Witch’s Tomb

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Chosen Chronicles; Book One. • • • • • • • • • The Anima Luna is coming fast, and for a certain witch, her soon-to-be chosen mates are on their way to claim what's theirs. Can the Chosen be allowed to choose, or is she damned to a life of the Wicken? Only the tomb of the witch knows... • • • • • • • • • "My tattoo?" I say abruptly. Scrunching my eyebrows, I turn to Theros. He saw the tattoo first, and seemed to recognize the meaning. "What does my birthmark have to do with us?" My hands gesture from me to them, confused out of my mind. Thesis suddenly leans forwards, his hand snatching my neck right where the mark lingered. "Ya 'ave the mark of the woof right un yur juggular." Theros mentions as Thesis' thumb traces over the embedded ink. My attention wavers to Theros. "An' ta symbol is ta mark of triads en er world," Thesis smiles, brushing a few strands of hair from the birthmark. I watch his eyes soften when he distinguishes the rest of the tattoo. Theros' hands engulfs mine, "Which means ya belong ta us, both." × 17+ × Mature Content

Fantasy / Romance
McKenzie J Jones
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0 | Witch’s Curse

Quick note: If you wish to read this as a stand-alone, you are welcome to. I would advise to at least read the very first ( | 0 | ) chapter and the last ( | 11 | ) of each story if you're only here for the romance and mystery, not adventure. It might clear any confusion you may have about the first and last chapters in the upcoming romances.

Thank you, and enjoy Witch's Tomb.

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"Are you sure this is the place?" Monty Belinsky meekly asks.

The blond boy searches the dark woods from left to right several times to calm his nerves. His teeth chatters loudly against the blowing wind. Monty hugs himself, bracing the wind as he sinks his head into his ugly neon orange sweatshirt. He follows after his daring, yet obnoxious step-sister through the muddy terrain with only torn clothes and apprehension squeezing his bladder.

A loud crow leaps from a branch and caws, frightening Monty. He shrinks down and yips, closing his eyes tightly. "Ahh!" Monty shrieks.

Dark hair was tossed from Rue Stonewell's shoulder as she stopped and turned. A scowl mars her face as she spots the scared dweeb trying to curl into a fetal position. "C'mon, you big baby! We have to do this for mom, and your dad," she scoffs. Her gaze pierces into the petrified eyes of Monty, practically forcing him to continue on.

An owl hoos from somewhere near, causing a girly shriek from the only boy in the forest. "I know.." Monty licks his lips, "but why'd we have to do it at night? Why can't we just find this silly old hag in the day... Ya know, with light?" Monty whines. He sighs, defeated, when he notices Rue has already walked away. Trudging on, Monty begins to regret following the rude, older girl into the forest in search of some witch.

Rue rolls her eyes hatefully, starting to regret bringing the nerd with her. Her soft knit sweater was torn here and there, but one of the sleeves were ripped down the side as she absentmindedly plays with the scorched strands. "Because this witch is nocturnal, and I rather not piss her off when I'm asking for a favor, thank you very much!" She battles her way through the long branches with her snarky reply. Rue curses under her breath when she cuts her hand.

A groan leaves the brunette's mouth before she darkens her expression and with new determination, she marches on. She doesn't bother looking behind because Monty's cries of trepidation only alert her of his presence. Rue pushes away a few more tree limbs when she spots a small cottage with smoke coming from its chimney. With a grand smile, Rue rushes towards the peaceful home with hope filling her heart once again.

Monty, on the other hand, was trying to keep up with Rue. He saw her bright pink sweater disappear through the leaves, faulting him with his anxiety shaking every bone in his body. Monty's heart begins to race as he jerked free from the old vines surrounding him. His legs begin to slip, then he falls. His blond hair is caked with mud and so is the rest of his back side.

Monty groans, "Rue..."

Slowly, he lifts himself up and breaths deeply. Monty slowly blinks as he begins to recall his sight. In the distance, the annoyed call of Rue reaches his ears. "Hurry up, Monty! We haven't got all night." He could tell she was pissed, and was growing angrier by the second.

