The Daughter of the Elusive Moon

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The daughter of the moon turns 16 today and she received love from her close and far away friends. She encounters an ordinary boy that can see something tied to her heart... A red string... but to whom is it connected to?

Fantasy / Romance
Nicole Recinto
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Entry #1: Greetings from the Moon

The daughter from the elusive moon has turned 16 today. She was greeted by her new friends and people who knew her long ago. She was content with the acknowledgement of her peers and stars who watch her from afar. Their words warm her heart into a feeling of what felt like everlasting peace, but that would be too early to tell. Who knows when this everlasting peace would vanish.

Her face illuminated from her phone-screen til late at night. She waited until the last greeting from the people of planet earth. She laid awake for hours until her eyelids started to feel lazy and her heart overwhelmed with jovial feelings. Her light wasn’t as bright as before but it still shone - and it reached the deepest of oceans.

A son from the sun, who turned the same age as her just nine days ago, wanted to greet her a happy birthday and ask why she didn’t come to his party last weekend. He was too shy and insecure to speak and he fears that his voice wouldn’t reach the ears of her heart. So, his fingertips slightly touch the illuminating screen when his brother suddenly called him from behind. Then, he felt his fingertips pressed hard on the glass along with a ding that comes after. He felt the same nervousness in his heart the first time he got a glimpse of her once again.

He was mad and embarrassed, ashamed that the only way to make his words come out and pride go away was a simple scare from his brother. With the knowledge of his older brother’s feelings towards the girl from the moon, he hid his screen from him and asked with shaky voice, “What do you want from me?”

It has been a few months since the eldest brother confessed, but he was aching to know her response. So, he went to visit a witch that works for them, asked her what sparks the maiden’s attention so much that she has forgotten about his confession. He was ashamed to hear the answer and regretted his actions. He didn’t know whether he shouldn’t have asked a silly witch or the confession. By the witch’s words, “The princess of the moon loves to read books, particularly novels. However, she has a picky taste. If you were a mere book that is surrounded by legends, there’s no doubt that she wouldn’t give you a second thought.”

Upon hearing the words of the witch, he vanished her from the sun’s palace the same day, warning her to never spoke about it again. When the second son heard about this, he felt a little joy fluttering in his heart.

Then, he too, began to feel something. He started to see all the beautiful things reflecting on her charming soul. Since their family was the source of her light, of everyone’s light, and her family only spread the joy and blessing they had given them, the first son thought she would stay grateful and do as he says.

But, who knew, she was smarter than a rocket scientist. Her wisdom grew over time and her understanding of lives and depths of the world broadened. She was cursed and blessed by a spell from the king of knowledge, resulting to a never ending argue with the people against her perspective. Her debates and reasoning sounded astonishing and people would stare at her in amazement. But of course, since she only reflected blessings, she was not given credit.

It was his family that was looked up on, asking how they trained and taught someone as lowly as her to be so great that most of her enemies would admit defeat in just a few seconds. This never ending battle between good and evil, they all believed there’s a ploy or scheme behind each of her victory! Thus, they believe she was the villain in their world - a fortunate who refuses to listen to their suffering. Her mother went through the same struggles, the second son knew about that. History is repeating itself.

But he knew well enough that the people’s accusations were blinded by their own toxic mind, siding them to what they only have been exposed on. They don’t know how much she was suffering - nor would they even believe she was suffering!

She was blessed and wanted to give more to people, feeling a necessity to share and give back all that she received. Instead of giving her good response to her actions, they all thought she was bragging and showing off her fortunes. The world can be a cruel place, she knew of that, but she was never told that it would be this horrible.

Those people who believed they are commoners fighting for what they think is right, has turned evil in her sights. Perhaps it was her weak will that made them shout out loud, her insecurities that made them strike and talk back, but she knows that attacking others would never be, and never was, a good resolution.

So, when she received a greeting from the second son of the even so bright and mighty sun, she was reminded of her status and place in the universe. She was nothing but a moon, a lampshade to the people, an assistant of the great and powerful.

She was not a creator, nor was she a watcher or a preacher. She was not praised for nor was she appreciating others. She was given, giving, she was all none could imagine. She watches as the moon greets everyone not with their light, but the sun’s.

She watches as she shines above the town, not by her own.

“Thank you. I appreciate it.” She responded to him.

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