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Anastasia had it all, dream life, two wonderful parents, great friends, and was a straight A student, but that all changes within a matter of seconds. Now nearly eighteen, Anastasia is orphaned, living with her uncle in a top secret, government owned facility in the middle of the California desert. Life is routine here, until her uncle discloses the existence of aliens, in particular, the alien residing within the facility. What follows is a chain of events that will bring forth the cataclysmic downfall of an entire planet, unearth the secrets of her own past, and bring death to those around her. She will pay a price for every choice she makes, and the cost is taken in blood.

Fantasy / Romance
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He brought his arms around me, pulling me into the warmth of his chest.

I closed my eyes, remembering how it was going to feel when he was no longer there to hold me like this.

I inhale deeply, savoring the way he smelled ethereal... It was strange and magic- like nothing of this world.

I would forever miss this.

It had all come together- all of it had played out exactly as I had feared it would... and now there was nowhere left to hide. No way to deny it. This is why I dreamt.

This is what they were for.

This was the most pivotal moment in my life.

This was not only the moment that would determine the fate of my future, but the fate of all those connected to me... and to him.

If I chose him, knowing the future laid out before me; the heart ache, the loss... would I change it?

And what would become of me if I chose to walk away now?

Besides the emptiness that would consume me like a black void I really did not know.

This was on such a deep level I was not sure an answer would ever come without me first having made my choice.

People would die if I chose him. An entire empire would collapse, of that I was certain.

I knew all of this, but how it all ended remained a mystery.

These dreams- predetermined memories of a future I had yet to have- only gave me glimpses of what was to come, and I only seen enough to know that I had a choice. To choose the path unknown or to follow a preset journey into pain, loss, and possibly even death.

This decision was mine alone, and yet, somehow it felt as though it had already been made.

I knew what I had to do... But would I do it?

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