Falling Darkness Book one :Masquerade of Madness

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The Casalyians are a noble race, maintaining the isolation their mechanical city in the sky affords them. Their abilities and wisdom exceed those of the Medians. (Humans) But sixteen-year-old Creed Angelus has applied to the Council of for permission to visit with the Medians. His goal is clear and obtainable, study the Medians to see if his race could live with them. But there are those who stand in his way. The very same council members who gave him permission are now targeting him. Finding offense in his unlikely heritage, they will pursue any avenue to destroy Creed. His half brother, Vincent, remains loyal and protective to his younger brother, while pursuing his own mission, the mysterious disappearance of his young wife. Falling Darkness follows the quests of Creed and Vincent, their conflicts in Casalynn, bonding encounters with the Medians, and subsequent battles with the Ignoables, sub monsters dwelling underground.

Fantasy / Scifi
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"Medians are not completely asinine. They are not entirely insensitive to the needs of other races. They can be smart, emotional beings that hide their feelings."

Creed stood firmly with his eyes blazing. His lips then sealed themselves tightly into a frown. He was surrounded by fourteen tables filled with two gentlemen at each table. The gentlemen all wore suits and ties. They surrounded him like vultures waiting for an opportune moment.

Laughter began to ring around him, echoing throughout the entire room.

A tall intimidating man cleared his throat, and all was hushed.

'He must be Siphon,' Creed thought. That man was the leader of this little group known as the Council of Casalynn. His eyes danced over to the barely seem members. Not that you could tell the difference between some of them. All of their heads were shaved. Some of the members of the council were thin and solidly built, while others were fat, weak and complacent.

"Is that why you wish to leave our city of superiority? Us Casalyians are smarter, stronger, and have more technology." Siphon announced with pride His face came into view wearing a sadistic smile. Siphin's arms were outstretched as if they showed all the glory of Casalynn. His dark gleaming eyes leered.'I dare him to refute me', Siphon's wings rested behind him waffling a putrid smell of decaying flesh. "Not to mention we live in the sky on a floating mechanical country, far above those pests on the ground.

Creed shook his head holding in a short. "No, that is not my only reason to study the Medians. I want to learn. No, I yearn to know more about them. All we do is stay in this country and only go near the Medians if it is necessary, but I truly think that there is another way. I think Medians and Casalyians could one day coexist side by side."

The gentlemen of the council snickered. Siphon slammed his hands down, shaking as he responded to Creed. "The Medians are a young and vile race! Once they discover you, they will chain you down and dissect you, piece by piece, part by part! Then they will throw what remains of you in a museum!"

Creed aggressively extended his wings. They stood at an amazing six-foot length and smelled like lilacs.

Creed’s eyes narrowed at Siphon. "We are still a pretty young race! We have already done those things! It is written in our history! We are just further along than they are!"

Siphon roared leaving his seat at the speed of lighting. He moved close to Creed, eye to eye. Creed’s wings bent forward until their tips poked Siphon in his chest. Siphon’s face went red, and he wrinkled his nose leaning back.

Creed managed to calm himself down. A serene feeling suddenly began to drift from him. The mood slowly infected the room with quiet sincerity. The other council members accepted this intrusion of sincerity. While Siphon only sneered glowering. He seemed to be immune to the calming effects Creed’s ability had.

However, the longer Creed had this emotion out, the stronger it became. Finally, Siphon succumbed to it.

Siphon looked around the darkened room and relaxed.

Siphon stood up roaring again, but this time with laughter. He turned to face the council walking sturdily back to his seat.

Creed began to study him, cocking his head.

Siphon finally stopped laughing, and the same sadistic smile returned. He turned around to face Creed. "Boy, you are determined. Well, it doesn’t matter to me, Filth." He spat out the last word he spoke.