Monty rolls his eyes at the spoiled little brat before gently rising from the ground. He brushes off as much mud as he could. He sighs again, knowing he has no where to go but forwards, before he continues his trek through the nasty forest. When he broke free of the tree limbs, Monty finds Rue walking up the steps of an old, dark cottage. With panic in his step, he races towards her to stop her idiotic quest.

"Rue! What are you doing?" Monty whispers pertubately.

Rue only turns to glare at him. Her eyes were glaring fire and Monty trembled beneath her. "We are doing this, Monty. No ifs, ands, or buts!" declares Rue. She was determined to find her mother, and the dweeb's dad. They were all It was when she noticed the pure terror in the younger boy's eyes that she softens her gaze.

"Look," she sighs, "I have no idea what the hell just happened back there, but I rather not relive it.. and I know you don't want to either, Monty." Rue reaches out to grab onto Monty's shoulder, trying to draw some trust from their complex relationship as step siblings.

Monty hesitates a moment before speaking. He hesitates because he wants to save his parents, but he's not so sure he should follow Rue's route with the witch. His eyebrows narrow in concentration as he picks his poison. Finally, the boy sighs in defeat.

"Let's go save mom and dad, I guess." Monty shrugs. He already knew that whatever lay ahead now, there was no turning back.

Rue gives her step-sibling a gracious smile and Monty tries to smile happily in return, but it looks more of a sad grimace. Rue holds out her hand for Monty to take, and he does so reluctantly. They share another smile before the door to the cottage opens slowly with a loud creak of the wood. Both kids stop and turn, watching the door knock open with a sudden wind.

"Come in, children..." an old, eerie voice of an elderly woman swiftly touches their ears, beckoning them inside.

Monty noticeably gulps, blinking rapidly at the call. Rue hesitantly steps forward, walking up the ancient wooden steps. Monty draws in a sharp breath with the first creak in the wood. He follows after the hard-headed girl, tip-toeing right behind her. After Monty walks through the door, and it slams shut as if it never opened in the first place.

"We're gonna die!" Monty exclaims, fear evident in his voice.

Rue narrows her eyes at the scaredy cat before prying his claws off of her arm. She scoffs at his words, glaring at him for even speaking. "Stop being such a pussy, Monty." Throwing him a dirty look, Rue ventures farther into the house.

A scowl from Monty is all she misses. He scrounged up the rest of his wits and dignity before trudging after Rue. He stops when both of them are standing in a room—one that looks to be the dining room—and marvels at the sight before him.

With antique knick-nacks of old and mementos of newcomers that have visited over the course of her life, cloth of satin purples and creams dress the tables surrounding the walls. The wooden floorboards creak under the weight of Rue and Monty as they look on at the woman who sat among herbs. She was old, but young. The crows feet by her eyes told of her wisdom, the crescent moon tattoo encircling her left eyes spoke of her mysterious power, and the kettle of tea and cups neatly placed about clearly revealed her patience for company. She wore blue stockings and a black dress held to her waist nut beautiful blue and silver orbs.

The woman continued sipping on her tea, as if the two kids weren't there at all, and Monty watched her jewels catch the light. She wore her hair in a dark bandanna and a calm disposition was set on her visage. She finishes her tea, looking in the tea cup for an answer. She spoke without moving, "Rue Stonewell, and Monty Belinsky," the way she said his name sent chills down his back. "My, my, what a pleasant surprise," she muses. She seemed amused at her inside joke.

When she raises her gaze to the two of them, Monty gasps automatically at her eyes. The right eye was very simple and blue. It was the right color for a satin sheet that would sparkle underneath the sun; very bright and calming. Her left eye, however, was very intricate. The orb was pure white with streaks of blue dashed around. It seemed as if this eye was looking pass his soul and more into his heart.

"I've been expecting you, children. Please, sit," she instructs hospitably with the raise of her hand.

Obediently, Rue took the right seat, forcing Monty to sit in the other chair. When they both sat down, the elderly woman gave them a delicate smile. "As Rue may know, I am called Hecate, the Wise Moon." The witch, Hecate, looks to Rue, then Monty before switching between the two. Monty curiously wonders why she must have a title, but doesn't speak out because of his anxiety tripping.

"As I have foreseen, you two have come from a home of trouble in search of two people." Hecate comments, hitting the dart on the target.

