Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Dana Alepou has been released by her position at the company that she was stuck with the Farmer's market stall. But that was before she was getting to the field to find gemstones for the company. She was excited but one thing for sure, she wanted to be someone else for one night and she got it plus much more with a stranger that she met on the dance floor. Silas Agnes has come back home from the States after being dismissed with unexcused behavior. He has to make do with everything that he has and that was being a geologist in the field for gemstones company. But he wanted something before he left for the field and that was a beautiful woman on the dance floor that he saw right now. What will happen when they force to work together after that passionate night they shared and Dana has something more than meets the eye that Silas will find out soon enough if she let him in. A new novelette for your personal enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Expelled

Silas Agnes’ POV

Ugh! I cannot believe that I was being expelled for having sexual assault on that woman. She was not worth the expansion of my expel. But no matter, I will complete my studies even I have to move across the ocean to do it.

Luckily, I have an offer from the University of Cyprus in that matter. And I will be funded completely by them. I was happy that I have a second chance in this life. I have vowed that I will not assault women anymore even though they were interested in me.

But what I did not know was that my adventure to Cyprus will be a mysterious and permanent change in my life forever.

I was looking at the sun as I was smiling at the breeze. I never thought I would be coming home this way since I did not complete my Ph.D. yet. I sighed. I think I have to explain to my parents about this.

“Silas!” Someone called me with happiness. I winced because I know it was my mother that was coming to the airport. If she’s here…

“My son, you have come back, finally,” my father said as I was looking at them as I was smiling at them. I hope my reason for coming back will not be discussed right now.

“Yes, and here I am. Great to be here,” I said as I went to hug them both. They hugged me before my father was looking at the watch.

“Oh, shoot! I have to go. I have my clients waiting already. I will see you at home, son,” he said before he kissed my cheeks. I smiled at him before my mother was smiling at me as my father was retreating from the airport.

“Now, how about we catch up with each other?” My mother said as I was smiling at her before I was being dragged out of the airport and went to the car that was waiting for us. While many of you did know me as someone that was assaulting another woman, I was actually pretty loaded. Well, my parents were as I was their son and only heir.

I sighed as I was looking at the familiar streets that I have been dying to forget when I set out to the States. I have a very bad experience in this part of town. I know in Paphos, the woods were controlled by the werewolves, and here, well, other shifters in town were roaming around.

I just have to avoid them like plague then.

I was looking at the iron gate before we were inside the estate. My father was a lawyer for a very successful businessman that has been going on for generations in Cyprus. I heard they specialized in gemstones.

Maybe I will ask for a part-time job to be in the field before I started my Ph.D. at the university in September.

I sighed before the driver stopped in front of the mansion that the butler opened up the door for me and my mum. I was looking at the gloomy castle before I sighed. I don’t think I would be sighing a lot when I came back.

“Oh, don’t be such a dramatic. It has been years since you were home,” my mother said as she was pulling my arm to get inside the house. Here, I don’t need to take care of my stuff as my butler and all the servants of the house will look after me.

It will be a new adjustment since I was used to living alone.

I smiled at her as I was looking at the familiar faces when I was little and before I left the island. I was smiling before we were in the dining hall.

“You must be hungry. I know how daunting it can be when it comes to the food on the plane and how much your stomach can handle it,” my mother said before we were sitting at the dining table, with all sorts of food were being served to me like a king.

“Well, it’s not that—”

“Oh hush, son. Now eat,” my mother said before she was putting so many foods that I don’t think I can finish it. I smiled at her before I was starting to eat the food. I moaned as my tastebuds were being assaulted by the richness of the flavors. God! I missed this.

“Good yes?” My mother asked me as I was nodding at her. I forgot all the manners since I usually eat fast food when I was in the States and that was not good for my body.

“Yes. It was as good as I remembered,” I said as I was smiling at my mother. We caught up and chatted a little bit before my mother said that he will retire for the evening. I yawned as my jet lag was setting in but I will try to fight it.

I think I will hit the town.

“Sir? May I require where you might be going tonight?” The butler asked me before I was glancing at him over my shoulder. I smiled.

“To the club, don’t wait up,” I said as I slid inside the car that was my birthday present from my dad. I started the ignition and went out of the estate to paint the town red. The town’s playboy was back.

Dana Alepou’s POV

“Oh come on, cheer up! I think you have a lot of things to be done when you are not thinking about the company anymore. Your brother finally stepped in,” Karin said as she was sipping on her virgin martini as her wedding and engagement ring were glistening in the dim light of the club. I grunted at her.

“Easy for you to say. I was not married to my husband,” I said as I was looking at Karin who was smirking at me. If you have to know, I was currently at the club where Karin’s husband, Pascal, has opened for the last few months. I did not have the time back then that this was my first time here.

“Oh, don’t be a sour puss. I’m sure you will find someone that was interested in you later on in your life,” Karin said as I was drinking my virgin martini. Since Karin was around, I cannot drink something strong. She’s not allowed to have alcohol without her husband.

In which case he was staring at us right now from his high balcony, I might add.

I sighed before I was finishing my drink before the bartender was refilling. I think they knew I was with the owner’s wife that they did not forget to refill when necessary.

“Alright, I think I might want to go dancing now,” I said as I was getting off from the stool before I was looking at Karin. She was reading me.


“Nothing, I thought I saw someone that we used to know,” Karin said as I was looking in the direction that she was looking. I don’t see anyone if I was a normal human being, which I was not. I can see clearly in the dark as I saw someone was staring at me intensely. I smiled.

“Well, what do you know? This is an exclusive club and only the richest can get inside. Besides,” I said as I was kissing Karin’s cheeks, “I think you need to go see your husband. I can sense that his brooding was rubbing off in this club now,” I said as I was looking at Karin. She laughed.

“If you must know, he always brood. But don’t worry, I will be the one that let his brooding off from this club,” she said as she was patting her skirt. I smirked at her.

“Should I know the techniques that you were using?” I asked before Karin blushed. I laughed at her.

“Don’t worry. I keep your secret. So tell me, are you on the top or at the bottom?” I asked before Karin was blushing even harder. I smiled at her.

“Not like it was your business but I was on the top,” she mumbled but I heard her loud and clear.

“That, I don’t believe. I mean, Pascal was dominant and possessive—”

“Which it will be a surprise once in a while if I was on the top. And I don’t know why I was explaining this to you. Have a good night,” Karin said before she was disappearing to the top. I shook my head before I was heading toward the dance floor. It’s time to party!

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