The council gasped in horror. Siphon’s smile widened. "Yes, this is the forbidden lad, created by that inexorable excuse of a treaty." Siphon began to pace behind his table. His left hand swooped down yanking one of the many papers that sat there waiting for his approval.

"The one time our dear beloved king goes over our heads. Not caring if we approved or not, it led to a treaty that has long since fallen through." He began lecturing Creed on his wasteful existence. Siphon quickly held the paper he snatched off the table to his face. His eyes rapidly scanned the offending official document.

"In fact, I have a copy of that treaty right here." Siphon now faced Creed. "Now let us hear how much of a failure your existence is :

"It is hereby this day I, King Fredal of the Casalyian nation recognize this treaty. I Recognize this treaty for three things. One, peace between our two countries. As such an heir to the ignoble kingdom is to be born, to a woman of noble intent and raised as her own in Casalynn; Two, to ensure the Medians keeps unaware of our existence; and Three, to end this conflict that has plagued us for generations.

Since one being is to be born between the two races. A treaty of protection has been added to regard this being’s safety. If any side harms the heir to the ignoable kind retribution will be paid, and the cease casualties will no longer be in effect.

"Now do you understand, Creed, your birth is a scar on our history. Not only did the Ignoables disregard the treaty, but they also ousted you. You have neither home, nor race to call your own."

Siphon was then again thrown into a fit of laughter. Siphon stopped laughing, almost near crying, and out of breath. "The council grants your wish." He heaved and exhaled air as he spoke. "At least the council will be rid of your filth for a while."

Creed’s gaze wavered, as the other council members began to pass around the document to be stamped. Finally, after all, twenty-eight of them branded it, a venerable council member in a mechanical wheelchair handed it to Siphon. Siphon read it with an ill-tempered tone, announcing, "Your request is granted!"

Creed turned toward the door to his left and walked out of the darkened council chambers. He was met with the rainy outside world of Casalynn.

As soon as creed left the chamber of the council the members began to murmur amongst themselves. One member, slightly younger than the rest, jumped up seething. "What have we done Siphon! That arrogant fool will reveal us all. The Medians’ will, will turn their disgusting attention to us! The younger member huffed, sitting back down.

Siphon sat down contemplating answering. He smirked. "Plans are in notion the insufferable brat will not survive."

"Are you sure?" The younger member asked feeling satisfaction upon Siphon’s words.

"Most differently, why one of Casslynn’s greatest warriors guard the portal as we speak."

When Creed reached the outside, he took a deep breath.

The rain seemed to pour harder as if he had infringed on a private moment. He looked toward the sky and murmured, "Filth." It was a word he had heard all of his life. It was a word that he never seemed to escape, despite all of his efforts to do so.

He was not at the top of his class in grades, but when it came to other things, like debating, fighting, using a sword, or learning how to become a knight to the king, he could do these things. He was at his best when it came to them.

Tears began to cascade down Creed’s face, but he covered his eyes with his right-hand. Creed bent down sobbing carelessly. He suddenly felt a hand resting on his shoulder. Creed did not tense because that presence felt familiar, it felt safe. It was soothing to him. The hand gently slipped down his back and rubbed the middle.

"Did you get what you asked for?" The voice was masculine, with a touch of quiet darkness. Creed started to stand, and the hand retracted. Creed then turned around to face his half-brother, Vincent.

"Yes." Creed’s tears began to falter. "But it is because I am filth." The tears had completely stopped now, but his voice faltered.

Vincent stared at Creed. He took a breath before he spoke "You are what saved us all. I am truly sorry you have to bear this." His hand found Creed’s shoulder again. He was trying to console Creed the best he could."If not for you, the Casalyians and the Ignoables would have destroyed each other."

Creed swallowed thickly. "I know that," he whispered.

Vincent gently released Creed and turned away. "I think we need to start preparing for your journey to the Medians."

Creed nodded in agreement, not realizing his brother was already walking away. He blushed in embarrassment and followed him. Their shoes clacking against the metal surface.

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