Ratna and The Nine Mystical Gemstones

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Life of a normal boy changes upon meeting a stranger. The stranger appears to be an old bookseller. The bookseller hands over a book to the boy and vanishes. What will happen with the boy now ? Will he be able to save himself from the upcoming threat? A total of new responsibilities are suddenly dawned on him? Will he be able to do the things which he has been chosen for?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter-1 Is it real?

Growing up in a country like India, I was always mesmerized to hear the stories of supernatural. I always enjoyed helping people. Doing great stuff was my kind of thing. I grew up listening to the tales of great legends and warriors. I looked myself as a hero rather I would say a superhero. And I did not realize that my this wish would soon be granted in a way that was totally unexpected.

I still distinctly remember each and everything happened that day. Oh wait, wait, wait... totally forgot to introduce myself. I am Ratna and I am here to tell you my story. So, first of all let me introduce myself. I am 16 and live in New Delhi with my full fledged joint family.

That is a wonder and awe to some of the people out there. Why? you ask. Because unlike others families in my neighborhood my mother's family and my father's family live together harmoniously. And that is not common.

"Lots of people must be there in my family?" you might have thought the same but I must clear your this doubt so let's start with my parents. My mother to whom I refer to as Ma, Mrs. Ruby Agnihotri, is in my opinion is a typical house maker cum business adviser to my father. My father whom I lovingly call as Pa, Mr. R. S. Agnihotri is a big business tycoon and my best friend when he is available at least. Then are my maternal and paternal uncle and aunts with their wives and husband respectively and their children.

But most of them are settled or either studying abroad. The children really left in the house is me, my sister Manvi and a cousin brother Vidit who is more of a partner in crime than a brother. And we three are totally pampered by our Grandparents. Who are the head of the house and all four are well respected and loved by all of us.

So, enough of the intro. and finally coming back from the day it all started. It was the day of Rama Navmi (birth anniversary of Lord Rama). The day before my exams finished. I was lying on the bed getting bored. Nothing to do at all. Then I suddenly remembered I promised my friend Vikram to meet him that day.

We decided to party that day. I went down to the kitchen from my room.

I then said to Ma, "Ma! Where are you? You do remember about what we talked about? I am going to meet Vikram. Will be back till late."

Ma replied, "Oh! Yes dear. I do remember everything. But you do remember that your father is coming back from the trip finally and he wants everyone to be there in the pooja. Have fun dear. But please be back till 8. We will be waiting. Making your favorite dishes."

"Umm.... Okay will try to. Bye." I replied.

I picked up my bicycle and went on to meet my friend Vikram. We went to the movie theater and saw the latest movie. Then we went to the gaming zone, wher Vikram called some more of his friend and we played a lot their. We tried each and every game there. They taught me how to play snooker and some other games and I enjoyed the day a lot. Made some new friends and they were also very happy to make a new friend.

It was finally the time to leave. I did my final byes with my new friend and looked at the time. It was already seven and I was freaking out already. I quickly took my bicycle and rushed towards my home. I was going with a lot of speed. I suddenly lost my sence and enjoyed it. It felt amazing, I did not care to slow down.

Then a thought came to my mind, "What if I hit someone?" But seeing no one on the roadway I continued to speed up. As soon as I finished the thought a person came to my sight. Seeing him I tried stopping but I lost my control and we collided. I hit him hard.

I stood up cleaned my clothes and put forth my hand to help him. He held it and stood up. When he stood up I saw a lean man wearing dirty, torn clothes and having untidy moustache and beard. By looking at his attire I instantly understood he was a poor old man who was going somewhere.

"Oh I am sorry old man. I was in a hurry. I hope I did not hit you hard." I said to him.

He replied, "Oh I can understand young man you were in a hurry. I will forgive you only if you buy some books from me."

He searched around and picked up a rug. It looked heavy but he was carrying it as if it was weightless. He emptied the rug and showed me some books.

I said, "I am sorry old man. I guess I don't have enough money. I can not buy any of your books. I only have 40-50 rupees."

He exclaimed, "Oh! I might not have any book worth that much."

He searched the books he had and mysteriously he spotted a book worth that much. I finally decided to buy it because firstly, I hit him and secondly, he looked as if he was struggling to survive. I handed over the money and took the book. I was about to leave when I realized that I had given him 10 rupees less.

When I turned back to give him money. He wasn't there. Poof... he vanished in the thin air. I was really amazed to see that. Such an old person, where could he have gone such quickly. I searched around byt couldn't find him. I saw the time again. I was already late and Pa was coming back from the trip too.

He is one heck of a business man but one of the nicest person you will ever meet. He is one of my best friends and the person who enjoys with me and did noy ever pressure me. Though he is very calm but he is strict regarding his principles. He believes in a philosophy that the family who eats together stays together. And we all really respected his this quality. I finally reached home.

Seeing me Ma asked, "How did the movie go dear?"

I did not listen to her thinking what happened some time ago and went back to my room and kept the book on my desk. I came down and sat in the dining room. Ma once again said something but I did not pay attention.

Ma touched me and said, "Is everything okay dear? What happened? Where have you been lost?"

I nodded my head and said, "Oh nothing Ma. Just thinking what will Pa bring for me."

Then the bell rung 'Ting... Tong'. We rushed to the door and all of us welcomed Pa. Then as was a tradition to gather in the Mandir (those who do not know every hindu house has a small temple or idols of gods and goddesses to worship). We gathered there and prayed to Lord Rama about prosperity and well being.

