Living With Rogues

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Chap 1 : Out of a trouble, in my way to another

Being rogues means, life throws shit at our faces, and sometimes, we throw shit at life. But this time, I was about to throw myself in a deep pool of shitness.

"This is your last chance to back out" Dad whispered, putting an arm on my shoulder. Encouraging me.

I moved my gaze around me, the forest was still asleep, exept for the laughter of the four men in blue uniforms that says 'Dawn patrol - Silver Pack' standing beside a small wooden cabin at the end of the silver fence 100 meters away.

I took a deep silent breath, inhaling the smell of the wet dirt I was kneeling on "No, I will do it"

He patted on my shoulder one last time giving me his biggest proud smile, his brown eyes shining in the darknes "Good, because if you don't I will throw you there myself! "

I rolled my eyes, knowing him, He wasn't joking about it.

"If I die-" I started, but was cut by him as soon as I pronounced the word 'die'

"If? Are you kidding me! I bet your cousins you will get caught before you reach the first house"

Well, I guess 'die' is not what he was worried about.

"Seriously Jacke!" I whisper yelled as high as our location aloud me "If I get caught you better rescue me before I feel chains on my wrists. And if you let me die in there, I will hunt your soul forever."

It wasn't gonna come to death that soon. Or at least I hoped. Silver pack was the kind of torture first and kill later.

"Easy pup. You will make it by yourself. It's too early for me to fight anyway."

I gave him one last meaningful threatening look "You better not let me suffer for long".

He noded, grinning. I knew he will do the exact opposite of what I said. Yet I had to take my chances. My father's standers of pain were a little too high for me.

I got up, not bothering to look back to him. Looking all over the trees, I took off my shirt and used it to jump over the silver fence.

The wind was blowing in the opposite side of the patrol, at least the nature was encouraging me the right way this morning. Just as my feet landed on the other side and took steps forward, using the trees to hide. I was officially trespassing. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. Praying for the Moon it wasn't loud enough to reach the men. I didn't waste anytime, moving from one tree to another deep in the pack territory like a ghost, or in my case, like a rogue.

A green house finnaly showed, its four glassy windows in the front were all closed. So I had to turn around, lucky for me, I was small enough to fit in the only half opened window, I jumped silently and stuffed my body inside. But, I miscalculated the distance so the land inside the house was pretty loud.


I run inside and hide myself behind the kitchen counter. Seconds later, I heard some noise from the second floor, then steps coming down.

"Hello?" It was a female voice, an old one.

The sound of her nose sniffing the air only made my heart beats louder.

"Is someone there?"

I don't know what's wrong with these swarmies. Asking numbnuts questions like if whomever was hiding in their kitchen will come out waving there hands answering.

Other steps came from the stairs.

"Can you smell that? Like burned wood?" The old lady told someone.

I admit it, I do smell like burned wood, but I also have a good explanation for that.. maybe I'll tell you later, when I'm in a more comfortable situation.

"I will link the patrol" It was an old man's voice.

Oh shit. I was going to be in deep shit if I didn't do something. It's 6 minutes walk till the patrol is here. So If they run. I only have two.

I stood, waving my hand with a smile "Hi there."

the old couple gasped in shock. The man tried to shield the women from me.

Ooh how cute. These mates make my heart melt. Even if they were swarmies.

"Rogue" the women yelled with a shaky voice

"Umm. Don't mind me. I will just take a couple of stuff and go away" I said as I picked a knife on the kitchen counter.

The women rushed upstairs as the old man growled at me. Ready to attack.

"Oh no no. I'm not gonna hurt you. It was just the first thing I reached!"

The man didn't look convinced, although I was saying the truth. I looked around, with one eye on the old. If he really was going for the attack. Can he even shift? He's too old and slow for that. I only know one old rogue, old Louis, he was about 120, when I asked him once he said his bones and organs are too weak to shift. But the man was still able to chase a chicken with two legs.

A bracelet was on the table so I took it, glancing at the small window, I decided the front door was better to use. So I made a backward run. Not taking my eyes off the growling old man.

"It was nice raiding you grand swarmy. I will come back soon. See ya!"

With that I opened the door with my free hand. I looked around. The sun was slowly rising and I had better vision of the forest. I run with all the speed I got in the opposite side of where the patrol was.

The sound of paws hitting the earth and howls raised in the air. I hoped the old man will be too shocked to link them that I run out of the house.

The fense was clear now in front of me, 10 more meters. I put the knife and bracelet in my pocket, taking off my shirt. The howls were coming closer but I made it out of the territory.

"What! Does this means I will have to pay 250 dollars to the boys each! I prefer if you made me fight the swarmies or cry over your dead body!" My father said already half naked.

I could see the tens of cuts on his chest from the times he was tortured by the swarms, and the times he got into fights, and the one time I cut him with a silver knife because he challenged me, not my fault, he now knows better than to call me soft like a swarmy pup, and on his back too his skin was channels of whipping marks, as he went behind the tree to undress and shift.

