Quick and Quiet

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Chapter 3

Alexandria's P.O.V

The day I went back to school was... Interesting. It went good at first, seeing all my old friends, but then Kasey came along.

As soon as I walked in to school Malachi turned around and spotted me.

"Alex?" He has used that nickname since I was little.

"What," I put my hand on my hip," suprised to see me?"

His eyes widened as he realized what I was about to say. I nodded and he ran to me, sweeping me off my feet in a warm hug.

He released his death- grip on my and held me by my shoulders at arm's length.

Malachi and my brother were best friends ,so, naturally- being the adoring little sister I was- I became his friend too.

I looked over his shoulder at the crowd watching us. Turning back to him I said,"We got an audience."

He chuckled and let go, walking past me to the crowd." Can't I celebrate a reunion without you guys watching me?" He raised an eyebrow and everyone scattered, except-

"Terry! Jack!" I shrieked and threw my arms around my two friends.

"Well, well, well. Why were not informed of this?" Terry asked, holding in a laugh.

"It's not my fault my dad made me come. I actually didn't want to." I shrugged.

Jack gasped," So you didn't miss us?"

"Of course, but... I couldn't face you after what happened. After I accidently hurt you guys. I'm sorry."

"How many times do I have to tell you? It's. Not. Your. Fault. We wanted to follow you to see where you worked- although, we don't know why a thirteen years old is a... Well I'd rather not say, it's too gruesome."

We talked about how everyone was here and what new people I need to meet. Apperently, there are two new girls and three new guys on the team. I used to be on the cross country team, but I couldn't after what happened to Jack and Terry. I was homeschooled afterwards, afraid to be outcasted, but they just said they'd miss me and sent me off.

The two girls squealed and started talking about how much of a legend I was, which is wierd, cause people don't usually acknowledge me. Terry, Malachi, and Jack have been telling people how good I was at meets. I usually won.

The three guys just tried to charm me into going on a date with them, but I kicked one in the shin and they backed off.

I had all the same classes as Jack, since him and I are very smart. I'm not kidding, we both have photographic memory. But I don't want to brag, so I stick to not saying supper scientific stuff.

It was fun, and I enjoyed seeing all the people I missed, but not the people who didn't miss me. *Cough* Kasey *cough*. She always hated me, but I have no idea why. Although she adores my sister, she avoids me unless she has some 'dirt' on me. She feels 'obligated' to share this 'information'.

In the hallway she glares at me, and in classrooms she whispers about me. At lunch her and her friends were laughing and pointing at me. I heard a growl from beside me and I put my hand on Jack's shoulder.

"Just ignore her." I snorted and he looked at me wierdly." I feel like your supposed to give me that advice."

He looked back at their table and laughed,"I suppose."

Kasey and two of her closer friends, Monica and Rachael, walked over to me, smirking.

"What?" I growled.

"Oh, nothing. Just walking over to the trash can to dump my tray." She walked up to me and dumped her tray on my notebook that was sitting in front of me.

I stood up,"Oh, no you just didn't." I growled dangerously low. Everyone knows I write my stories in my notebook, and my stories are really memories. Memories of my past, good ones. Ones I don't want to share because I don't have anymore like them.

"Oops. Sorry, I thought that was the trash can." She gave me an innocent look.

'She is not getting away with this.' Cammy growled.

'Well, what am I supposed to do? We can't make a scene. I don't want people talking about me any more than usual.'

'Just give me control and I'll teach her a lesson.'

'No. Nobody needs to get hurt.'

"Listen, Kasey," I spat," I'm gonna be the nature one here and say..." I swallowed hard." It's okay."

Everyone gasped. I basically just threw her insult back in her face, telling her I believed her and not get up in her face. She loves it when you fight back, so she can use your words against you. Not today.

Her face turned red with rage,"You are just chicken! You don't want to fight, cause you know I will win!"

Why not give her something to chew on? Pun intended.

"We both know that's not true, I could beat you in two split seconds. I just don't want to, because, let's face it, you fight like a five year old. Grabbing hair and scratching with nails. You don't know how to really fight!"

Kasey looked like she was ready to blow, but before she could say anything, a teacher came up to us.

"You need to sit down, please."

