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No fear of werewolf

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My story is about a werewolf girl , who was about to go to a camp party but a incident took place on the way and instead of reaching to the camp party she reached to hospital .

Fantasy / Action
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Suspicion ( correct ) Dengen ( not real )

Then Zuna woke me up ( sis ! Waaake uppp ) she actually sang failing miserably and i likely growled a little and said ( stop ! Your worst efforts of singing you foxy little sin ) and she laughed and replied ( i knew this will shoo away your sleep otherwise i know how to not let anyone make fun of my worst voice it actually makes me cough ) i laughed at that and i set up at my bed staring at her in pure shock she is so little and she speaks like she is at my age and she saw that face and made a proud face i laughed hysterically at that and she went out i went in to the bathroom and then sprinted out of my Camp and Maybelle spotted me and shouted ( hey ! Here we are having dinner together ) i fastly walked towards her direction as i entered in i saw My and Reney's parents and my friends and Arca and Sogu and some new people a guy whose hair colour is silver and i am not kidding i felt like it was actual silver and i saw a man almost my father's age but his skin was pale like it showed his nerves , i greeted everyone and set down in between Maybelle and Kenve and then dad introduced them to me ( Princess this is Dracon and this is Drayton we call him Raython too ) then they said there hello and then Dad introduced me to them ( and Raython , Dracon this is my daughter Venzic ) i said my hello to them and then the table in between all of us was filled with delicious food i fill my tummy all the way to my throat yup ! you can tell that i don't stop my hand from food because i don't care about getting fat i love food more then i love being slim but strange thing happened i felt like eating more out of anger when i saw those girls entering the Camp to add more feul Reney's sister was there with them but i also felt happy when i saw their scared face but i was distracted when Reney's father said ( tell us kid how much the plan worked ) and here we go first Reney said ( well first we thought Dengen tried to attack us on our way but noticing by his reaction i don't think he did that now rest will Venzic explain ) i stared at him for a second God ! Why me ? But i started ,( that i gave him the suspicions but he was still asking for proof he completely shrug off my words when i told him that it's Blue Cloaks doings but i think he will still think of it he was really not in a mood to listen after i told him about the Blue Cloaks i told him they could have manipulated him into thinking that they are from his pack but he said the silliest thing i have ever heard he said he never allowed anyone with tarrot cards to enter in the Camp and you are saying that they mingled in my pack he actually thinks we just went there to clear our names and he also believes that they probably have died back then ) then Dracon said ( but how come he let you guys leave without a problem ? while i heard he could have killed you the second you have stepped in his Camp ) i smiled at that and said ( he said something about change in his rules )at that Dracon raised his eyebrow in questioning manner ( he said he won't set traps for his enemy if they are in his Camp for a peace treaty he won't harm them outside of his borders and inside if they managed to come to an acceptable agreement , well in our case it was different he was fulfilling his bestfriends last wish ) i replied looking at Reney's direction he nodded at me then Dracon said ( so there is a slight chance that Dengen will believe , why the hell is he acting blind all of a sudden ? I am having real hard time believing he is son of Genauth Medolten ) then i replied ( whether you believe or not but the thing is this we can't trust him all we have to hope is just that we get our Suspicions Correct so we can prove him ) then Dad said ( but for now except for hoping we can only do one thing and that is to train ourselves for war if things is eagerly waiting to go south then we have to be prepared ) everyone said at the same time ( correct ) after talking a few more minutes about here there everyone left , i was sitting again on that mountain then Dad came and asked ( something is bothering you ? Say it ) i sighed and asked ( do you think there's is a possibility for Blue Cloaks to create an illusion of an Alpha ) his eyes went wide open and it was not because of shock it was as if he just didn't expected me to ask a question like this ( there is a chance why ? There is something you are not telling Venzic ! tell me ) he said , i replied ( look i don't think you will believe me but something is going very wrong with Dengen like me and Reney thinks he is not the real Dengen like either he really have lost his true self or either ) i just went silent then , i didn't knew like how to explain that , then i said again ( when i told him about the Blue Cloaks i also told him about them attacking the Dracon's line though that's when my heart literally zipped my mouth from telling him that they had to change there hideout because of it , my sixth sense was telling me that telling him will throw us in grave danger , you know Dengen right ? you know what i am trying to say ? ) he sighed for a moment and then he replied ( i see where your conclusion is going , Now if that's the case Venzic then you not only have to save our pack but , Dengen's too. But maybe you should ask Sogu about it he have vast knowledge about there magic and tactics he might be able to answer you ) i nodded my head and then hugged him and ran towards Sogu's Camp which i probably not know where it is ? , as i was walking i saw those girls again with Reney's sister and he was there too i ran towards them and asked them ( hey ! You direct me towards Sogu's Camp ) Reney's sister replied ( fine ! But what's the emergency ? ) while i tried to breath because of running , i looked at Reney and said ( it's your brother's and mine secret Reney you should come with me too ) ( ok ) he said while nodding his head and then we sprinted in the direction of Sogu's camp , as soon as we enter Sogu welcomed us and gestured us to sit i didn't wanted to waste time so i asked quickly ( Do you think there is a possibility for Blue Cloaks to create an illusion of an Alpha ) there , Sogu's eyes went wide and Reney's jaw dropped then Sogu replied ( yes ! Highly why ? ) before i could reply Reney replied ( now ! It's making me more worried about Dengen , Venzic ! ) i replied ( sorry ! I didn't mean to ) and then boom the surprise came we heard our people shouting at someone me and Reney looked at each other and then ran towards the noise as fast as we can as we reached there we saw a person being held by guards Werewolfs and the person was shouting ( let me go i just came here to meet Venzic Ell i have to tell her something ) yeah ! Yeah i know i didn't told you we do have gaurds Werewolfs but don't dare to think its like Dengen's Werewolfs , back to the story , then i moved forward and said ( leave him it's ok ) the guards said ( no ! Alpha he is from Dengen's pack this could be a trap ) then Dad came and said ( Let him go we'll handle the situation from here don't worry ) i eye thanked my Dad and told the man to follow me as soon as we enter the Camp i told him to speak ( you came at our Camp that day and asked if we have noticed anything suspicious going on in our Camps well i have my suspicion on three man they have been part of our pack for few years and now i have noticed that they have went silent in these days they only come out for training eating and that's all , they don't talk to anyone ) i nodded my head and then turned my head in Dad's direction to ask for permission to say he nodded ( fine ! Go back to your Camp and keep an eye on them and try to find more people who think the same as you ) he nodded and then we walked him to the exit and then i said again to him ( and remember if this is some kind of trap i'll rip you apart very easily ) showing him my special blades he ran away seeing them and then we all went back to our Camps , i was hoping to be woke up by loud booms you hear in war movies , BUT NO ! . I woke up completely in silence now why i was thinking like that because there were chances of war happening because we all thought that was a trap but gladly it wasn't .