Then sat down on the dining table to eat dinner. There (in my opinion) happened world's most boring talks. I did not have any interest in them. I finished my food and went back to my room. I searched for the book because I remember keeping it on my desk but it was not there. I searched my room thoroughly only to find it lying on my bookshelf.

I picked it up skeptically. It was covered with dirt. I cleaned the dirt and read out the name loudly, "The Nine Mystical Gemstones."

Suddenly the wheather grew darker, grieving sounds of every animal were heard from distant places. I was reluctant to open the book because it felt as if nature was also warning me about not opening the book. Then too out of curiosity I opened the book.

When I opened the book a bright white light came out of it which almost blinded me. Suddenly everything became pitch black. I then heard strange sounds like horses neighing, swords and sheilds clashing, special weapons destroying each other, people moaning with pain and a smell of blood was veey evident. It felt as if I was standing on a battle ground.

Suddenly, a hand tapped me from behind and everything became silent. I turned back to see Vidit there.

He said, "Yo bruh. What happened? Somethin' wrong?"

I moved my hands forward to show the book but it vanished. I was amazed.

I tried changing the topic and said, "Oh nothing's wrong bro. I am just tired. Today was a pretty tiring day. It is almost 10. Time to sleep. See you in the morning. Good night."

I sent him away and closed the door. I felt as if he grew suspicious but ge then to did not ask many questions and left. As soon as he left, the book again appeared in my hands. I was frightened. I kept it away on the bed beside me and went to sleep. I slept and had the wierdest dream of my life.

I was dressed up as a warrior and fighting were ugly and disfigured creatures. They came one by one and I defeated them all. Then came a big, and ugly creature who seemed the evilest among all the creatures. He came running towards me and about to hit me but I woke. I took a sigh of relief. It was just a nightmare.

I tried sleeping again but someone whispered my name again and again. I looked around bit no one was there. I once again got back in bed to sleep. This time an irresistible temptation took over me to open the book. I turned on the lights and searched for the book. Again to my astonishment, it wasn't there on the bed but landed magically on the table. I picked it up and opened it.

This time I could actually see a battle ground as if I was teleported into one. There I saw a dark figure and a white flame of light. They appeared to be fighting with each other. Suddenly the darkness of the figure was reduced and turned to the lightest shade of opaque. Simultaneously, the light became dimmer and dimmer and finally vanished.

It seemed that everything was over. Good won over evil but the good warrior died and the evil was defeated but not completely.

I exclaimed to myself, "Is it real? The things which I am seeing are they happening now or have they happened in the past? Or are these glimpses of the future? Oh what is happening?"

I closed the book amd decided not to venture futher. I went to sleep. The few days after it were quite normal and wierdly silent for me. My new school year started and soon summer breaks were starting. So I needed to follow my boring routine again. But I thought it was better that what happened few days back.

I think whenever something positive would happen then something strange would automatically follow up. My this thought came true when one sunday. It was the wierdest day of my life. That sunday, I was sitting with Ma in my garden and were having conversations about my future plans (as happen in every Indian house hold). Ma went inside to bring something to eat with the tea.

She went inside and immediately I saw a dark figure floating on the ground. I was frightened to see it and out of fear ran towards my house. When I came towards my house it turned into an ugly looking castle surrounded by every sort of dark and negative things.

Not able to process what I saw I fainted. When I opened my eyes I was at a place where above me was a vercy clear sky full of stars and below me was neverending emerald green. There stood a person who seemed quite familiar to me. When he turned around I instantly recognized who it was and it was none other but the bookseller. Only he was wearing some good clothes. Similar to as a general of an ancient army would wear.

He said, "Oh Ratna. Don't be afraid of such things this is your destiny don't run from these things. You are a part of a very special event chain that will decide the fate of whole of the universe. I am Drona and you will soon meet me once again. Remember read the book to find your answers."

Then I opened my eyes. I was there lying in the bed and all my family members surrounded me. A doctor was examining me and everyone looked quite concerned.

I asked very feebly, "What happened Ma why is the doctor here?"

Ma replied, "Nothing Dear. You fainted in the garden. I think it was due to heat."

Doctor nodded his head. Gave me medications and went away. For quite a long time nobody allowed me to do any work. When I was feeling better I picked up the book and read it. I read about the three different kinds of magic. And about the Nine mystical gemstones although no names were mentioned but the book said they are present in some secret places in all of the Indian subcontinent.

The book also talked about The Great Warrior Sage Drona who fought a Devasura Sangram (A battle between the Devas and the Asuras) defeating the Asuras but being killed in the process.

I called out the name of Guru Drona and there he appeared in front of me. He was happy and was looking at me with the tears of joy.

"I know you have many questions about me. My child I shall answer all the questions you want. But first you need to do me a favor. Put forth your Right hand." He said.

I did as he said and a white and pure form of energy came out of him. He touched my forehead and the enrgy started to transmit inside me. It felt weirdly relaxing. A golden substance appeared in my hand. It appeared to me some sort of gemstone but it wasn't complete.

Guru Drona instructed me about what needs to be done. He said, "Your holidays are approaching Ratna. You must travel to Goa and what needs to be done will be instructed to you."

He vanished. I wasn't able to believe what was happening with me. That night I made a pendant of the Gemstone and wire it around my neck.

Next morning, I woke up to find everyone arguing as to where to travel this summer. Many places were suggested but Ma and Pa did not like any of those.

Then as planned by Guru Drona I rose to suggest Goa. Surprisingly, everyone agreed to it and Vidit also supported me.

Everyone started making preparations for the same. I was happy but I wasn't fully aware of what was really gonna happen in Goa and how my life would change due to this Vacation to Goa.

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