Death to the Crown

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A king. Assassins. Revenge. Secrets. Friends. Enemies. Lovers. A past only few know of, will Deleah learn of it? And if she does, will she fight for what is right?

Fantasy / Romance
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Daleah walked down the hallway of the castle that lead to the throne, the king had called for her.

Guards stood down said hallway, they didn't trust her enough to let her wander alone, which was stupid considering she was the King's favorite. She smirked to herself knowing that she could easily take them all at once and she wondered if they too knew there was nothing they could do to spare their own lives if she were to attack them. A glanced to a young guard to her right and he flinched, he quickly cover it, but she noticed it and held back her want to roll her eyes.

Pathetic. She thought.

When she reached the huge doors that lead to the throne room, two royal guards dressed in black stood, blocking her way. She stopped and raised an eyebrow and looked at each of them with a cold glare. "Are you going to move or do I have to do that myself?" She said in a cold tone.

The doors to the room were open and she heard the king say, "Let her in."

The guards stepped away and she glared at them before walking inside. She walked until she stood in front of the steps where, above, the king sat in his throne then knelt down. "You called for me, my king?"

"Get up." His rough voice commanded and she did. He looked the guards standing by the opened doors and told them to close them. Daleah slightly furrowed her brows and set her jaw, whatever it was she was called here for it must be big since the king didn't want anyone, but his right hand and four guards, to listen. She stood there, waiting for him to speak. "I have a mission for you."

She looked up at him and waited. He was in his mid forties, pale skin, black hair, equally black eyes and you could tell he stayed fit.

"It is very important and dangerous," he said. "And only you, my best assassin, can do it."

She stared coolly at him and nodded once, "What is it that you request me to do, your majesty?"

"I received a letter from a reliable source in Transkatan saying that Lord Vartel plans to come to Henglary with an army and become the new king."

She held back the urge to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. She knew what he was going to ask of her. She just wished he didn't.

"And you want me to do what, exactly?" She asked without being disrespectful nor respectful and already knowing the answer.

"I want you to sail to Transkatan and do what you have to do to gain the trust of Lord Vartel and kill him and all of his family."

Daleah's jaw hurt from clenching her teeth so hard, she took a deep breath through her nose to calm her beating heart.

The king stared at her, waiting for her to refuse, but she wouldn't. She couldn't and he knew it.

"When am I to leave?" She ground out.

He leaned back on his throne and inspected his nails, "Tonight."

She bit the inside of her cheeks, it was a few hours before the nightfall came. She nodded. "I will head to my room and get ready." She turned around then-

"Flaxel will be joining you."

She turned around and glared at the king, "What!?"

Thank the twelve gods that she was his best assassin and he tolerated her little outbursts, in fact, she was sure he found them amusing.

"Oh, you didn't think I was going to send you into dangers way alone now, did you?" He smirked as Flaxel walked into the room.

She looked to her right and there he stood, dressed in leathers, armed to the teeth, tanned skin, auburn hair, green eyes tall and muscled.

Flaxel Moktran, her rival, the guy who long ago used to be her friend, who now was someone she hated with all her heart.

"With all due respect my king," she tried to be as polite as she could. "But I do not need a babysitter."

"Oh don't be ridiculous, Daleah. He is going because this mission requires two people."

"I can do it on my own." She ground.

"I'm sure you can, but two is better than one." He smirked, wickedly. "And what is better than Hanglary's best assassin?"

She glanced at Flaxel and he smirked at her, she glared daggers his way.

"Hanglary's best assassin and the King's Captain. You two are the best of the best." Finished the king.

"I can't let the second best of the kingdom go alone into the enemies claws." Flaxel said striding towards her with a feline grace.

"Then you should stay behind."

He snickered and she looked back at the king. "I'm guessing I have no choice?"

He shook his head once and she sighed.

"Fine," she pointed a finger at the Captain. "But you stay at least thirty feet away from me or I will give you another scar to remember me by." She spat and a dark look crossed his eyes, only for a second before he masked it.

She bowed and turned ready to leave when- "I need you to do something for me before you leave tonight."




Daleah stood on the roof of an abandoned building waiting for the lights of the house in front of her to go out. It was dark out and one hour before she had to departure to Transkatan.

The lights went off and she jumped and gracefully landed on her feet. She stalked to the front door and unlocked it with one of her knives.

Turns out that what King Krosdell needed her to do was to kill a couple named Anna and Joseph. He didn't give her much details and she didn't ask. He did add, before she stepped out of the throne room, that if their child happened to get in her way to kill them as well. Daleah prayed to the twelve Gods for the child to be asleep.




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