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The Wattpad favourite comes to Inkitt! The Acadmey of Dragon Riding Excellencecy has been hiden for 425 years, but it had few riders. People were loosing their 'belief'. That, among other things, cause them to be unable to be a dragon rider. In a small town, three men in black, red and gold cloaks are asking people to send forth the thirteen year old children to test for dragon riders. The villages' strongest hunter, a teenage tom-boy, agrees to test. She pulls back her hood, letting her brown braid hang down. Her brown cloak hung loose on her frame. She tests positive, and is wisked away, to the magic world of TADRE, & dragons! She fights to blend with the other male riders, and earn the trust of her dragon, and her peers! When the acadmey plays a hiden card, she is forced to flee, and she learns a few things she had hid from herself... She also discovers the school and its' staff have more secrets than she'd like to know about... What readers are saying about TADRE: "Too good." "So many plot twists. Love it." #938 in fantasy!!! #1 in dragonriders

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Enjoying the library

??? POV... present

We're all bent over the book, laughing and joking. I see my friends all laughing, a welcome sight after what we just finished dealing with.

Max jokes to Shiner, and they break into a friendly wrestling match.

I stare at them, a smile splitting my face.

I look at the rest of my friends.

They're laughing, sipping cocoa, and laughing at thier own blunders.

We laugh for hours, in the warm candle light in the library.

Soon, everyone begins to fall asleep.

The two wrestling boys fall asleep on the floor, one on either side of the room.

My other friends all hobble off to bed.

They call, "Night, DR!"

I call back, "Night guys!

I grab my key and lock the cover of the book.

I put a library stamp on the leather spine, and walk to the shelf to put it away.

A young girl walks in, and I smile.

She asks, "What book yah reading?"

I stop, and bring the book back the table.

I unlock it, and ask, "Wanna hear a story, Lilly?"

She nods, and asks, "What's it about?"

I smile, and whisper, "Brave riders, sword fights, adventure, strange lands, evil villians, good friends, mysteries, treachery, and alliances, and that's only the first part!"

She asks, all excited, "How many parts are dere?"

I smile, and reply, "Four. Being a fast reader, we can finish it tonight."

She smiles, and climbs onto the chair.

She asks, "Are there pictures?"

I nod, and begin the story......

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