bra and panties, the moonlight reflecting off her smooth skin. It gives her skin a soft shine, reminding me of the chocolate pearl pendent I bought my sister for her birthday last year. I have never met a 15-year-old whose favorite color was brown. I shake my head, drawing my attention back to the woman in front of me. At this point, she’s swimming around in the water of the bayou. I take a seat and continue to watch her unable to take my eyes away. The energy coming from her is unlike anything I’ve felt before. It is almost like nothing is there, but there is something familiar there. Something powerful. I lift my nose towards her and take a deep breath. Nothing, I smell nothing but the world around us. Everything has a scent, why doesn’t she?

Before I can stop myself, I begin to make my way towards her. She is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. The way she swims and the way she looks at the moon seems like she’s at peace. I feel my front paw step on a pile of the few dry leaves in the area, causing her to look in my direction. Continuing forward, I step out from the shadows of the trees, earning a gasp from her. Her eyes widen as she looks me up and down before she slowly stands up, fully receiving herself to me—the water dripping from her curves, her smooth dangerous curves. Before I can allow my mind to wander, I turn my head away from her.

“So you’re a male?” she askes with a hint of laughter in her voice as I hear the water moving around. Was she running away from me? Why does the thought of that hurt? I turn my head back towards her but keep my eyes down, only wanting to show her respect. “Apparently, you’re a gentleman as well,” she continues as she stops moving. She’s quiet for a while before I start smelling the sweet scent of her arousal growing. This causes me to lick my lips and look up at her. By this time, I know my eyes have darkened, and the distance between us is too much. Who is this vixen, and why do I crave her?

The sound of a distant howl pulls me away from my lustful thoughts. Shit, it’s one of my trackers. I look back at her and nod my head in the opposite direction urging her to go before it is too late. She looks at me, practically begging me not to make her go. I nod my head in the opposite direction again before watching her take off in a run. That speed. Was she a vampire? I was lost in my thoughts when the tracker appeared by my side, informing me that his area was clear, and he was awaiting further orders. Sighing at the returning image of the beautiful picture of the vixen in my mind, I tell him to enjoy the rest of the full moon but keep an eye out for anyone gone wild. After he leaves me, I look down and find her clothes. A soft grin spreads on my lips before I lean down and take the clothing in my mouth before running.

After about an hour, I reach a gorgeous lake that reflects the light of the stars with a waterfall pouring into it. Being careful, I keep the clothes in my mouth as I climb up the side of the rocks surrounding the waterfall. I climb high enough to the edge of a ledge that leads to a hidden cave behind the waterfall. The spacious cave gives me enough room to walk around in my wolf form with no issues. I make my way to the fur blanket I have laid out at the end of the cave and place the clothes down beside them. Once I was done smoothing out the fur, I lay down, crossing one of my front legs in front of the other before laying my head on top of them. My eyes growing heavy as I start thinking about her again. Who is she? What is she? Those questions plague my mind as I fall into a deep sleep.

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