Lexicon of Power

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can you have more than one Power? There is a smaller chance that one would only have one Power. Your Greatest Gift will be the Power that comes to you first. Other Power will come to you, but they will not be as strong as your Greatest Gift.

What is a Greatest Gift? Your Greatest Gift is the first Power that comes to you, your bailiwick. It is the Power that others will use to classify you, and it will be one you are most skilled with.

Can you gain more Power? It is possible that Power will manifest throughout the course of one’s life, but one cannot acquire Power through unnatural means. For instance, it was once rumored that one could obtain a specific Power by killing someone with that Power. However, that is untrue. Power is natural and cannot be passed around.

Can you lose a Power? There are several cases detailing loss of Power, but in those cases, each loss of Power is the result of extreme trauma.

How do you learn control? How does one master anything? Practice.

Is power genetic? Power can be genetic, but not always. An example, there are those with the Power of Telekinesis that do not have Telekinetic parents.

If a Power has a weakness, will it always lose against that weakness? Not necessarily. For instance, one with the power of Spell Nullification may not be able to nullify spells or incantations that come their way. The point is not to categorize Power as strengths or weaknesses. The point is to learn control.

Are there individuals born without Power? No being, dark or light, is born without Power.

Are there certain Powers that are specific to a species? No, Power is not race specific, but there are abilities that are race specific. A good example would be the retractable fangs of a Vampire. This is a race of Dark Creature that is capable of displaying their fangs at will. Demons also have this ability, although Demon’s have a full set of sharp teeth, not just sharp canines. Angels do not have the ability to hide or show their fangs. This is the difference between Power and abilities. Abilities can be race specific, Power, though, is not.

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