New beginnings

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Ameila summers had a lot to learn. Both parents murdered, ravenous pack of werewolves searching for her, finding a family she never knew she had. Finding love!

Fantasy / Romance
Twisted desire
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A new life (ameila)

August 15, 2019

I lay in my bed, eyes closed day dreaming. Wishing of ways to escape this life for a new one.

My name is Ameila Summers, I am 18 years old well 19 today it's my birthday and I live in Canada. I have an athletic build, big brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

Each day I wake up dreading the next. My mother recently was murdered and it's been really hard on my dad. He started to drink heavily and now is passed out drunk most of the time. I dont really know what happend i was younger when it she died. My father told me it was an home invasion but I never really believed him, he told me once and said he would never speak of it again. So I never asked again.

I work two jobs to try to pay the bills every month. I work as a waitress in a 50s era diner during the mornings and at a fashion store in the mall in the evenings.

I roll over to look at my alarm clock, it says its 7:22am. So I pull the covers off and stretch. Better go have a shower and get ready for work.

I head to the bathroom and hop in the shower letting the hot water cover me and let it relax all the tension I've been holding onto. I do my usual shampoo, conditioner, wash my body, and shave. Shut off the taps and grabbed my towel. As I'm drying off I put on some music. And brush my teeth.


I put on my waitress outfit, it's a cute 1950s style one peice thats retro pink. Then add a little eyeliner and mascara. I never wear a ton of makeup, my skin is so clear all I need is those two things to make my eyes pop!

I am about to head down stairs when I hear a long bang, and a man yelling in a mean voice looking for my father. Instantly I run and hide in my closet.

Thinking to myself. "Dad what have you done now?"

"Where is she?" Unknown man yells

"She isnt here I swear" my dad yelling at the stranger.

"I told you last time i would be back for her!" Unknown man yells.

"You mean when you killed my wife" my dad yells back

"Omg omg omg the people that killed my mom where here for me" I thought as I hid my self deeper In the closet.

"She was never even yours to begin with human" the unknown man yelled.

"You will never find her! She is 19 now and her mate will find her!" My dad says in his drunk laughing tone.


I hear my dad fall to the floor after the intruder hit him.

"My alpha will be her mate regardless if she wants to or not" unknown man says.

"Ya how well did that work out for your alphas father, he tried to take something that wasn't his and then he got nothing just like your alpha will get nothing" my father spat at him.

" looks like you got nothing from it as well" the intruder laughs.

" haha guess again. I am the father of the last of the blood moon alphas . If your alpha were to be her mate he would know where she is right now but he doesn't, you will never find her, would you really think I would keep her here,hahaha your pathetic just like your alpha!"

"Shut up old man!"


He hits him again.

*what do I do why does this guy keep saying he is here for me and that his alpha or what ever, that's suppose to mean wants me for... what ...his mate? What the hell does that mean, And what does my father mean about the last of the blood moon alphas.?*

"I'll tell ya what old man you tell me where she is and I might let you live" the unknown man states.

"Hahaha I promised my wife I will protect her till the day I die, I'll never tell you where she is" my dad spits at the man.

"Well then I guess today is your day" the unknow man laughs

" i hid her well you will never find her you dog" i hear my dad scream

Im just about to climb out of my closet when I hear


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