As Green As Envy

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Every two decades on Earth, all vices and virtues are released to prove themselves worthy of their legacy. If they convince the most humans to give into their sin or value than their counterpart, they will rule Earth for the next 2o years. However, if the battle is lost, they will be trapped in hell. Alexandria Bellerose was dead-set on winning. She didn't care who died, as long as nobody got in her way. That is, until someone did exactly that. It’s a game of manipulation and desire. Who will win and who will suffer in their eternal damnation?

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Chapter 1

The portal was open...

I floated down the black corridor, ready to see the world. It was time for us to leave, and all the other spirits were most likely starting preparations to leave. I wanted the best body. If I didn’t get it, I would make sure the sin inhabiting it would get destroyed.

It was my legacy to go visit Earth and rule envy; I couldn’t do it if my body was unlikable. If it did not make people envious.

The room was grand and dark — as was everything in the underworld — with only one source of light other than my emerald glow. The portal to Earth shone bright and called to me as the sun calls to the sky, albeit I have not seen either. Going towards it, I suddenly sensed a gush of warm air along with an unfamiliar scent. I was filled with a homely smell, something that seemed comforting. I hated it, but still could not stop myself from approaching the luminescent blue.

The glittering pillar of light was so close that I could almost feel myself melting into something new.

“Why are you here so early?” A lilting voice said.

Pride was in the back of the room; Blackish-purple light radiated from the spirit and his essence felt smug.

“I don’t want anyone going before me,” I responded, slowly moving closer to the portal while simultaneously blocking his path to it.

“The doorway to earth is wide open and we only have twenty-four hours to cross. I want to start immediately.”

“Well, then you are going to be disappointed since some sins have already gotten a head start.” Pride glowed brighter and then he motioned me to go. I was confused by what he said. Only half an hour had passed since this room was opened; no other sin cared about being early or first... Except for Greed. I was livid, I didn’t think about him wanting the best; he always made sure to beat me at everything, and I could not do much about it.

Fuming, I went into the light. Instead of brightness though, everything became dark and muted.

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