My strangest day of life

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Hi, I am Olivia and My story is about my strangest day of life and this is strange, wonderful and beautiful too. Here I will be visiting a shortcut to my house from school while I found the most beautiful park I seen in my whole life and got some strange gifts from there. To see what happens dive into the story

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The mysterious Street

After a long day finally, the school ended and I was heading to my house. I looked at my phone to see if my mom texted me. and I suddenly realized that it was getting dark. And I am scared of the dark so I chose the shortcut to my house, but I was quite scared to go there because I've heard that people who have gone there have just disappeared like they never existed. anyway, I went into that street. After a while, I suddenly thought someone was walking behind my back. I turned to see a little girl who was very happy about some reason. I asked her what are you doing? she said "hey would like to play with me a and be my friend? I don't have any." I agreed with her . she was so cute and playful. Suddenly she said hey let's do there its the best place ever you can play with me there. As I looked where she was pointing and the very powerful light struck my eyes and I couldn't see anything anymore. I felt someone or..... Something pushed me screamed but there was no one until the light took me to a place full of people

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