Welcome To The Afterlife

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Once There Was A Man, He Died. Then this happened

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Welcome To The Afterlife

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I woke up, with a strange feeling. I remembered it from long ago. It was called something. Si… si… si something… silence? Yes... that was it. Silence. Pure, complete, silence. I don’t remember much about it, except the nothingness. It felt strange. Unnatural. Opened my eyes as the humming of silence came in, filling my ears. It was quiet. Too quiet. I didn’t like it. There was something soft under me. A bed? Yes, a bed. The silence made my ears feel weird. I hated the silence. It seemed to be the root of the problem of everything. But when I thought of it... it wasn’t just the silence. There was also something else. A snake of worry slithering in my stomach. I felt this… this uncertainty about… about… well… everything! But oddly, I was feeling this while also feeling a strange kind of comfort. Knowing I would be safe from anything that came my way. Yet knowing everything would be different. I felt immortal. Another strange feeling.

Where am I? I thought, Who Am I? A sudden chill went down my back, as I realized that I didn’t know my own name. I racked my brain for something. Anything. A memory? A name? But there was nothing. A blank sheet of nothingness. Maybe I had a concussion? But why would I have one? I thought back to my last memory, and soon remembered cars.

A road like a bridge, above ground. With cars and trucks. A highway. And traffic. Then there was a series of honking noises and screeching noises, then a crash. Then blackness. Then… then… then what? I searched my memory, but couldn’t think of anything else, except… well… blackness. But if that really was my last memory, then how was I in this… this bed?

Soon I decided to open my eyes. Maybe I was at my home. Then I’d get answers. I opened my eyes and saw a ceiling. A ceiling light, and-

“Finally, you’re awake!” said a booming voice, shattering my thoughts. I sat up, startled. There was a man in a chair in front of me, grinning from ear to ear. “We were afraid you’d never wake up after the few centuries that passed, but they all wake up in the end, don’t they?” then he grinned, if possible, wider. “Besides, you look like a strong one, my right?” I stared at him, not fully processing what he was saying.

He grinned wider, and I was amazed by the fact that his mouth hadn’t ripped apart yet.

“I’m sorry…” I said, slowly, “But am I supposed to know you?” I asked,

“Well, we haven’t exactly met yet,” he said, as if that were obvious.

But seeing the dumbfounded look on my face, his smile dimmed.

“You really don’t know, do you?” he asked,

I stared back at him, blankly.

“Think back to your last memory, son. Whatcha last memory?” he asked, as he pulled out a notepad and a pen.

“A highway full of traffic, and some weird noises. Why?”

“A car accident, I see…” he muttered, as he wrote something down.

“Wait, what? Is this place like a hospital or something?”

The guy shook his head. “You really don’t know yet, do you?” He asked in dismay.

“Know what?” I asked, agitated.

“Son, you were in a car accident. And this isn’t a hospital.”

“Then where am I? Home?”

“What happens to people who get hit by cars and don’t make it to the hospital?” He asked.

“They…” Just then, a thought clicked into my head. But the thought was so crazy, so ridiculous, so impossible

“Wait…” I said, “Are you telling me that... your not telling me…” I said, not believing mýelf, I’m not, I’m not dead, am I?”

“Son,” Said the man, “Welcome to the afterlife.”

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