The Raven

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She was powerful She was Young But most of all She was to dangerous for the world to handle He is the Alpha King He is arrogant and cocky But he is smart and a great leader What happens when he saves her from the Blood Moon Pack and discorvers what she is. Will he use her for powers or help her escape her nightmares? Find out (Im sorry if there's a lot of errors. English is not my first language)

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Chapter 1


"What do you mean?"
"They betrayed us Alpha"
"Yeah, I know that, but how?"
"They have a prisoner that wasn't register in the system. There are rumors that its a powerful creature, and they are taking blood from it and feeding it to the children, so they can become powerful soldiars when they are old enough"
"And they have not spoken a word to us about it?"
"No, Alpha"
I was enraged. How dare they to betray me! Im the Alpha to the most powerful pack in the world! I look over to my Beta.
"we are attacking them tomorrow. I don't care about the treaty. they betray me, they have to pay for it!"
"yes, Alpha. ill get the soldiars ready"

The next day
"Mark, you take 20 soldiars the the west entrance. From there you'll make a distraction while we sneak to the dungeons"
"Yes, Alpha"
I made the go signal, and the mission was on. we had made it past the border and no one had noticed us.
When we are at the dungeons we sneak us down the stairs. It stinks of blood and dirt. To our surprise there are no guards. All the prisoners are looking at us. They make no move to do anything. I could feel the fear the were feeling. A smirk takes over my face.
There is a door in the far corner. It's locked with many locks. it looks heavy too.
I walk towards it. I could feel a strong energy from there. it was so powerful that it made my mind hazy. What could be behind that door? I reached the door and everything was hazy. The door wouldn't move. It was also made of silver. Luckily silver didn't effect me, because of my Alpha blood.
"Somebody get me the keys to this door!"

its my first book and chapter so it would be nice if you would give me your honest meaning about it so far.... and to the other chapters and ideas would be nice to

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