The Deciphering Sanctum

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A teenage girl living in a small town that hides a secret of vulnerable past, inherited the treasure of their family that was passed down for generations- the Tiger Sanctum. After receiving her family heirloom, her whole clan was murdered by a demon, and so on. Before the electricity was not yet discovered by the humans, it is believed that demons are lurking in the surface of the earth and devours human flesh, the Sanctums were created by one of the most strongest sorcerer in that era and was passed down to different families. Using the power of the each Sanctum, humanity retrieved what once theirs, freedom.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Prologue: The Tiger Sanctum

"Sanctums are known as the guardians of the night and bringer of light— for they emit different energies that only chosen humans can posses." Napatingin ako sa isang box na inilapag sa harapan ko, I looked at my father and immediately gazed at the box again, it has a tiger insignia.

"This is the Tiger Sanctum.. which Florence Frightingale created, the greatest Sorcerer of the ancient time." He said.

"This sanctum was bestowed to me by your grandfather— but it never acknowledged me, instead of being upset I protected it with my own life." He added.

"Is that why you have scars all over on your body?" I asked. He nodded and smiled at me then started patting my head making me feel anxious.

"Tamara.. you are the next Tiger of the House of Cavendish.. you must protect the Sanctum from the demons whose trying to take over the world." Sabi niya dahilan para mapatigil ako, kinuha niya ang box at binuksan— then I saw a silver necklace, with a Tiger pendant. It’s pretty.

Agad kong inilahad ang kamay ko at inilagay niya do’n ang kwintas. Kinakabahan man ay tumingin ako kay Papa at napayuko na lang, they're training me for this— the servants and trainers— mother and father— even my niece and nephews.

I am the sole child of Tyrone Cavendish, the known Tiger of the South in Italy, even though the Sanctum didn’t bestowed him any power.. he slayed the demons who tried to take it away from him with his only brute strength..

"You said that the Sanctums are magical.." I muttered but enough for him to hear. "How magical?" I asked.

"It gives you power— direction and even buffs that can slay the demons efficiently.." He said but he paused on the end of the sentence making my forehead wrinkle.

"It is said that it can guide you in different critical times— I don't want to give this to you but then.. you're our only hope." Napalunok ako at napayuko na lang bago isuot ang kwintas na inilahad sa'kin ni Papa.

"Your Mother and I thought about this thoroughly.. you're already sixteen and I know you can do it." He said.

"The demons are now stronger than before in my age, more organized and smart." He added before holding my hand.

"Please-- If something happened call us for there's no guarantee that the magic that lies in the sanctum is still active." He said with worry painted in his face.

I slowly nodded as I heaved a breath.

'Now what..'

Hours later..
(Warning: gore details)

Agad akong napadilat nang makarinig ng malakas na kalabog sa kabilang kwarto ng mansyon. Tatayo na sana ako nang biglang umikot ang paningin ko.

"W-What the.." Agad akong napahawak sa kama ko pero bumigat ang katawan ko at nahulog na lang galing sa higaan, "A-Anong.. nangyayari?" Sinubukan kong tumayo pero animo'y nanghihina ang mga binti ko. Habol hininga man ay pinilit kong tumayo at binuksan ang pintuan ng kwarto ko pero may nakita akong nagpabaliktad ng sikmura ko.

Agad akong nasuka sa harapan mismo ng pintuan nang makita ang dugo at mga laman loob sa pader at sahig. Wala sa sarili akong naglakad kahit natapakan ko na ang sukang nailuwa ko, nawalan ako ng boses na sasabihin nang makitang buong hallway ng mansyon ay puno ng dugo.

Ang mga servants ay nakahilata at ang iba sakanila ay gutay gutay ang katawan. Lahat sila ay tirik ang mata at ang iba ay wala na ang kalahati ng katawan.

'Calm down..'

Agad akong napalingon sa likuran ko nang marinig ang boses na 'yon. S-Sino 'yon? Agad na tumibok ng mabilis ang puso ko nang walang maramdam na iba pang presensya sa buong mansyon gamit ang mga paa ko. Kahit na nakatapak ang mga ito sa duguang sahig ay alam kong ako lang ang natitirang buhay sa bahay na 'yon.

Agad na nanlaki ang mga mata ko nang ma-realize ang naisip ko.

'Ako lang mag isa..?'

Wala sa sarili akong napatakbo papunta sa dulo ng hallway at agad na tiningnan ang mga kwarto doon. Ang ilan sa mga kwarto ay mga patay na servants at wala akong nakita ni isang kamag anak ko! Ngunit natira na lamang ang kwarto sa dulo.

Rinig ko ang tibok ng puso ko.

Dahan dahan kong binuksan ang pintuan ng kwartong iyon pero agad kong hiniling na sana hindi na lamang..

Napatakip ako ng bibig at napaluhod nang manghina at manginig ang kalamnan ko at ang buong katawan ko. "P-Papa.. M-Mam.." Agad akong napasuka muli nang silawan ng buwan ang buong kwarto.

Lahat sila.. animo'y barbecue na nakatarak sa sahig. Andito rin ang mga pinsan ko at mga Tita't Tito ko, at punong puno ng dugo ang buong kwarto.

P-Paano 'to nangyari?

Bakit hindi ko man lang narinig?

B-Bakit m-mabilis ang mga pangyayari?

Alam kong mabilis ang lahat dahil nakita ko kung paanong dumaloy ang dugo sa sahig. Napahawak na lamang ako sa katawan ko, sinubukan kong hindi manginig— ngunit tuloy tuloy ang pag buhos ng luha ko. Ang buong bahay ay puno ng dugo..

"Mistress!" Agad akong napalingon nang makita ang butler namin na dumungaw sa isang parte ng hallway, "A-Anong nangyari?" Agad na tanong niya sa'kin at lumapit but I caught a scent on his clothes which made me flinch.

Nawala ako sa sarili ko. I stared at him blankly when I caught my father's scent on his uniform, and beneath his sleeves were blood on his arm.

I felt the power rushing through my veins as the sanctum started to glow in white rapidly, and I saw how he stepped back seeing that light.

As I clench my hand I felt my nails getting sharper and pierced the floor. "P-Pero kakakuha mo lang ng S-Sanctum!" Rinig kong sigaw niya.

"I-Imposible!" Agad siyang tumakbo at nagsimula nang magbago ang paningin ko, mula sa normal at makulay na itsura ng mundo— nabahidan ito ng berdeng kulay.

I started to hear myself hissing as I cannot take my eyes off him.. the green sight started to change its color into red. I started to gather my force to come after him on my feet as I stared at his direction but then..

Biglang bumigay ang buong katawan ko nang mawalan ako ng lakas. Agad na nawala ang galit na nararamdaman ko nang umikot ang paningin ko, naramdaman ko na lamang ang pagbagsak ko sa sahig.


Sa pagpikit ng aking mga mata.. dahan-dahan kong nakita ang maliliit na paa ng isang pusa..

'That's enough for you, Tamara..'

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