My hidden mate

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Ezra, the future Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, has a perfect life. He succeeds in everything and girls are falling in his arms. But the only one he wants is his mate and he knows she is not far as he already smelled her twice. She is hiding from him and he would like to know why. After months of looking for her, he doesn’t know if he should give up and chose another mate. Not to help, his future Gamma is spending his time with a girl who is not his mate and he is not taking training seriously. What is so interesting about this when Ezra only find her annoying. This is book is the spin-off or Another Choice but it can be read on its own

Fantasy / Romance
Lilly Leopard
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Thank you for choosing my book.
English is not my first language and I’m still learning. I’m sorry in advance for my misspelling and my mistakes. Feel free to help me and correct my errors.

14 years ago...

It's a dark night as the moon is hidden by clouds at the border of the Blood Moon Pack. Everything is quiet until two women appear suddenly. Witches! One of them is carrying a sleeping little girl.

"Why are we bringing her here?" The first witch asks.

"Willow told me that it will be the right place for her to grow. At this time I didn't understand but now it's all clear." The witch number 2 explains.

"That seer and her enigmatic sentence." The first one comments shaking her head.

"Don't tell me!" The second witch mutters.

After a few seconds of silence, she adds: "Moreover, this is not a coincidence that Jane is leaving here... I still can't believe what you did? How could you?"

"Don't you think I know that? I will have to live with that until my last breath!" The second witch says upset.

"She's so innocent. Why? What could worth it?" The first witch says caressing the little girl cheek.

"Just once in my life I wanted to shine by myself but you can't understand that."

"Are you that power angry that you're ready to do anything whatever the cost!" The first one says disapprovingly.

"It's easy to say for you! Everything was always easy for you! And don't you see I’m trying to fix it now!"

"A bit too late, don't you think?"

"Where is Jane? Are you sure we are in the right place?" The second witch asks wanted this sterile discussion to end.

"I’m here. Sorry, I'm late. I was looking for clothes." Jane says crossing the border.

"Jane!" The first witch says hugging her. "Thank you for doing this for us."

"After all you did for me and Henry, it's the least that I could do." Jane replies.

"Can I see this little angel?" She asks looking at the little girl.

The witch hugs strongly the girl as she is recalcitrant.

"Pheobe! We came for that! Hand her over to Jane." The first witch says.

Pheobe sighs defeat. "I'm so sorry. I love you!" She whispers before kissing the sleeping girl's hair. She smells her one last time before to hand her over to Jane.

"Take care of her for me, please. She deserves to be loved and to be spoiled." Pheobe says to Jane.

"I will. I swear. Are you sure nobody will come after her." Jane says.

"Except us, nobody knows she survived the fire." Pheobe says.

"And soon we will both forget too. I will cast a spell on you too Jane. You will be the only one to know the truth but you will not speak about it." The other witch says.

"What about Willow?" Pheobe asks.

"If we have to forget her, she will too."

Pheobe nods: "Fair enough."

“Also Nobody will recognize her as I change her appearance with a spell. Only a blind true love will see through it.” The witch adds.

Pheobe looks at the little girl and says:" I've erased most of her memories too. I want her to have a normal childhood. I can’t erase the trauma she went through and one day she will remember everything but I want to offer peace of mind as long as it’s possible. I hope she will find in her heart a way to forgive me.”

"What if someone finds about it? What if something happened to me, I mean I'm not that young anymore. The truth is always revealed at the end. She needs to be able to know what she will have to face." Jane says.

"If something happened, the truth will be revealed to her and her only. If not she will remember when she will be old enough." Pheobe says.

"Do you need help to convince you Alpha?" The first witch asks.

"No, I told him she was my niece from Henry's side that I didn't know was existing until I received a call to say I was her only family left." Jane explains.

"Good idea! Thank you it's so much, you made this so easier."

The little girl starts to move in Jane's arms.

"We should go!" Pheobe whispers.

“How should I name her?” Jane asks.

Suddenly a nose makes the three the women turn their heads on the left, then they saw a little boy trying to hide behind a tree.

"Come sweety. We will not hurt you." The witch says.

"He will have to forget what he saw." Pheobe comments.

"I know but it will not harm him so stop scaring him!" The witch says annoyed.

"What is your name sweety?" She adds kneeling in front of the boy.

"Asher, Madam!"

"Asher, what a nice name! Can I ask you a favor?" Pheobe asks while kneeling too.

The little boy nods too shy to speak.

"I need to befriend my little angel. She will need a friend, after all, she has been through and she will have trust issues." Pheobe tells him.

"I will, Madam!" Asher promises.

"Thank you!" Pheobe says caressing the little boy's cheek.

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