Monty stills, finally realizing that his parents are truly gone and this isn't some wild dream that's been stuck on play too long.

Rue nods respectfully as sorrow clouds her eyes. She twiddles with her fingers, staring at Hecate in desperation and hope. "Yes, our mother and Monty's dad were taken by some kind of death angels tonight. How do we get them back?" Rue spews fast. Her heart rapidly beats in her chest as she begins to fall on the edge of hope, feeling as if she were about to faceplant into misery.

Hecate sighs, straightening her position. The witch nods once, spotting Rue's determination. "Listen well if you wish to restore life to those wretched souls. You will need.." Hecate's eyes glow blue and white as she speaks an ancient rhyme.

"The tomb of the wicken,

the time of light,

whisks of the kitten,

copper liquid of night.

A pluck of scaled wing,

a lock of ocean's temptress,

to the reign of the king,

to claim from the reaper's chest."

Monty was taken aback by her sudden statue features. He glances to Rue, finding confusion masking her face. He tries to remember the words Hecate spoke, thinking they would become important later. Monty slowly calms his racing heart by the time Hecate begins to speak again.

Hecate's eyes return to normal, and she sustains her advice. "When you have all of these offerings, you will seek the witch, Hebe, the Eternal Life. You will bestow her the Eight Gifts of Life before asking her your favor." Hecate smiles softly, setting her tea cup down and begins to pour more tea.

When she's done, she offers Monty and Rue tea as well. They both nod, assuming after everything that has happened, they should at least have a drink. While Hecate's pouring Rue's tea, Monty speaks up.

"How will we gather these items?" Monty inquires.

Hecate smiles at the young boy before pouring his cup. "The two of you will pass through ten different realms to acquire what you need. I will send you to Wickentell first, as it is the first gift you need to have."

Rue sips on her cup of tea as Monty reaches for his. The two quietly sip on their drinks while Hecate explains. "The main realms you need to worry about are Wickentell—where you'll be sent to from here—, Faelkyria, Ferrona, Vylker Ven, Aquatica, Aethera, Hell, and then finally, the Spirit Realm."

Hecate rises from her chair and walks over towards a crystal ball pleasantly placed in front of a large window. Rue and Monty rise from their chairs as well, hesitantly inching towards the witch. Hecate mumbles a spell in Hebrew, igniting a light within the crystal. The light bursts from the crystal ball, cracking it open until it reveals a portal into a new world. A blurry image of nature is displayed through the mystic passage way.

Rue's eyes sparkle with adventure as she grabs Monty's wrist. As if mesmerized by the purity, Rue walks forwards, ready to take on the challenge. Monty was petrified of going to another world, but he would do so for his dad, and for Rue's mom. With slight reluctance, Monty followed after Rue once more.

Just before Rue could take another step toward the portal, Hecate forewarns them of the dangers with traveling through the realms. "You two will need to pass through two extra realms, Wolvernry and Insolia, to reach the Spirit Realm. My best wishes for you, and take this for your quest."

The witch hands over a brown satchel bag to Monty, which he quietly takes and wears.

Hecate smiles at his weariness. "I have packed much needed supplies for the two of you, as well as perishables and non-perishables. When you are ready, your quest awaits.." she trails off, baring a bold smile to the both of them.

With a hesitant breath, Rue turns to Monty, silently asking if he was ready. She searches his eyes while he swallows his fear. He grits his teeth, thanking Hecate before giving a single nod to his older step sibling. The two share one final look before stepping into a realm full of magic and endless possibilities with more danger fanciful to the imaginative eye.

They were gone with the light, and darkness consumes the room. Hecate waits a moment before lighting a candle. Within seconds, the room is lit with light, and as she goes to gather Rue's and Monty's empty cups, she stops, noticing the signs of danger and prosperity within each of their cups' bottom.

Hecate closes her eyes, solemnly murmuring an incantation of fullfilment and courage. Then, she sighs and smiles to herself, "May the Anima Luna be gracious of you."

Question of the day: What's your favorite myth/legend?

I'll have to say the myth of Medusa. I don't care for snakes, but the myth is very enticing and very dramatic. Either way you think about Medusa, she has power. Whether she was cursed by Athena for good or bad morals, she prospered through (until she died by Perseus). I admire her for that.

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