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The companion to The Gates series, this book details all power possessed by both Dark and Light creatures.

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Apart from the Human species, there is not a Creature alive that is without Power. Power is innate in both Creatures of Dark and Light. In this book, I list and describe the Power that we possess, discuss the importance of learning Control, and answer commonly asked questions. I have traveled across the three Realms, ventured into many divisions, and had the pleasure of speaking with several different kinds of Dark and Light beings. However, there were species that I did not get the chance to meet with, for example, the Human Witches of the Mortal Realm, or the Manticores of the Upper Realm . On that note, please keep in mind that there may be Power not yet listed here. Power that we have not been made aware of. There are hundreds of Divisions in existence, with more destined to be established as time goes by. I sincerely hope you find useful information within these pages, so that you may use your own Power to its fullest potential.

— C. B. Lefan, First of her Name; Angel of the Heavens, Upper Realm.

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