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Astral Projection: The Power to separate one’s soul from its physical host. Astral Projection is sometimes referred to as Out of Body Experience, or OBE. Through Astral Projection, the soul can travel alone. There is no time limit on how long the soul can be separated from the body, though it is rumored that if away for too long, the soul can get lost, never to return to the body.

Body Control: The Power to control the body of another. Body control is one of the more difficult gifts to master.

Electric Aura: The Power to surround oneself in electric current. Mastery of this ability produces electric currents ten times the strength of a Super Bolt, while a novice will only produce a quick, harmless flash. Those with the ability of Electric Aura can deactivate objects charged with electricity. Control is required.

Lighting: The Power to produce a blinding, white light. Most commonly used to debilitate an enemy, obscuring their sight, and giving the user time to act undetected. Control is absolutely required. Without learning to Control this Power, the user may blind their opponent indefinitely.

Matter Creation:The Power to create matter. Control is not only required, this Power takes a very long time to master.

Mirroring:A two part Power: 1) The Power to copy the Power of another; 2) The Power to Project one’s will unto another. Experienced users may be able to amplify the Power copied. Considered the essence of Projection, as it is typically the first Power of Projection to manifest.

Restoration: The Power to restore what has been destroyed back to its original state of being. This Power does not discriminate against matter or material.

Seduction: The Power to Seduce another by producing an extraordinary charm and allure. This ability is common among, though not limited to, Carnal Demons and Carnal Angels.

Shifting: The Power to shift into different physical forms. Individuals with this ability can adopt a whole new appearance, age, or species.

Organic Assembly: The Power to manipulate dirt, roots, trees, vines, seeds, etc., at will. Organic Assembly is often used to grow gardens with flowers that have no names. Seasons have no affect on what is grown.

Portal Creation: The Power to create a portal for transportation between two very distant locations. A skilled user can create portals between Realms.

Projected Health: The Power allowing one person to transfer health or injury to another person. One with the ability to project vitality must learn control in order for the transfer to be successful.

Protection Aura: The Power to protect oneself, or another, from harm. The Protection Aura can only be used on one individual at a time. For example, if someone who possessed Protection Aura decided to protect another person, the one with the Protection Aura goes unprotected. It is said that this ability is the most self-sacrificing of all ability.

Pyrokinesis: The Power to create and control flames. Those who possess this ability can cloak themselves in fire, feeling no burn or pain. Learning control is required. Without control, the ability breeds on fear-based emotions. It is a dangerous ability that can cause serious injury, if not death.

Visual Projection: The Power to project false images or scenarios into the mind of another (or a group of people). Through mastery, the projector cannot only share vision, but physical sensations.

Vocal Beacon: A Power with two parts: 1) The Power to sing an alluring, irresistible melody without the use of word or lyric. This part of the Power is most common among Sirens; 2) The Power to render all living things immovable by producing a loud, piercing shriek.

Water Manipulation: The Power to manipulate any body of water nearby. This Power can also turn water to ice or steam.

Weather Manipulation: The Power to manipulate and control the elements of weather — wind, hail, snow, rain, lightning and thunder, heat, cold, etc. Sometimes referred to as Mother Nature.

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