After changing my clothes i went to eat the lunch then i went outside of our camp and i saw my sister playing i didn't saw her at the lunch so i asked her ( Why you didn't ate the lunch ? ) ( na ! I wasn't hungry ) she replied i nodded my head at that and was about to go find belle but then i saw golden wings flying in the sky , why ? wings flying because it looked like it was whole pack wings now you probably have understood whom i am talking about ? Yes ! Drayton but as much difficult it was to count how many people he brought with himself i was confuse why he was here ? I was definite that he came here with his pack but why ? While i was thinking i saw a golden feather leaving Drayton's wings and saw him made an annoyed face then he landed and picked it up his eyes landed on me and then he smiled and again made that annoyed face but with a smile and then i saw Reney coming out then he told Enear to call Dad that they are here while this was happening i saw an old man coming from behind Raython the way he was looking at him and patted his shoulder it felt like he was his grandfather then Dad came and took that old man with him in our camp and Reney's parents also went with him the rest of Ray's pack went here and there in the camps set for them , What is happening ? But i couldn't find belle so i didn't know i tried to find her for hours but couldn't find her i didn't knew she was in our camp with Dracon's and Raython's pack leaders so i took that same kung fu looking wooden statue or whatever it is or you may like to call it , with me to that mountain you know which one i am talking about so i was sitting on the edge of it after practicing on it for a long time feeling the cool breeze on my face then i heard ( why you weren't there in the Camp ? ) i turned and saw it was Drayton i replied ( why ? Was i supposed to be ? ) he looked at me then he smiled and he stood beside me enjoying the breeze and said ( Ah ! I think nobody told you we were shifting here until the threat ends ) i looked at him with shock and asked ( what ? ) ya ! i know ! i didn't said anything else i was confused then he laughed and said ( ya ! My pack and Dracon's pack it was my grandfather's idea that we should be together to help you that our pack will be safe too and yours too and we will be stronger ) i lifted my both eyebrows and replied ( your grandfather is smart ) we stayed quit for a while then i saw the same feather in his hand and i was curious i asked him ( is this feather.... ? ) i was hesitant to ask him , then he probably guessed it ,he replied ( yup ! They are pure gold ) then i looked at his hair and was about to ask then he said pointing towards his hair ( this too ) he didn't looked happy about it but stupid me i thought it was because of current situation so i asked ( when the feather fell i saw you were annoyed , i .. i , you should be happy you are blessed , y -you could sell them and make money and you can help your pack with it ) as soon as i finished the last sentence i thought he was ready to kill me , but he sighed and then said ( not every blessing is a blessing for everyone Venzic sometimes it's a lifetime curse ) i looked at him trying to process what did it mean then he said ( no matter how many times i try to find one benefit of this so called blessing ) he sighed again and said ( i couldn't , this silver which comes out of my hair like glitter can heal people within minutes that my enemy's wants to have it and make an immortal formula which i will never allow , this golden blades like feather wings they have incurable poison that can kill anyone in seconds even with one scratch ) i was shook i asked ( i absolutely understand the not allowing part , but that's good you can kill your enemies easily you should be proud of it your parents would be proud of you seeing you punishing cruel people ) he looked at me and smiled and asked ( you don't know anything about me , do you Venzic ? ) i smiled and said ( just that you have golden wings and silver hairs that's it ) he gave me one nod and then looked back at the sky , after a while he said ( they are dead ) i was silent heck i didn't knew what to say but i replied ( Oh ! I am sorry ) he replied quickly ( nah ! Not your fault you're still learning about yourself introductions and past life can wait , but yeah ! they died back when i was fifteen same reason one of our enemy came to ask my parents saying that they peacefully want my hairs silver so they wanted me to go with them , they said that they will not harm me physically , and that , they are doing this to help people heal from anything impossible but my parents knew what they will do , So he refused and a fight broke but then i didn't knew someone broke one of my feather and stabbed my mom and dad infront of my eyes , they were caught but i lost my parents , somehow i feel like i murdered them , i didn't even had time to heal them
with this they died instantly not even last GOOD BYE was said ) oh boy that was too much for me too , comparing to him my problems were nothing because i am damn sure after that incident he had to look after his pack and he was not even eighteen the responsibility he had on his shoulder was early and tough and big being a leader is not easy , and the way he talks i am certain that he is the leader of Golden Beaks Eagles Pack , even though i don't have the experience but seeing in movies dramas and seeing how much mature he is tells that it is exhausting and tense and tough , i said ( hey ! I am sorry you have to remember that again , and go through that , i don't have words man i can only salute you ) and i did i actually saluted him and that made him smile ( but don't blame yourself there is a reason you have that , it might not have worked correctly when you needed it the most but it will , i promise ) i said , that made him i think feel good , because he nodded and then said ( yeah ! I am just struggling to believe that it wasn't my fault but i feel like that it happens sometimes ) i replied ( yeah i understand it i think that happens with everyone at sometimes ) .
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