Lexicon of Power

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Animal Communication: The Power to communicate, telepathically, with animals. A less skilled user may only communicate with common animals, such as dogs, cats, and squirrels. A skilled user may communicate with common and mythical animals of all Realms, such as Pixies, Tree Goblins, and Pegasus.

Death Sense: The Power to smell the impending death coming from an individual. The time of death is unknown, as is the reason for death. The smell is unique to the user. Some users report death as a sweet, floral scent, while others report death as a rotting, sour scent. The reason for the differing scents is unknown.

Detection: The Power to detect danger or locate an individual. Sometimes referred to as Presage. The Power of Detection can be felt from great distances, warning the user of impending dangers or threats.

Divination: The Power to locate lost items by reading blessed Runes, tea leaves, tarot cards, bones, or crystals.

Dream Manipulation: The Power to enter into and manipulate the dreams of another.

Empathy: The Power to feel and understand the emotions of others. Sometimes referred to as The Great Intuition. Control is absolutely required. Learning how to Control Empathy is the equivalent to adding a filter. Without learning Control, the user may be driven mad due to the free flowing emotions that pour into their minds. A skilled user is able to accept or deny the flow of emotions from others, calling upon their Empathy at will. A less skilled user will take in the emotions of others against their will, which may lead the user to self-isolate.

Future Seeing: The Power to look into the future and see events that have yet to pass. Cannot be called upon at will.

Mediumship: The Power to see and communicate with the dead. A skilled user can call upon the dead at will, while a less skilled user will only see the dead when the dead choose to be seen.

Memory Manipulation: The Power to manipulate existing memories and information. This Power can also lock away more memories, creating a Seal, to be revealed at a later date. Control is required. A skilled user can manipulate memories with direction and specification. A less skilled user tends to leave out critical information, leaving the receiver confused and questioning.This Power can also Mask the aura of an individual.

Mind Control: The Power to control the mind of another. This Power enables the user to force others to act on the users will. A skilled user can exercise this Power without the controlled individuals knowledge, while the opposite is true of a less skilled user.

Precognition: The Power to see into the future during sleep. A Power that cannot be Controlled.

Psychometry: The Power to touch inanimate objects and see the information directly connected to that object. Does not work on living creatures. Without learning control, the user may take in information that is completely irrelevant.

Past Seeing: The Power to look into the past and see events that have already happened. Cannot be called upon at will.

Sharp Memory: The Power to search through one’s own memory to locate a specific piece of information.

Sick Sense: The Power to sense an illness in another individual.

Suggestion: The Power to Suggest information to another individual. Similar to Memory Manipulation, however, Suggestion can supplant existing information with the information the user Suggests. A skilled user can Suggest grandiose or unlikely events, while a less skilled user can only Suggest inside the realm of what is possible.

Teleport: The Power to move from one place to another in seconds. A skilled user is able to travel between Realms, while a less skilled user is only able to travel short distances. Control is absolutely required. Without learning how to Control Teleportation, the user may get stuck in the void between distances.

Telepathy: A two part Power: 1) The Power to communicate with another through the mind and without words; 2) The Power to cascade ones thoughts throughout an area, enabling all those inside of that area to hear the words spoken without voice.

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