Quick and Quiet

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Two sisters, twins, are shunned by their own parents because they are different from the other wolves. Their real mother died mysteriously, and another girl can into the picture. Are the sisters in danger? Will they ever see their parents again?

Fantasy / Action
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As I ran away from the burning house, I felt a bullet wiz past my head. Is someone shooting at us?

Mom! She's still in the house! I ran back to save her, but my dad caught me by the arm. I tried to pull out of his grip, but he was too strong. I eventually gave up on fighting him and let Dave carry me.

Nobody knew what started the fire. It's as if the person responsible just snapped their fingers and... Boom! There went the house. The head worriors were sent to guard me and my sister, Aria.

My sister felt like there was more to the story. Knew there was more, in fact. She knows things that no one else does. I might be the best student in the school, but Aria is the most popular. And we're only in seventh grade, she still has a long way to go.

Mom believed in us, but the "new mom" doesn't. She thinks we're nothing but idiotic children who get into everyone's business. I hate her. So does Aria, but she doesn't say so. Aria's nice that way.

Carry, our "mom", said she doesn't want us in her life, so she avoids us as much as possible. Although it isn't that bad having her gone, I miss my mom. Alot. I'll see her in the next life.

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