My alpha’s howl

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Kane is a 21-year-old werewolf trying to find his mate, he thinks it’s hopeless and starts to fall into a dark depression. That is...until he meats pandora Stirling, alpha of the worlds strongest and biggest pack, the daemon pack...

Fantasy / Romance
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Her voice


I felt like my walls were closing in on me, as I was spread across my bed I could hear my dad’s fuck buddy’s moans of delight..”he was probably drunk again and brought a woman home..him and my mom had another argument earlier today..”

As I drifted into another chain of thoughts a sudden heat filled my whole body and My dick was starting to go hard, “the haze” I thought.

I sat up and was about to bring my member out of my pants when I heard it, a desperate banging on my window

My heart was telling me to turn around...

To face what ever it was outside...

But my mind was telling me that it would change everything...

Anyway like what they say in all that fairytale crap “follow your heart”

I turned to see a broken young woman, her brown and blue hair flowing in the wind and her eyes...

Well her eyes seemed to be glowing bright red and blue like siren lights on an ambulance..

It was hypnotic just seeing her, but..

She ran
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