Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Chapter 2: The Dance Floor

Silas Agnes’ POV

I did not know where to go since all has changed the last time I was in Cyprus. I was looking around the town after I parked my car. I saw the signs before my eyes were settled on a lady that was going inside a club.

She was pretty with her orange hair and slim body. Not my usual type since I never go after redheads before. I smirked before I went inside the club as well. I looked at the bouncer and he was nodding at me after I slipped a couple’s notes into his hand.

I was looking around the club when I saw she was settling at the counter before someone was coming to greet her. I saw that they were friends before they were sitting and chatting with each other.

I went to sit at a table that was far from them but I can stare directly at her. A waitress came and I ordered a scotch with ice. Let’s get drunk but not before I got that woman. I was sipping on the scotch before her friend was looking at me. I don’t think I know her but she seems to be focusing on me before she shook her head.

‘That’s right. I am not the one that you are looking for,’ I mused myself before the redhead was looking at me. She was directly looking into my eyes before I stopped. I see that she smiled before I was smirking as I was sipping on my scotch.


She was whispering something to her friend before I was settling the drink down and I was looking at my watch. It was too early to go home and I think I might be invited to someone’s bed tonight. So, I waited and that redhead was moving to the dance floor as her friend went away.

I was smiling before she was dancing on the dance floor. She was moving seductively as she was focusing on me. I can see her eyes were focusing on me before I was moving out of my table and accepted her invitation to dance.

I was squeezing through the dance floor before I was dancing near her before I was holding her waist. It was slim and I loved the way that her dress was clinging to her gorgeous body right now.

“I see that you got my invitation,” I said in her ears as the music was blaring before she turned to look at me.

Her orange hair.

Her gleaming eyes.

Her slim body.

It was all too much but I liked it. I know that she was playing hard to get before she was smirking wickedly at me as she was putting her hands on my chest. I was happy and I think I was smirking as well to her.

“So, did I get it right?” I started the conversation with her. She arched her eyebrow at me.

“About what?”

“Your invitation,” I said before she was shaking her head at me. She smiled before she was turning her body and she was grinding on me right now.

Okay, this was getting out of hands now.

I cleared my throat before I was pushing her a little bit. I don’t think I wanted to be expelled again from the club as I was not being on my best behavior. I think I have to tell this woman. I think she’s drunk.

And I don’t do drunkards.

“Look, I got to go. I think my curfew is up,” I stammered before the gorgeous woman was looking at me as she was wounding her arms around my neck. I gulped before she was smirking at me.

“I thought you want to play with me, handsome?” She purred before my cock was jumping inside me.

What the hell!

I was looking at her sensual dancing even though the music was blaring all over the club. I was slow dancing with a woman and I was not taking advantage of her. What the hell was wrong with me?

I mean, I get it that I was going after the woman that I was not having the best chance of getting them. I mean, I was just Silas Agnes, a geotectonic Ph.D. student that depended on the TA salary and scholarship money.

But not here. Not when I was home and under my parents’ care. No, I was the Silas Agnes, the town’s most eligible bachelor and the sole heir to Agnes Consulting Inc. I sighed before I was looking at the woman in front of me.

“You’re drunk, I don’t do drunkard,” I said as I was releasing her arms around my neck. But she was not having it.

“Are you sure I am drunk, handsome? Or was it that you were afraid to be with me for tonight?” She whispered to me as I felt my cock was stirring. Damn this woman and her advantages. Plus, since when did I was afraid of going after the women?

“I am not afraid. I can take your offer if you think you can handle me, gorgeous,” I said huskily before the woman was leaning against me. I was happy that she shivered but I know that I will be having the best time of my life tonight.

“So, my place or yours?” I asked her before she smiled wickedly at me before she bit my lower lips. Okay, that was unexpected.

“How about a hotel? Just for tonight, hmm?” She suggested as she was trying to keep it anonymous. Maybe I will love it as well if I don’t have to explain to anyone when the morning comes.

“Deal,” I said before I was grabbing her hands and we were out of the club. She was running behind me as we were walking down the streets before I saw a hotel that was not too far from the club.

“Here is good?” I asked her as she was leaning against me. Her lush body was against my hard ones.

“Here is fine. As long as I am with you, the place did not matter,” she said as she was caressing my chest. I gulped before my heart was beating hard in my chest. I pulled her to the lobby as I was looking at the receptionist.

“Welcome to Catherine’s. How may I help you, sir?″ The receptionist said as he smiled at me.

“I want a room for the night please,” I said as the gorgeous woman was caressing my arms.

“One room?” He asked as he was typing on the computer.


“That will be 275 euros. Credit card? Thank you,” he said before he was charging me and I was gripping the woman’s hand before we were on the elevator after receiving the keys. We were giggling like mad teenagers before the elevator dinged and we were in front of the door of the room that we will be in here for tonight. I opened the door before I was pulling that woman as I was hitting her back to the door as I closed it and locked it.

“You know, I never did this before,” she whispered as she was looking at my lips.

“What? Kissing?” She nodded. I smirked.

“Where have you been? I thought this was the 21st century that woman don’t wait for marriage to kiss any longer,” I said with arrogance before she sighed.

“I’m waiting,” she whispered.

“For what?” I asked as I don’t know which woman would be waiting to have sexual intercourse.

“For my mate to show up,” she said before she was looking into my eyes and for the first time, I saw her iris. They were brown but they have a tinge of orange in them. It was beautiful before I was taking a deep breath.

“Then, let me show you that I am the one you’re waiting for,” I said as I kissed her delicate mouth.

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