The Legend of Byzegrade: Ch-001: The Tragedy

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From the Light Novel Series, The Legend of Byzegrade. Ch-001 [The Tragedy] has been finally released! Come know about the forgotten history of the distincts long ago. Come know the History of Byzegrade- the casualties- the sacrifices made for the Land of Distincts.

Fantasy / Action
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The Tragedy

History; heroes of the past are like immortals in peoples' hearts. Ancient ages are always regarded as the Heroic age of warriors. Indeed, it is true. Does it always Have to be the past?

December 19, 1104 A.D. The last few 22 survivors distincts* were alone in a cave which was located somewhere near the outskirts of the present Mozambique named NRibadia, though there were not left alone. Not left alone by the ordinary people; especially the kings and emperors.

These 22 survivors were the last known distincts because of the oppression and deprivation which went on all the early distincts. More than 99.99% of the people of the world were ordinary; they had no excess powers within them. Most of the people hated the distincts from the centre of their hearts or perhaps, fear.

At a point, King Ngurabe secretly found out the distincts' location and sent an army to capture them. The distincts had no other ways to go when the mouh of the cave was completely surrounded.

But Ryzagica , a summoner, summoned a great number of beasts to gaurd the army in order to escape.

Very well; they had a success and fled to the present Madagascar by sailing on a turtle summoned by Miragica.

But situation got wild. When they reached Madagascar, they found them in the opposite of an army which seemed like more than thousands of soldiers. When they looked back, their too was waiting boats and ships of hundreds. In a moment or less, cannonballs came rolling in fire leading to a devastating unfair battle.

The fight seemed to be endless. It continued for days without a single pause. However, the distincts didn't stand a chance; they were finally imprisoned. Imprisoned which could lead only to death! The prisoners would not be given any food or water, moreover, the prison was guarded by an army of thousands.

In the prison, it was silent until Miragica spoke,"Kill me, brother, kill me I can't just die here! Or else they'll kill us; I wouldn't die by their hands. Kill me, brother-"

"Stop talkting nonsense! You will be alright. Just rely on me, and why would I kill you?"Ryzagica replied.

"Don't go to Hell my brothers. We will fight!" Giraxcasy spoke.

"We can't. Master, we are weary enough. At least I can't barely move a muscle," Lirgasy commented.

"Previously we fought well, but without any plan. Get on a plan; we won't leave them a chance this time. Speak of what is your proposition or else I am going on," Giraxcasy stopped.

"I do have an opinion," Zerconore replied.

"Yes, go on."

"Master, I know it'll be difficult but I am proposing to flee. Flee with a Land. A land to establish a new civilization of our future."

"How do you propose we do that?"

"My recommendation is to summon a large number of beasts and then from behind, I will create Rubber wall supported by stone wall which will buy us a great amount of time."

"Great idea! Then?" Lirgasy interrupted.

"Then a group of us will cause a continental drift somehow and then use a charm to sail that piece of crust like a gigantic ship which we will replace far away."

"Magnificent! But now, Fushana, we need you to heal us all."

"As order, master," she agreed.

"And, Lirgasy, prepare a seal to move a piece of crust which could weigh a million tonnes."

Lirgasy nodded in agreement.

"Leave the continental drift to me..." Giraxcasy stood up.

Even a single minute was not to be wasted. The longer they waited the weaker they became; it is truth without any provisions.

Midnight, December 27, 1104 A.D. A huge explosion with an unimaginable sound broke upon the heart of Madagascar. But army of thousands was not so to be defeated easily.

Giraxcasy; sinned upon Wrath*- blessed with the Space Crystal Triplexum*-powered with the Dragnizen* and the Thundrozen*-charged a blue aura combining his powers. Strength of The Unknowns!

Leena; sinned upon Lust-powered with Aurizen*-sealed the six tier orbiter and flapped her Aura Wings.

Ryzagica; the greatest summoner ever known- summoned the great werewolf of pride, Wu Zabaki, grabbed a sword and got over the fight on his own strength.

Gorazino-an eye user of Beastozen*-transformed into a lion facing the army roaring at origin.

Miragica; a summoner-the younger sister of Ryzagica- prepared a lemon yellow aura so as to summon a hundred beasts.

Fushana; an eye user of Helozen*-sat just in the middle of others in cover preparing to heal everyone else.

Zavari; A Samurai-aimed his bow at the army. While Jenrage; a wizard-grabbed his wand ready to fight.

Others, including Zerconore got to the coast secretly as planned. The Amphiter of Wrath was released killing at least one third of the army.

Soon, the distincts were behind the rubber walls just as the sun was ready to rise.

Suddenly a massive earthquake struck upon the lands of madagascar.It was, perhaps, because of the continental drift caused by Lord Giraxcasy Havok.

The plan was, indeed, successful. The distincts led their sigh of relief as the huge crust sailed slowly at the speed of a shark. Days passed until Giraxcasy found it safe to stop the seal. Thus, the land was permanently located in the Indian Ocean roughly near the Southern Ocean borders. It was located just about the centre of the present continents Africa, Asia and Australia.

The land including all of the distincts was sealed with an Oblivion spell*. And Lord Grixcasy named the land, Byzegrade, which means the land of the forgotten-

"Wait, brother..." Zercon interrupted.

"What? Why did you stop me reading the book?" Zeager asked in reply.


"Listen what?"

"That bit of sounds"

Zeager stood up and looked up for while. Then he looked down at Zercon with eyes of dismay. Zercon too stood up as the sounds of footsteps amplified. Suddenly, a loud scream struck in their ears, probably, the old man's. Zeager grabbed Zercon's hand and rushed towards the backdoor. But when they opened up that door, they realized that it was too late. Young Zercon looked at his brother of 18 with hopeless eyes.


Distincts: A group of enhanced human beings specialized with multiple powers.

Sinned upon Wrath: Fused with a sin beast Among the seven.

Triplexum: The Space Crystal among the three Power Crystals.

Dragnizen: The distinct eye of dragon element.

Thundrozen: The distinct eye of electric element.

Aurizen: The Sacred distinct eye of aura element.

Beastozen: The distinct eye of beast element.

Helozen: The distinct eye of heal element.

Oblivion Spell: A magic spell which causes the victims' existence in peoples' memory to be ereased.


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