The Protectors-In The Land of Light

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Bubbles Aren't The Best Weapons

The light flashes through my body, my veins. It takes me under, asks me to join it in a warm place full of light. I feel detached from my own body, as if the light has separated me from my very being. It has a cold edge that scares me. Struggling to get free, I find no way out. No way to escape this prison of light.

It’s over, and I am sprawled on the cold dark floor of some cave. A cold lonely cave. A cave full of dripping stallagtites. A cave where my worst nightmares could happen.

Light filters through a draft in the ceiling, letting in just enough light to see. The air bites at my skin. I hug myself, wondering why I did not wear a coat. Probably because I didn’t think I was going to come to this Cave of Doom. My hoodie barely keeps out the stinging air.

Managing to push myself up to my feet, I find that I am alone. In this cavern of shifting lights. With no idea how I got here. Or where I am. Or what to do.

My teeth chatter and I stuff my hands into my hood pocket.

I come to reality, I am hopelessly lost.

So I go with the most obvious thing I can think of, “Help!” I pause and cup my hands to my mouth, angling towards the hole in the ceiling.

“I’m stuck down here! Please, help me!”

Nothing, no one. Then suddenly a shift of breath from behind me. A rustle of movement, echoing off the walls. I shift on my heel, and find myself staring into two giant green eyes. And when I say giant, I mean giant. Bulbous and unblinking. Pupils, dark narrow slits.

I put my hand to my mouth to silence a scream as two curls of steam curl up and around the green-eyed thing’s nose. Shiny white teeth glint in the dim light. Yellow saliva drips from its dagger-like fangs. A low growl echoes through it’s stomach.

A scream claws its way out of my throat and echoes through the cavern, mixing with the growls from the beast. Screaming probably wasn’t a brilliant idea, but too late now.

The beast lets out a roar, huge, ominous, and breathtaking. But not the good kind.

So I do the most logical thing I can think of, again. I turn around and run, not glancing back but know I am being pursued by the beast behind me. Its claws scrape the floor, dangerously close to where my sneakers are hitting the rough stone floor.

A blast of water from behind me sends me ricocheting into the air and hitting the ceiling that is far above. Pain splinters through my back and head as I collide with the stone. Stars dance before my eyes. I force away the blackness that is creeping into my vision.

Time seems to stop before gravity takes a hold of me. I fall back down towards the ground, which must be at least fifty feet below. I scream and flail for a moment when I see the beast, which I now notice is a dragon, who can shoot water, and is right below me. His jaws open to swallow me whole. And I have no doubt it could, being the size of a semi truck. Apparently this day could get a thousand times worse.

I mean dragons don’t even exist. My mind tells me. Obviously they do, because this one is about to eat you.

I close my eyes, sending a plea into the universe before shooting my hands out and harnessing the tingling that is deep in my skin.

Water bursts from my fingers in a geyser, which blasts off the dragon and hovers me in the air inches from where the dragon’s mouth had been. My arms begin to shake from the strain of keeping the geysers streaming out of my hands, which I don’t even know how I am managing to do. My arms give out and I fall towards the ground. Managing to fall into a roll, my legs scream in protest as they hit the hard ground. Needles shoot up my legs and pain explodes in my back.

I manage to jump to my feet, thanking the adrenaline coursing through my veins, just as the dragon takes a swipe at my head. My legs threaten to collapse as I dive out of the way, and throw a bubble at it’s open mouth. It is the only thing I can manage to pull out of the water hovering in the air. Apparently, bubbles don’t make the best weapons.

The dragon looks insulted.

Opening it’s large blue mouth, which is scaled I notice, water bursts from it in a giant geyser, that rivals mine 100 to 1. Somehow I manage to roll out of the way of the geyser and begin sprinting down the corridor that will hopefully lead out of this cavern.

And when you get there? My mind asks.

“I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it,” I answer out loud and somehow manage to amp up my speed as the dragon races behind me. It doesn’t seem too fast. You couldn’t be, being that large with wings at your side. I glance behind me for a moment and find it is inches from my feet. Apparently, it’s fast enough.

It could lunge and, yet again, swallow me whole. When I turn back around to face where I am running, my eyes catch on something glinting silver and gold in the distance.

A heaping amount of it. I sprint to reach it, pouring all of my energy into my run. The cavern opens up into a giant room made of stone. Columns made of silver line the gigantic room.

Yet I don’t have time to take in the magnificence because a roar that shakes the columns echoes behind me. I lunge at a black sword hilt that is sticking out of a mound of gold and silver objects, praying it has a blade at the end of it, trying to not think of the wealth at the end of my fingertips as the dragon snaps its teeth together behind me, knowing its prey is cornered.

Pulling out the sword, I find it does have a blade, and just in time. I spin around and brandish it, just as the dragon reaches me. I stick the sword out and close my eyes, locking my elbows and my knees, which is honestly a terrible idea but I have never done this before. A shock ricochets through me as a sickening crunch resounds throughout the stone cavern, then silence.

I peel my eyes open one at a time and find the dragon lying before me, the sword sticking out of its mouth. Blue blood soaks my white sneakers and legs, as well as the floor. The sword is buried up to its hilt. Don’t keep looking, my brain advises.

I fall to my knees and take deep breaths, trying to stop the bile from coming out of my mouth.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper to the blue and green dragon, as I lay a hand on its scaly head. “I just didn’t want to be your lunch.” And with that I grab the sword hilt, and pull it out of its mouth.

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