The Ragnix Circle

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Magic came out of hiding and changed the world. The war of magic reduced none magic users to slaves. But with one magical family bent on experimenting with the forbidden blood magic, the last son of the House of Merlin will have to pick a side

Fantasy / Scifi
Samuel S.
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The things that you know of this world are wrong. The things you all believe are false. You have believed very many things in the books of history. Some of you have even forgotten those words and passed them off as false creations of literature. But I can tell you straight up, you’re wrong. The world that you know is not the world that we live in.

The world changed over a century ago. How you may ask? There is a simple answer for that. Magic came out of hiding. Under the council of core families, magic waged war on all of mankind until earth was consumed with fire, water, ice and the rage of vengeance.

Once the war was over, magic rebuilt the world under a new order, the order of Ragnix. Ragnix divided the world into seven zones. Each zone had a capital and they were all connected by a ground train portal; a portal that defied all the laws of physics and science that humankind had come up with. A portal that snaked its way under the great Atlantic and mighty Pacific, and all land as we know it.

But still the council of Ragnix was not secure, so the capital, Nodrid, was built. There all the core families and other minor families lived in splendor as the rest of the world struggled through. With time the wounds begun to heal and new races were born from the ashes of the old world. The core families remained the most powerful and cruel. Governing and ensuring the power shift never faltered.

The diluted families came after, made of non magic users and minor members of core families; the alchemists or portion masters that made every available chemical solution, magical or non magical, in the world today, followed the other two, doing their best to appease their ruthless and powerful masters; the charmed ones that have magical affinity to only one element of nature hence why the core families disregard them.

The Guardians, better known as the soldiers of Ragnix, purchase magic to use with their guns. The magic in their blood is too diluted to have any hold. Sometimes a guardian is treated no better than us, which finally brings me to us.

The plebs or better yet what is left of old world. We are the last remnants of a dead and peaceful world, where minds ruled and not magic with its cruelty and divisions. We are normal humans without magic. We are the ones that suffer the most under the rule of the council. Most of us have never seen the capitals or Nodrid to be exact so we live in our villages outside the privileged capitals. That is until you reach the age of fifteen. That’s when they come for you to take you to the specialized schools.

We are all educated in the same system. Taught to accept your role in life. Core children, minor children, alchemists, charmed ones, guardians and the plebs. The only difference is that only the plebs and guardians don’t get to live with their parent as they attend these schools. Most plebs stay in special dormitories in the various capitals, only allowed one short weekend back with their parents until graduation. But that is only if you’re lucky.

After graduation we are all taken under our specialized wings. Plebs are sent to work in camps out of the capitals and allowed to live normal lives, if they are lucky, protected by the guardians or rather watched over by the guardians so as not to rise up in war.

But some members Nodrid want to return things to the old days when power was not in the hands of a privileged few but in the hands of the capable…..

That’s how the story begins in the new world of Ragnix.

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