The Protectors-In The Land of Light

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Muriel Wiley, This is Your Destiny

I stumble down the dimly lit passageway, pretty sure I am going crazy. The fact that all of this just happened is...well...not possible. Sure, I know it just happened because of the blue blood on the sword I am gripping in my hand, and the scrapes and bruises all over my body are real. And the shivers of panic hitting me, definitely aren’t an illusion. But, it just was not right. Dragons do not exist. And they certainly do not have water powers. They are supposed to breathe fire, not water. Of course it is not real.

But that does not mean that it did not happen. Just because I’ve never seen all of this before, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

I do not want this to be real. I don’t want to come to terms with the fact that I am alone in a cave with no way to get out. Also, there could possibly be more dragons.

I shove away my common sense. I am pretty sure that I am just trying to convince myself that it is all fake. My brain is too muddled to try and figure out everything that has happened in the last fifteen minutes. And if I did try to figure all of this out, I think it would short-circuit and I would die here like the dragon. Lying on the stone, my bones white and abandoned.

And what about my friends? Did they have to do the same thing? Or were they dead? I can not think of that.

I should have been there to protect her. I am her best friend. Someone she should be able to rely on. Not someone who would be stuck in a dark cave alone, with a sword.

Sighing, I pick up my pace. This is all just a crazy dream, that feels like it is real life. It will go away.

I should probably stop lying to myself. The impossible is possible.

Stumbling, I finally spot light filtering across the floor, playing with the shadows. My heart leaps, I am almost out of here.

I run out into the light and feel the warmth of the sun hit my face. I am in the middle of a green forest, no paths of direction to lead me. But it does not matter. I left the dark behind me. I begin to walk away but a whispery voice stops me in my tracks, “Congratulations, Muriel Wiley, you have completed your test.”

Almost jumping out of my shorts, I spin on my heel so quickly I almost fall over. Finding my balance, I aim my sword at a lady, who is dressed in a black gown, swirls of silver play across the surface. Her pale skin glimmers in the dark forest.

“Who are you? What’s going on here?” I ask, leveling the sword at her. I hate threatening her, it feels cold and harsh. But now isn’t the time for kindness.

“You were put to a test to see if you were right for a Protector. Your friends were faced with a trial as well.” She tucks her arms into her wide sleeves. “As for where we are, you are soon to find out. We shall go now. The Leader is waiting.” I pick out two words that are completely foreign to me, Protector and Leader. She said them with importance, like they are a name of something great.

“Whoa, lady, do you really expect me to just leave with you?” I laugh. “Like that’s going to happen.” My nerves tangle around in my stomach. Running into the woods is sounding more and more inviting.

“If you do not come with me, Muriel Wiley, I will make you.” She raises a delicate eyebrow threateningly. Her dark hair sways in the wind.

“I just took down a dragon, I’m sure I can take you.” As soon as I am done talking, winds bind my hands behind my back and I float in the air, not able to move or speak. My eyes even seem to be glued in the same position, staring into the grey sky.

“By force then. We must go see the Leader, Muriel Wiley, this is your destiny.”

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