She huffed and walked away.

People around me started clapping. 'Oops, I think we made a scene!' Cammy said laughing.


I blushed when Jack started cheering loudly. He patted my shoulder and turned me towards him.

"You did great!" He pulled me into a hug and I laughed. I really missed this.

The rest of the day went by fast. I seen Aria once at her locker and she didn't even wave, or acknowledge me. This is how it's always was, though. She never noticed me, we have two different crowds.

At the end of the day, on my way to my usual spot to think and write in the woods, Terry came up to me and pulled out one of my earbuds.

"Hey! Going to write about today?" He knew me so well," You know we have practice if you want to come , your welcome." He smiled at me, a smile that makes all the girls go crazy, except me.

I sighed. When I opened my mouth to come up with an excuse, Jack walked up- well, skipped up- to us.

"Did she agree yet?"

"No, she hasn't." I said chuckling.

Again, I was about to say no, when Jack grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the field. When we got over there everyone was looking at me. I shifted uncomfortably, and pulled my wrist out of Jack's hand.

"Uhhh... Hi guys," I said, pushing a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

Eva, the older one of the two new girls, squealed and ran up to us. "Oh, my gosh. I can't believe you are going the team! You're a legend!" She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. When I didn't hug back, she stepped away.

"Oh, um... I- I'm not- I dont- I-" I couldn't form any words, my throat started to close up.

Just when I thought I was gonna pass out from lack of oxygen, Jack stepped in and said," I'm sorry, she's not joining. She's just watching, but I might be able to convince her to show you some pointers, maybe race some people. Being her best friend, I'm sure I can get her to do something other watch!" People cheered and he turned towards me. "What do you say?"


"Please!" He gave me the puppy- dog eyes.

I sighed and he took that as a yes. Which, I guess, it was. Good thing I was wearing leggings today.

I walked up and yelled,"Who's first?" People came running towards me till I was surrounded. I laughed. I'm not that good. Am I?

"How about.... Jennie!" Jennie was my only friend that was a girl. She walked up to me.

"Of course. She had to pick her best friend. Also the best runner!" She smirked.

We got in line on the track.

"Sure you don't need to warm up? You're probably rusty."

"Trust me, I don't."

We took off, feeling the wind in my hair, I sped up. The sound of air rushing past me, footsteps far behind me. I was way faster. Faster than any wolf should be. I sped up, already on my third lap out of five. I had passed Jennie twice now. As I got close to my fifth, I slowed down, I focused on the sound of the people.

They were cheering, clapping, and hollering. I stopped at the end, putting my hands on my knees, and took deep breaths. I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me, it was probably Jack or Terry. Straightening up, a huge grin spread across my face. It felt so good and my heart was just barely beating faster than normal.

"Woah! I didn't think it was possible for you to get any faster, but you proved me wrong.

Jennie ran up behind me and yelled,"That was fast! Unnaturally fast. What's your secret?"

I shrugged. "I think I can help you guys, though. Teach you some of my tricks, like to not drink water till ten minutes after the run, so you get more hidrated for less water."

Jennie looked over my shoulder and waved. I turned around and saw Micha, one of the rudest girls in this school. She was jealous of me, so she put laxative in my water, hoping I would be too busy in the bathroom to run. Boy was she wrong, I had drunk from the water fountain, cause my water had been knocked over and spilled. Now she hates me.

What is she doing here? Cammy asked, rolling her eyes.

She's part of the team.


"Oh. Hi." Micha said over me, from head to toe. She looked disgusted.

Her long brown hair was up in a high ponytail, not a strange put of place. Black work out pance and exercise shirt, with no wrinkles. Her brown eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Well, I see you must have won. Since everyone is surrounding you. Do you feel like another round? Or are you too tired?"

"Eh- my sister's here." I pointed towards the bench, where she was sitting down. Everyone adores her, so, naturally, Micha waved. "Maybe tomorrow. Bye, guys!" I waved over my shoulder as I walked away.

"You've been running." She raised an eyebrow.

"Jake dragged me. Litterally, so I was like, okay. Now, let's go."

My mood was deteriorating fast. I'm going to have to run again, and I don't want to be roped in again. In case I have to leave.

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