He passed me the bag, where I stuffed my clothes "Maybe I can loan you from the 500$ I bet them I will make it out with no trouble"

"Bloody smartasses "

I shifted, my warm blood rushing in my veins and my bones cracked. My skin tingling as fur grew all over it. I landed on four paws, not having the time to adjust to the new body. I held the bag with my huge teeth and run besides my father's similar brown wolf who was double size of mine. She-wolves weren't as big as males, unless it was an Alpha female. Not that there were any female alphas, but their daughters and sisters tended to be bigger than the normal she wolves, almost as big as a beta male or a warrior. Depends on their training.

The air was blowing my coat, and the howls of the swarm patrol was getting far. They weren't going to chase us for farest than two miles outside their lands. So, we slowed down, catching our breaths.

"You go first pup" father linked me, taking the wrong turn before the waterfall, to run in circles in case someone was following.

"I'm not a pup anymore" I growled

"Oh right, you just made your first solo raid. Your first step to become the packs's most wanted thief. Cute goal if you ask me"

"It's also my 18 birthday, witch makes me a full grown werewolf but yeah, that too"

The vibes of guilt flawted in the link. Although he wouldn't admit it, I knew he felt a little bad for forgetting about his only daughter's birthday. I don't think he had any idea about my birth date in the first place.

I didn't really care though. Those kind of celebrations weren't a very rogue thing to do. It was mom's specialty to remember every anniversary.

Not that there were many to remember, but as I said, rogues don't give a shit and swarms celebrate everything.

I crossed the waterfall quickly, so the bag and my fur doesn't get wet. We lived in the other side of it along with other rogues, around 50 in normal days and 150 in the winter. Down the mounting where we spent summer and up, where we spent winter, it was a perfect place to hide from packs that were hunting us down whenever the hell they felt like it.

The way down used to be unstable and rocky. I can't remember how many times I slipped, every single rogue that took this road definitely broke a bone in it. Until one time a pup almost died, only then everyone moved their lazy asses and stole some bricks from the packs to make what looks like... stairs after an earthquake. But I'm not complaining, it's better than the unstable stones that were there before. Though, stairs weren't very fun at wolf form.

It was like a valley down here, big enough to run but not big enough to get lost. We called it The promised hole. I have no idea who came up with that name. We didn't a 'leader' or any kind of authority figures in here, that doesn't work with rogues. Even if someone tried to boss around, they either get ignored or punched. Our big decision were mostly made by shouting "Ay" to someone on a table begging for their attention.

In the middle of the valley, there was one big tent for food, and anothe -a little smaller- was Adam's medical tent who was our doctor since 5 years, without him we would all probably rotten with infection or bleed to death or live the rest of our lives with twisted bones. He was banished from his old pack because he overdosed someone and got him killed, on purpose. Well, perfect things do not exist. At least not in the promised hole.

Our so called medical tent contained 9 beds, hundreds of bottles of alcohol that were used to clean wounds so it doesn't get infected, and some boxes of bandages someone raided from a swarm hospital. A tong for the bullets, a needle and threads. And a hammer, it is used to rebreak bones in case it healed in the wrong way. The onse that experienced it before said that it's a hell lot more painful that you can ever imagine. I didn't doubt it one bit.

The last big tent was used to store different things, clothes, food, fire wood .. I think chickens used it to sleep too.

Around the big tents there were smaller once of rogues. I shared with my two cousins. Thunder and Zander. A failed attempt by uncle Joe to make them sound like badasses.

Shifting back behind a tree, I wore my clothes and took out the knife and bracelet I raided. Not the best spoils but for my first lone raid, I was more proud than it's worth.

I unzipped the cover that worked as a door, stepping inside on the sound of snoring. I scanned the tent. Two camping beds. On one of them was Thunder, his legs hanging from the bed, one arm on his bare taned packs while the other covering his eyes, his full lips slightly parted. He was the one snoring.

On the ground, was Zander. Laying on his stomach like a dead body on a pool of our clothes and other stuff. He was still wearing his shoes and clothes, witch means he passed away drunk and will have a hangover when he wakes up.

I sat the knife and bracelet on a small table, and layed on my bed that was on the left side of Zander's bed. It made a low cracking sound although I tried to be as quiet as possible. Thunder stiffened on the noise

"Hi there sleeping beauty"

He rubbed his deep set green eyes, and passed his hand on his wavy raven hair "hm..How was it?"

"No causalities. Obviously"

He peered at Zan "I would've loved to come and watch but, I really had a shity night"

Zander was a jughead who tended to go into fights, a lot. And when he gets drunk, it's a nightmare to babysit him.

"I know." I whispered putting my haed on my pillow, that was stuffed with old shreds of clothes.

Pulling me closer to him he kissed my forehead "Happy birthday Rainbow. May you become the gratest raider of all time"

I smiled, letting the sleep take over my exhausted body on the steady beats of Thun's heart and the warmth of his body. My last thoughts were about my career in stealing the packs.

A blasting noise wook me from the peaceful sleep I was having. I opened my eyes and saw that I wasn't the only one who heard it. Zander was up on his feet examining what's around him, still half asleep.

I followed the boys out "What the hell was that!"

The camp was all up, people coming out of their tents. Some shifting to go check if we were being attacked. Others cursing for being awakened.


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