Wolves Awake

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Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I yelped as I got slammed down into the dirt. “Ow! Atlas what the heck! We said no slamming!” I got up on my four paws. Shaking the dirt of my white wings. I snarled at my companion. “Oh grow up! That was fun!”

Maybe for you...you didn’t get hurled into the freaking ground. I rolled my eyes. “Your so violent..” I smiled playfully, knowing he was joking. “Alright dinner time.” Called Marty who was helping Loch make dinner. I looked at Atlas as he looked at me. Let’s go. “Race ya!” He yelled as he ran off. “Hey! Unfair start!” I scampered after him.

“Watch the horns Marty.” I moved to the side as Marty almost bumped into him, carrying the food trays. “Sorry Willow!”

Oh right, sorry I haven’t given a proper introduction. Hi, I’m a Willow, I’m a “Winged Wolf” I’ve been living in this den with a bunch of other individuals who were from other species. No one else like me, not that I’m very important. There’s Marty and Loch, both Deer Wolves, they can just run really fast and get scared easily, nothing very special about them either. My best friend, Atlas, he’s a Bat Wolf, pretty unique but their kind is known for being proud and high strong, they are supposed to have night vision, camouflage. There are others, but you can meet them later, it’s dinner time!

“Ewww... raw steak, again?!” Caesar complained, sticking his forked tongue out in disgust. “Career, when you actually pitch in and help Marty and Loch cook, you can complain then, for now, your just being a lazy Sea-Wolf.” As Outclaw explained as she walked in. My head peaked through the small crack of the door, seeing other wolves run past. I frowned, I haven’t seen anyone outside this den in years.

I watched everyone else eat, Atlas wolfed down his food, making me cringe. “Willow? What’s wrong?” Outclaw spoke to me, but I didn’t hear her, my snout was pointed toward the door, wanting to leave, every day I wanted to leave, nothing has changed that. “Willow. You know you can’t leave. You have a task to fulfill, when your ready.” Outclaw spoke. Everyone’s heads were turned toward me. Waiting for a response.

They didn’t get one.

My wings lifted up as I went to my room. Sad again, I was sad every night, I wondered if outside anyone cared for me, my parents or something.

I was always told no.

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