Lexicon of Power

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Blinding: The Power to diminish short term memory and perception. Similar to the Power of Memory Manipulation, however, Blinding cannot supplant/alter existing memory or information. Blinding is simply the reduction of memory and perception of another individual.

Delayed Sensation: The Power to delay sensations in oneself or another. A skilled user cannot only Delay sensation for up to thirty days, but a skilled user can also enhance the sensations given.

Excessive Strength: The Power of increased, superior strength. The user does not have to exercise or train muscles of the body. A Power that does not require Control.

Health Absorption: The Power to absorb the health, strength, and life force from another being. A skilled user of this Power cannot only steal the life force from another, but they may take whatever life force they absorb and claim it for themselves. Because of this, it is sometimes referred to as The Regenerative Power. Without learning Control, the user of Health Absorption may accidentally inherit injuries or sicknesses acquired by the being they are taking from.

Identity Stripping: The Power to strip the identity of an individual. Identity includes name, age, history, family and relationships, and profession. Sometimes referred to as The Blank Slate Power. A skilled user can strip one of their identity, only to return their identity at a later date.

Increased Speed: The ability to move faster than the eye can detect. Sometimes referred to as The Wind Spirit.

Oppression: The Power to bear down on the atmosphere in order to oppress every living thing in the vicinity.A skilled user may extend their reach of Oppression for many miles, while a less skilled user will only extend their reach of Oppression a few inches. Control is absolutely required. Oppression without Control has several consequences, including: the inability to lift the Oppression, the risk of serious injury to the user and all living beings affected, the risk of death to the user and all living beings affected.

Paralysis: The Power to paralyze another individual. A skilled user may Paralyze multiple beings at once. Commonly a Power possessed by Carnal Demons, Vampires, and Sea Folk, however, Paralysis is not specific to just these creatures.

Portal Creation: The ability to create a portal for transportation between two very distant locations. A skilled user can create portals between Realms.

Realm Creation: The Power to create a Kingdom or domain that is a separate and hidden division within a Main Realm. Control is required. A less skilled user may create a Realm and get stuck inside. An extremely rare Gift, it is rumored that only the Gods possessed this Power.

Realm Detection: The Power to detect a Realm that is hidden. An extremely rare Gift, it is rumored that only the Gods possessed this Power.

Realm Unlocking: The Power to unlock a Realm one did not create. An extremely rare Gift, it is rumored that only the Gods possessed this Power.

Retrosight: The Power to see with clarity what is happening behind the user. Sometimes referred to as Four Eyes.

Sense Destruction: The Power to destroy five of the six sense: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. The sixth sense, intuition, is not affected by the Power of Sense Destruction. A skilled user can disable all five senses in one individual simultaneously. A less skilled user may only disable one sense at a time.

Spell Nullification: The Power to cancel out spells and incantations. A skilled user can prohibit the spell or incantation from being used for however long they dictate. A less skilled user may only nullify a spell or incantation for short periods of time.

Summoning: The Power to Summon a living being at will. Requires the users blood as a sacrifice, though the reason for this is not entirely known.

Telekinesis: The Power to move objects, living or inanimate, from one place to another. Control and practice are required if the user intends to move heavy objects.

Time Manipulation: The Power to manipulate the flow of time, though the user can only slow time. A skilled user can slow time almost to a stop, while a less skilled user can slow time almost imperceptibly.

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