Quick and Quiet

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Chapter 2

Aria's P.O.V

It took Alexandria forever to get ready. I was done and downstairs in ten minutes, but she had to take her precious time. Mom and dad are going to be furious if we're late. They already hate us, so why add to that list?

I was wearing a simple black dress that hugged my curves perfectly, some black high heals, and a light denim jacket. My hair was down. Flowing around my shoulders, gently.

I was always the favorite. Everyone knew. They even told us once that I was the better child, that I would become Luna. My dad said I was more"lady like" than Alexandria. I hung out with the popular girls, and I became their "leader", as my sister says. Alexandria always hung out with our brother and his friends. She played basketball, wore out fits that was more suited for Adam, and didn't care what people thought.

I cared. Too much. I was obsessed with being loved, with being the queen. Not the queen of the wolves, but the queen of the school.

I'm not smart, never have been. I'm the talented musician in the family. Or, well, the semi- okay tuba player of the family. Alexandria is the smart one in the family. She's always been able to pick up things quick,"She has a gift,"my actual mom said.

She said I had one too, but it wasn't there yet. Now I know what she meant. I can tell things about people, even if they don't tell me. I think I'm psychic, but I can't tell Alexandria. She'd have even more reason to feel less- than me.

She finally walks down the steps in a flowy black dress that is spaghetti- strapped. She had brown sandels on, and her fiery red hair in a ponytail. Mom's necklace was hanging around her collerbone. The necklace had a gold chain with a heart and wings on the end. The matching earings were just dangling hearts.

She noticed me looking at it and smiled. "I feel closer to mom when I wear it." I nodded, holding back tears. " Come on." She said softly.

She swept past me and out the door. I followed her down the road and to the city hall. This is going to be a long night.

Ten minutes into the meeting, and they were already arguing. I sighed. Why can't they get along for one night?

"No! You can't make us do this!" Alexandria yelled at Dave. "We've been doing fine on our own. We don't need to go to school! I don't need to go to school."

"Just listen to us, honey."

"Don't honey me. I know your games..."

It went on for a few more minutes, till Alexandria finally gave up. We were going back to school. This isn't going to be fun. At least not for Alexandria.

All the worriors looked at each other, smiling. She wasn't a quitter, she would bring back the conversation to this.

I noticed a guy staring at her, smirking. When he seen me watching him, he quickly turned away. What is he planning?

Alexandria's P.O.V

After the conversation died down, I felt him staring at me. What is his problem? I looked over and saw Aria looking at him. He looked away so quickly, I thought he was gonna give himself wiplash.

We talked about pack business. Being the Blue Moon pack, we are always busy. We are a very strong pack, and have very strong worriors.

After the meeting we went home, and I went straight to my room. I took of the dress and put on some sweat pants and a blue tank top.

I was running, I don't know what from, but it was huge. The tree limbs lashes acrossed my face, tore at my clothes, and got in the way of my feet.

Wolves are supposed to be stealthy, my annoying step mom always said. I was ten, and the stealthiest of all the wolves. But she got in my head, and I tripped. I looked up as a large wolf can bounding towards me. It stopped at my foot and opened it mouth wide...

I woke up screaming. Aria came running on to my room. "Did you have another nightmare?" Worry cakes her voice. I had been having nightmares since the day mom died. I told her about it and she replied,"It's okay. It was just a dream. Come on, let's go get some breakfast."

I couldn't stop thinking about that wolf. It was so familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on how I knew it.

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