Trip with a STRANGER!!

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Sanvi., An introvert tries to be an extrovert in order to protect herself from the cruel world. NOTE : Its just an imaginary story made by the author using real characters. But not a real story.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

Phone rings ‘Trin Trin’

Sanvi answering the call “ya Praful, I’ll be reaching there in few minutes”. Hangs up the call.

Melody song playing on earphones..It was a fresh beautiful morning around 9am., sitting in a metro she was admiring the beauty of ′BENGALURU’ Phone beeps. Sanvi unlocks her phone, message popping up ‘Baby did you reach?’ from Lifeline. Of course it’s her boyfriend. Her cute face seemed dull as she was replying him. They already started missing each other.

Sanvi was travelling to North part of Karnataka on an official aviation event organised by government. But her boyfriend seems to be very worried as she was travelling alone with an unknown HR of different airline company. Government approved two people for completing the event.

Sanvi was a beautiful girl with adorable face, pear shaped body, hair hanging till her waist. She was a girl every man would carve for. And yes that’s what exactly made her boyfriend feel insecure often. Deep down in his heart he felt aching as Sanvi was going alone with an unknown HR, he really wanted to stop her but Sanvi was very stubborn.

Her boyfriend was Aryan, he was a handsome good looking guy from Bangladesh. But his family migrated to India very long back for better earning and better future of their children as well.

Sanvi was raised by her strong single mother. Sanvi had to work hard in order to support her family which included her mother and his two years old younger brother. Her father was a closed chapter,who left them for his mistress. Still they managed to have a peaceful life.

Sanvi was a pure introvert girl. She had countable friends just three. One named Zahir, her childhood friend, another was Honey, college Bff and surprisingly an online friend Sandy, funny fact is that they met on an Online game PubG. But their bonding was as strong as they were born together.

Totally she was having a peaceful happy life with limited people. She was a graduate from Aviation School and was working as an air hostess in an Indian Domestic Airline. She spoke very less but it was qualitative. Argue with her once and you are never going to speak to her ever again.

As we can say in simple words she was a ‘Beauty with Brilliance’.

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